How To Get A Room Upgrade In Vegas

By | March 26, 2023

How To Get A Room Upgrade In Vegas – Last month, my girlfriend and I decided to exchange our MyVEGAS Loyalty Points for a free two night stay. Charge at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. If you are not familiar with the myVEGAS software / game, I made a detailed blog post about it if you want to learn how to get free rooms. A great way to earn free hotel nights at MGM Real Estate for free. It just takes a little time and patience, but I think it’s worth it. On the other hand, I won’t go into too much detail about Bellagio because I think everyone knows the hotel I’m talking about, but I focus on the details of the myVEGAS deal.

If you don’t know what myVEGAS is, be sure to check out our blog post for details on the game and how you can start looking for free rooms. If not, I’ll cut it off right away! A few months ago I decided to take 125,000 game loyalty points and exchange them for a night out at Bellagio. My boyfriend also plays, so he changed his loyalty at night too. That way we can combine our bookings and stay at Bellagio for two nights. Unfortunately, it looks like the myVegas program raised the redemption rate last weekend and it looks like you need 150,000 loyalty points for one night at Bellagio.

How To Get A Room Upgrade In Vegas

How To Get A Room Upgrade In Vegas

During the epidemic season, the calendar is very open with free nights, including weekends! They just released a summer calendar and it seems that the dates are only Sunday to Thursday. So if your schedule is limited to Friday and Saturday nights, this deal might not work for you. But if you work from home or live a nomadic life, this can be a great way for you to save money. On the other hand, staying on a busy day can give you a better chance of getting a room upgrade or a better view.

Ways To Get A Free Room Upgrade In Las Vegas

The following is a list of current calendars from this blog post. Computers change frequently depending on availability, so be sure to check your calendar immediately for your date. Remember that once you select your date and redeem your prize, you will not receive a refund. But if you look at the calendar and don’t see your date, all you have to do is go back to the app under the rewards section and choose to cancel. Your loyalty points should be refunded immediately.

For our trip, we ended our stay on Sunday-Tuesday. Surprisingly, the hotel is still busy. The summer months usually bring more people, but I was surprised that there were still so many people. Since I have Mlife Gold status, I think I’ll try to see if I can upgrade to a water fountain room. The receptionist said they were sold out, but we could pay to get an upgrade. In my opinion, of course, it makes no sense. Either you run out or you have to pay for the upgrade. But we decided not to pay extra because we won’t be in many rooms.

Even if the cost is combined, we have to pay food cost + food cost. The cost of the hotel is $ 45.00 and the tax is $ 6.02 which makes it a total cost of $ 51.02 per night ($ 102.04 total). This type is very sad because the price of these places is not cheap, but if you look at the bright side, we collected $ 345.02. If we had to pay for the two nights, the price would be $447.06.

I feel that Bellagio is one of those hotels that never gets old. Everything about the lobby, casinos, restaurants and shops is very well maintained. On the other hand, the theme park changes five times a year, always giving the hotel something new to see and visit. We don’t stay at Bellagio very often because it’s usually not within the price range or too small for our group. This time it was nice that it was only me and my girlfriend who really experienced the whole hotel.

Lucky 38 Presidential Suite

Our flight landed around 11:30 and we arrived at the hotel at noon. Registration time is less than 3pm, but we hope to receive verification in time. There are two towers that make up the Bellagio: the main tower and the spa tower. Since we went to check in early, the only room they had was in the Spa Tower. If we want to stay in the Main Tower, we have to wait. Since we wanted to go on vacation, we decided to take a room at the Spa Tower.

About the room, we didn’t get the newly renovated room that they are working on now. The new room looks very nice and very modern than what we have. I shouldn’t complain again most of the rooms were empty and we were the first to visit but still good! I mean, the room we got was updated enough with white and blue, but what made the room stylish was the phone and the socket. They are all yellow in color, which is what you get when plastic lasts. I feel like this is a quick and easy fix to make the room look more modern. The bathroom is clean but looks like old Italian marble which makes it look old and dark compared to new and modern.

The pool area of ​​Bellagio is very beautiful and there are many pools where you can sit. There are two large ponds and two small ponds with a fountain in the middle. We tried to find the jacuzzi but couldn’t find it. Overall, I think I prefer the pool at the MGM Grand. When it comes to drinks, they are very expensive! I can’t believe how many there are. We just poured drinks from our room into the Hydroflasks and lowered them into the pool. I’m sure you shouldn’t, but security didn’t stop us. So, we bought a large Dole Whip cocktail because it sounded too good to be pressed. It’s very powerful, so be sure to mix that baby up!

How To Get A Room Upgrade In Vegas

The casino at Bellagio is always a fun place to play. I didn’t play anything but ended up meeting some friends who were playing Pai Gow so I just watched them. The casino is very non-smoking and the waiters come often, which is always appreciated. The highest table is higher than most hotels on the panel. I think they generally start at $25.

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Although we did not eat at the restaurants this time, we did eat at Spago in the past on our previous visit to Vegas using the $100 F&B credit through the program. Chase Luxury Hotel and Resorts. Most of the restaurants in Bellagio are on the gourmet side, so your options are limited if you’re looking for something quick and easy. We have a few cocktails at the Petrossian Bar & Lounge next to the lounge, which I highly recommend if you want to sit comfortably, relax and listen to the pianist. We use cookies for your convenience. By using our website, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie settings.

This article was co-authored by Angela Rice. Angela Rice is a travel expert and co-founder of Boutique Travel Advisors, a luxury travel consulting firm in Phoenix, Arizona. Angela specializes in consulting and planning on-demand and private tours for clients seeking luxury, groups and large families. Angela attended Arizona State University and The University of Iowa Tippie College of Business. He has previous experience in accounting and business consulting which helps him run his business behind the scenes. Angela has appeared in The Washington Post, Reader’s Digest, Travel Weekly, USA Today, Travel Market Report, Phoenix Magazine and MSN. He is also a frequent guest on WBBM News Radio 105.9 FM’s Travel Tuesdays.

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Las Vegas is home to high rollers, high stakes and high-end hotels. In Vegas, the land of risk and reward, it’s possible to stay in style at a discount. With a few details and a willing hotel staff, you can upgrade your standard room to a luxury suite for free.

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This article was co-authored by Angela Rice. Angela Rice is a travel specialist.

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