Things To Know Before You Cruise Carnival

By | March 26, 2023

Things To Know Before You Cruise Carnival – I love to cruise! Cruising has completely changed the way I view vacations in recent years. My standard for dining has risen, my sense of adventure has expanded, and my passion for turquoise blue waters and white sandy beaches has grown exponentially with each port I visit. I’ve been on enough cruises to know the basics, so I usually pass on my experience to friends and family who are experiencing cruising for the first time. For today’s post, I asked a group of friends to ask me their biggest question about cruising, and I think these 12 things you should know before your first cruise should help you a lot in preparing for your first cruise!

This is the question I hear the most by far. First, check your itinerary to see how many formal nights you will be spending. Men can wear a suit or tuxedo, but they can also get away with slacks, a button-down shirt, and a tie. Women can wear a cute dress (think “Sunday best”) or go with a proper prom dress, it’s up to you! Dinner in the formal dining room is business casual, except on a formal night. Almost anything goes except shorts, sandals and jackets.

Things To Know Before You Cruise Carnival

Things To Know Before You Cruise Carnival

Sign up for your favorite cruise line’s newsletter! Most cruise lines have special sales and discounts for previous guests, state residents, military personnel, and special affiliations. Once you subscribe, you’ll be notified every time a special sale happens, and you’ll never miss an opportunity to save on your dream cruise!

Cruise Tips You Need To Know Before You Book

3. What if there is an emergency (medical, family accident, etc.)? What steps do you take to get home quickly?

Most cruise lines will allow you to disembark at a port of call to catch your flight in an emergency, but you’ll need to have your passport and ID with you – you can’t if you only have a birth certificate. Cruise Lines offer a great vacation guarantee where you can get a full refund (plus 10% plus all travel expenses) if you decide to cancel your cruise. Please note that you must notify Guest Services within the first 24 hours of your cruise and you can only disembark at a port of call at any time at sea.

I love this question because I had the pleasure of experiencing the new Seuss at Sea and Camp Ocean programs at Freedom last summer and was amazed at how much fun they are – for kids and parents! If you’re looking for a cruise with kids, make sure they have kid-friendly programs that your kids will enjoy.

This is probably one of the questions I hear the most when it comes to cruising. I recommend getting Sea Bands, the little elastics that you wear around your wrists. They help prevent seasickness by pressing on your pressure points. You can also bring Bonine or Dramamine and they help prevent motion sickness when taken before boarding. You can also take them if you get motion sickness. Make sure you get a non-drowsy formula or your vacation will be over!

Things To Expect On A Carnival Cruise

If you’re prone to motion sickness, choose a cabin on a higher deck, mid-ship. In addition to providing smooth sailing, these cameras can also have the best footage!

Cruise Lines offer free camping and babysitting services for children 2 years of age and older, including those who are not potty-trained (staff will change diapers as long as parents provide them). Angeline absolutely loved the camp – now Camp Ocean – when she was young and still spends most of her time at the junior camp, Club O2.

If your child is enrolled in a camp during the cruise, there are times when parents can join them. This is usually called a “family game”.

Things To Know Before You Cruise Carnival

9. When is the best time to sign up for your shore excursion before or after the cruise?

Things To Know Before Your First Cruise

I recommend booking your shore excursion before you go. Popular tours sell out fast!

This varies by cruise line. Most cruise lines offer you a stateroom, full meals in dining areas and regular dining rooms, music performances, club access, karaoke and pool area for the price of your cruise. Many cruise lines offer special restaurants, spa services, and some fun extras like martini lessons or dance lessons. Disembarking at a port of call is of course always free, but if you want to go on an organized shore excursion, there is always an additional charge.

Most cruise lines can accommodate some food allergies, but only in official dining rooms. I highly recommend speaking with the vacation planner at your chosen cruise line about this topic, as each cruise line handles food allergies differently.

All cruise ships are different in what you can and cannot bring on board. Some cruise lines allow you to bring a case of water, 6-pack of soda, 2 bottles of wine, while others do not allow ANY soda. Check with your cruise line before packing!

The Ultimate Guide To Carnival Cruise Line Ships And Itineraries

This post was created as part of my collaboration. As always, all opinions, views and opinions in this post are my own. Carnival prides itself on having the most entertaining ships at sea. You’re sure to be filled with plenty of activities, entertainment, and delicious food during your cruise. With a fun and high-energy atmosphere, the fun really doesn’t stop aboard Carnival.

For beginners, learning the ins and outs of a new line can be overwhelming. Although they all have similarities, each line has its own unique features and capabilities.

A little preparation and research can go a long way when planning. If you’re looking for insider information on Carnival, you’ve come to the right place!

Things To Know Before You Cruise Carnival

Here’s our list of the best carnival tips and tricks to help you look your best.

Things You Need To Know Before Cruising On Carnival Panorama

The new ships are packed with deck-to-deck technology. So it only makes sense for airlines to develop their own software to improve the in-flight experience.

Download Carnival’s Hub app to your phone before boarding. This will simplify your on-board experience, with everything available in one place. You can connect to Wi-Fi at Carnival and access the app for free.

From activities and events to your itinerary, you’ll find everything at your fingertips. This is a must!

Another Carnival tip is to take advantage of the line’s Faster to the Fun program. This is a shore excursion available for Day 1 that speeds up your boarding process.

Cruise Ship Leaving Seattle Among First To Make Full Comeback

For just $39.95, you can get early cabin access and priority cabin delivery. This is a great way to start your vacation! But book as soon as possible, as this trip often sells out.

Another great advantage of Faster to the Fun is that you will receive priority auctions. This can be useful if you have ports that require ship-to-shore tenders. Long lines can be common when everyone on the plane wants to get off at the same time.

Carnaval is worth becoming a shareholder! Anyone who owns at least 100 shares of Carnival Corporation is each entitled to a credit on board.

Things To Know Before You Cruise Carnival

Shareholders sailing 6 days or less will receive a $50 onboard credit. Within 7 days, shareholders will receive $100. Finally, shareholders who have been on board 14 or more days will receive a $250 onboard credit.

Things To Know About The New Carnival Horizon

To receive a credit, passengers must contact Carnival by email, fax or mail with the required information listed on the line’s website.

Between the beach, swimming, and drinking on board, it’s easy to get dehydrated. I always have a bottle of water with me during my time to try to stay as hydrated as possible.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to get bottled water on board is to order a package from Carnival itself. For just $4.95, you can order a 12-pack of water and have it delivered to your cabin before you even arrive.

These bottles are great to bring to the beach, hiking, or exploring one of the ports.

Things You Need To Know Before Your First Cruise (2023)

By now I’m sure you’ve learned that there’s only so much included in your basic carnival fare. While you can still have a fun vacation without the add-ons, if you plan to purchase additional services such as Wi-Fi, beverage packages, shore excursions, or special meals, book them in advance through Carnival Manager.

For URVATES! Beverage package, pre-booking brings up to 8% discount. For other services

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