Tips When Booking Hotels

By | March 9, 2023

Tips When Booking Hotels – Planning a vacation and don’t know where to start when booking a hotel? Relax, we’ve got you covered. This blog post will give you some basic tips on finding the perfect hotel for your trip. Whether you’re looking for a luxury resort or a budget option, we have all the information you need to make the best decision for your trip. So please sit back and relax as we show you how easy it is to book the perfect hotel!

When it comes to booking hotels for your trip, there are a few key points to consider. With so many places to stay outdoors, it can be hard to know where to start. But don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips to help you book the perfect hotel for your next trip:

Tips When Booking Hotels

Tips When Booking Hotels

When it comes to booking, hotels can be quite expensive, especially in high season or if it’s a popular destination. There are several ways to save money without sacrificing too much.

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Try to be flexible about starting your dates. Checking in a few days before or after your first scheduled arrival can save you some money. Second, see if there are member discounts you can take advantage of—these include everything from AAA to Costco memberships. Finally, some companies offer travel discounts to their employees, so be sure to check this before making any reservations.

Of course, if you want to save some extra money, you can always look at alternative accommodation options like Airbnb or even Couchsurfing. It may not be for everyone, but it’s worth considering! The most important thing is to do your research before making any final decisions.

As we begin planning our travels for the coming year, it’s helpful to know what trends will shape the industry. This will help us make informed decisions about where to go, how to get there and what kind of experience we can expect. Here are some travel trends to be aware of in 2022:

What do these trends mean to you? If you’re planning a trip in 2022, keep this in mind when making your decision. And wherever you go or whatever you do, always remember to travel responsibly!

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This is a regular post. A big thank you to everyone who contributed to Glitz and Glam By Tiff. The Basics: A hotel room block is a reservation of more than 10 hotel rooms. The benefit of a room block is that it saves you time and money and ensures that all of your guests have a seat during the event you are hosting. Average group rates

Worried about how many rooms to block off for your wedding? The good news is that you don’t need to know the exact number of rooms. A rough estimate will suffice. Bonus: Overrated is even better, wow!

The best time to reserve room blocks is 3-8 months before your event. This gives you and your guests plenty of time to decide, plan, and most importantly get excited. If you are new to the search, you can request room block information by sending messages to multiple locations at once. see? Easy! Start searching for a place →

Tips When Booking Hotels

A little confused about which hotels to choose for your guests? Decide on a location, your budget and the approximate number of rooms, then hotels in the area will compete to meet your price. All you have to do is accept! You don’t need a super specific location, you can narrow your search to nearby hotels.

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Paying for hotel rooms – Your whole family, extended family and friends don’t have to be in the same hotel (breathe a sigh of relief here). You can request hotels at different prices, so your guests have a choice of how much they can spend on a room. Can we thank you?

Out-of-towners may not know the area well and stay on top of you. Make sure they are no more than 30 minutes away from the venue (a good rule of thumb is no more than 10 miles). Bonus: Find hotels within walking distance and your guests will love you even more. Haven’t chosen your seat yet? Search our directory of places, organized by location, where you can send messages to places from one point.

Fun fact: If you keep it simple, it stays simple. Choosing too many hotel options not only confuses your guests, but also overburdens your wedding plan to fill those room blocks. Also, the more hotel rooms you request, the higher your score will be. Goal!

The short answer is… maybe. Some hotels won’t charge you for unbooked rooms (remember when you overbooked?)—it’s called a courtesy room block—but not all hotels offer this. Some hotels will hold you responsible for the vacant rooms you originally booked. Don’t worry, your booking contract expires (read!)

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Check if there are any major events in the area that may increase hotel prices in the near future. Conventions, concerts, travel times during high season or small towns with limited accommodations are red flags for room rate hikes.

Be sure to note the check-in times of the hotels you choose so they don’t conflict with the start time of your wedding. After all, there’s nothing worse than out-of-town friends getting ready in the lobby bathroom or parking the car outside the ceremony. Tip: Ask hotels if they allow early check-in for a certain number of rooms – numbers have power!

Put all relevant information in one easy-to-find (and remember) place. Custom wedding websites are a great tool for communicating information about events, hotels, transportation, and more. While there are tons of great wedding websites out there, we especially love Minted’s beautiful and easy-to-use options where you can post links about your hotels and travel.

Tips When Booking Hotels

Important: Your guests will have a deadline to take advantage of the group room offer. Be sure to set yourself a reminder to send late guests one last friendly reminder via text or email to secure their rates. Hotels strictly adhere to these deadlines (which will be outlined in your contract) and usually range from 21 to 60 days before your guests arrive.

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Get inspired Discover places to celebrate, hang out + get together in the magazine. Search Places Message + Book Hotels, Places, Restaurants, Houses Book Hotels Single Room or Entire Block

Message, email and share your Coco Link with your guests to connect with special hotel deals and receive $5 off every booking through August 4th.

Thank you very much for your interest in The Venue Report. We handle it from start to finish to make sure you can give your property the attention it deserves. If you do not hear back from us within four weeks, we invite you to resubmit at a later date.

Looking for other ways to make your venue stand out? Our friends at Minted have a special program for amazing places like you! Learn more here. Is it worth combining flights and hotels? Here’s what you need to know when you start traveling again

Top 10 Money Saving Tips When Booking A Hotel

The DOT warning comes after passengers accused United and other airlines of not offering cash refunds for canceled flights.

The coronavirus pandemic has created an unprecedented need for consumers to cancel travel plans. Many travelers have experienced the frustration of changing arrangements, canceling trips and getting refunds.

Some customers prefer to take each part of the trip separately. However, if you need to cancel or make changes, it can be difficult to contact each accommodation company individually.

Tips When Booking Hotels

It organizes the vacation package process for other travelers and creates one-time communication, but their policies may limit cancellations and refunds.

When Is The Best Time To Book A Hotel?

We talked to travel experts who shared the pros and cons of packing for your next trip:

Cost can be lower: Travelers can get better rates when booking flights and hotels together. “From a purely financial standpoint, a vacation package can help you get the best prices and keep costs down,” says Matt Woodley, founder of “You can usually save several hundred by choosing a package.”

Last minute price boost: If people like to travel spontaneously, a package deal is also an advantage. A common caveat, Woodley says, is that when booking alone, there are often very high fees for these flights during last-minute flight screening. Especially in the case of a spontaneous trip, it is better to pack. “There are big savings on last-minute flights and hotel packages, as companies like Orbitz and Expedia try to clear unsold flights and hotel rooms from about two weeks to a few hours before the flight departs,” he continues. “I personally managed to save about 50% with my last booking.

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