Top 10 Holiday Destinations Spain

By | March 10, 2023

Top 10 Holiday Destinations Spain – Madrid and Barcelona are no secret to you, but what about Marbella, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Malaga, Seville? Discover the best places to visit in Spain.

Find inspiration, travel more and save less by booking your tours, accommodation, tours and activities in Spain at the best prices.

Top 10 Holiday Destinations Spain

Top 10 Holiday Destinations Spain

This destination attracts golfers because it has the highest level of golf courses in Spain. There are 14 golf courses in the city, including 8 18-hole golf courses, 1 27-hole golf course, 2 18-hole and 9-hole golf courses, and 3 9-hole golf courses.

The Best Places To Stay In Southern Spain

A culinary tour of this Andalusian city that loves food will satisfy every appetite, offering views and atmosphere.

With three Michelin-starred restaurants offering excellent food, and hundreds of eateries offering everything from Mediterranean and Thai dishes to paella and delicious local tapas, the Great food is a big part of Marbella’s appeal. Plus, with more than 300 days of sunshine per year, dining on the beach or under the stars is almost guaranteed.

How to get there: Book trips to Malaga, accommodation at the best prices, tours and activities in Marbella.

The beauty of the Basque Country in Spain is amazing. Its atmosphere and positive energy are special; enjoy la dolce vita, gourmet restaurants and bistros to taste the famous “Pintxos” in this part of Spain. Pintxos are made of bread (mostly baguettes) stuffed with various ingredients (also found in Asturias and Cantabria).

Of The Best Coastal + Beach Towns In Spain

After a light meal, relax on the beach at La Concha: voted one of the most beautiful in Europe. This beach gets its name from the shape of its shells (Spanish for “concha”).

Do you want to see some of the treasures of the Basque Country? Book a “Half-Day Basque Cheese Tour from San Sebastian” to visit producers on farms in the Basque Country and taste some of their cheeses in a beautiful natural setting.

How to get there: Write your trips to San Sebastian, the best prices for accommodation, your trip and activities in San Sebastián.

Top 10 Holiday Destinations Spain

Do you like fashion? Menorca is made for you, with miles of hiking trails, away from mass tourism, and home to flora and fauna.

Best Things To Do In Madrid, Spain

The island is quieter than its sister Mallorca. Its beaches and bays, its beauty and quality of life will captivate you. Relax, wander, relax, Menorca is the perfect place for a great vacation.

Where to stay: For those who want to stay near the beach of Mitjaneta, we recommend the “Meliá Cala Galdana Hotel”, with a direct view of the beach.

Barcelona is not the capital of Spain, but it is the capital of tourism, shopping, food, nightlife, youth and gothicism. There are thousands of reasons to visit this unique city in the world that has attracted millions of tourists.

You can’t miss visiting the Sagrada Familia (go inside, it’s really worth it!) and Park Güell. If you want to experience life, book tickets for the “Flamenco Show” or “Catamaran Sailing Tour” to relax, sunbathe and admire the beaches and landscapes of Barcelona from the sea.

Most Spectacular Places To Visit In Spain!

Ibiza is the holy grail of nightclubs and home to the best DJs; it is a paradise for lovers of beautiful beaches, cocktails, farniente and endless parties.

Book one of our top activities in Ibiza such as a beginner scuba diving lesson, a 1 hour jet ski trip to Margarita Island or 2 hours paragliding.

Ibiza is the perfect destination for sports and boating enthusiasts and street vendors; it is also known for its nightclubs such as Amensia, EDEN, Es Paradis, Moma Ibiza, Pacha, Privilege, Ushaia and its 2 casinos, Bigo de Ibiza and Casino. from Ibiza.

Top 10 Holiday Destinations Spain

Ibiza is a destination of contrasts with nightlife, rich cultural heritage and unspoiled nature. Clubbers book their stay in the south of the island, while lovers of nature and beautiful beaches book their stay in the north.

Best Places To Visit In Europe In 2022

The most amazing thing about Bilbao is not the huge Guggenheim Museum designed by the talented architect Frank Irving Gehry, or the huge bronze spider designed by the artist Louise Bourgeois in its honor to his weaving mother, but a wealthy group of all generations meeting in the Old Town Square. in the evening to spend a good time.

The great strength of Bilbao is not its museums, its beautiful hotels, its restaurants, but its spirit and the spirit of its inhabitants.

Discover one of Spain’s most lively cities and enjoy delicious food by booking flights to Bilbao, the best deals on accommodation, tours and activities in Bilbao such as “guided pintxos tours” Typical Basque cuisine and discover the wonderful city of Bilbao.

Thirty minutes from Malaga, this small village is one of Andalusia’s best kept secrets. Mijas is not small, but it is a very big city, located above Torremolinos in the south of Spain.

Small Towns In Spain That Will Make You Forget About The Big Cities

The most beautiful of this hidden gem is the old Mijas “Mijas cidade velha”. Mijas is famous for its white facade, which is covered with thousands of geraniums. This is a perfect place for Instagrammers.

Book trips to Malaga (20 minutes drive), book accommodation in Malaga or Mijas at the best price, and tours and activities in Andalusia, such as Mijas from Malaga private tour.

You will love this beautiful city in the south of Spain. Vibrant, sparkling and steeped in history, Seville is perfect for a Spanish city break.

Top 10 Holiday Destinations Spain

In addition to historical monuments such as the Seville Cathedral or the Giralda, Seville offers real experiences for tourists, such as going to the lush gardens of the Royal Alcazar, watching a flamenco show , or Place for romantic moments on the island (voted as one of the best places to propose).

Of The Best Beaches In Europe

Book your flight to Seville, your stay and your tours and activities such as “1 hour flamenco show”.

Where to stay: “Atico centrico con vistas”, overlooking the old town from its platform.

You love Madrid for its culture, shopping, football, gastronomy, flamenco shows, nightlife or romantic walks. The Reina Sofia Museum and the Prado Museum are among the best in Europe; they house masterpieces such as Picasso’s “Guernica” or “Lady of La Majesty” by Velazquez.

Looking for romantic inspiration? Treat yourself to a boat trip on the small lake of Palacio de Cristal in Retiro Park, one of the most beautiful parks in Europe and one of the best places in Europe to get married.

Of The Best Beach Towns In Southern Europe

If you are more interested in football than art, visit the beautiful “Bernaeu Stadium” and learn more about the history of the Real Madrid football club. If you want to leave the capital, book the “Segovia and Toledo Castle Tour from Madrid”. More travel, less.

We are concerned about Malaga. There is no other city in history, culture, modernity, shopping, innovation, modernity and old art like Malaga. Malaga with its beaches, entertainment areas, great hammams, small restaurants, houses with beautiful views of the marina, the ferris wheel, the cathedral, the castle and the skyscrapers facing it to the sea.

Malaga is the Miami of Europe, richer and safer; Families gather at night and admire the lights.

Top 10 Holiday Destinations Spain

Come and explore Malaga all year round. If you want to think outside the box, visit the Malaga Christmas Market, whose lights are ranked among the most beautiful in Europe!

Top 10 Hidden Gems In Spain You Need To Experience

Book tours to Malaga, accommodation with the best price guaranteed and the best tours and activities in Malaga, such as the Caminito del Rey Half Day Tour.

Where to stay: Book a room at the “Molina Lario” hotel and enjoy the indoor pool and cocktail bar.

There are hundreds of reasons to choose Gran Canaria. One of those things is its uniqueness. Gran Canaria also offers a wide range of luxury hotels, guesthouses, B&Bs, villas, apartments.

So Gran Canaria is the perfect destination for sun and nature lovers (it’s so beautiful!) Don’t you feel like spending a few hours in the sun? No problem, Gran Canaria also offers top sports, especially for those who love water sports such as scuba diving or windsurfing.

Of The Best Places To Visit In Spain

Come see dolphins and whales, stay in luxury hotels, relax on Gran Canaria’s many beaches, and discover some of Europe’s most beautiful islands on a budget trip.

An hour’s drive from Madrid (two hours by train), Segovia is one of the most beautiful places in Spain. Famous for its aqueduct and castle (which inspired Walt Disney in Sleeping Beauty). Segovia is known for its cathedral overlooking the old town and its Jewish community. The city is the perfect place for couples or lovers of history and medieval cities.

Book your flight to Madrid (2 hours drive), accommodation at the best price, your tours and activities in Segovia, such as “Day Walking Tour from Madrid to Segovia” and see these historical monuments .

Top 10 Holiday Destinations Spain

Cadiz (work

Awesome Things To Do In Spain With Kids

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