Outdoor Activity In Childcare

By | April 17, 2023

Outdoor Activity In Childcare – Can you see the sun I will too. Sometime between the first day of spring and the last day of school, my heart longs for outdoor activities for the kids. Yes, I am a child of the 80s. It’s worth opening the garage door and telling the kids to get back out of the sun.

But the truth is, days with toddlers and preschoolers aren’t that easy. I remember having small children and wondering how we were going to sleep.

Outdoor Activity In Childcare

Outdoor Activity In Childcare

The days were SO LONG. As much as I enjoyed my time with them, I needed to get outside and find a way to watch from a folding chair with a book I may or may not be reading.

Preschools Without Walls: Why Children Need Outdoor Play

Toddlers and preschoolers don’t need much help finding tools to start outdoor play. But once they do – MAGIC. Here are 50 outdoor activities for kids!

TIPS: If you’ve gone through the whole list of outdoor activities, you might need this list of indoor games to round it out!

Our list of starter toys is for any age or level. For outdoor activities, these are the best backyard toys we’ve used for years for kids’ outdoor activities. Here are some of my favorites:

Is your child learning to ride a balance bike or pedals? Here are the best bikes for kids.

Fun Indoor And Outdoor Activities For Toddlers

It’s so hard to pick a favorite! But I have a few trips that are always a success with the kids.

Splash the Alphabet is popular and very fun! Add a drop of food coloring to the water bottles.

Choose a letter and spell it! We also have good memories of playing the Outdoor Chalk Game. It’s like a board game that you can walk around. WHO. A corrupt mind, isn’t it?

Outdoor Activity In Childcare

Another easy and fresh (I couldn’t help myself) outdoor activity is Paint the Rocks. Some days we have to go rock hunting. Next, paint them. Or, if you’re craving some sensory play, try the Bear Soup sensory game. How will I ever repay these bears for the joy they have brought to my children?! They are really popular – and I still catch my eight year old boy playing with them. Take the bears outside to the outside water bin. Bear soup? Don’t worry if you do!

Top Ten Tips For Teaching Outside

You know what else I tried? Bringing the toys inside out and it was a huge hit. I did this for Outdoor Tracks Water Play. The boys test race cars and try to make them land in buckets of water. (Always supervise small children around water).

Of course, I couldn’t mention the Musical Scavenger Hunt. A musical scavenger hunt is a great way to get outside. Sing your favorite song. When it stops – run and get something of the color you stop. It’s great fun for all ages.

If you want to add some outdoor math, try Shapes and Shaving Cream. We pulled out our 3D shapes and created new images. This is a great late morning outdoor activity before the sun gets too hot. When it warms up, bring everyone (and everything) down.

If shaving cream is your go-to, try shaking puppies. This sensory bin is great for kids to bury puppies and spray them with a water bottle.

Fun And Engaging Outdoor Activities And Games For Kids

If your kid doesn’t already have shaving cream (though?!), here’s a two-step outdoor activity. First, collect the items outside. Then glue them to a large piece of wood or cardboard. A fun way to strengthen little hands, practice gluing and introduce creativity.

Pumpkin Balance is one of my favorites for fall. Can you balance a small pumpkin on your head? It’s more complicated than it sounds – but it gave us all a good laugh when we needed a break while dinner was ready.

Also, I can’t mention pumpkins without including Leaf Painting. I use butcher paper from home improvement stores to paint the exterior. Draw something your child likes and the rest is up to them. Let your toddler and preschoolers mix colors while painting.

Outdoor Activity In Childcare

Playing outside has been a huge success for my toddler, preschooler, and big kid. Outdoor activities for children seem to bring all age groups together in shared play. My outdoor supplies are always on hand and ready to give us life. Do you have a favorite outside idea?

List Of Best Outdoor Playground Games For Kids

Carrying outdoor toys is one of our favorite outdoor activities for long days at home. The movement of toys in a different environment gives them a new life. (like when you have your child that your child finds after being tossed aside for months).

The best outdoor activities for kids get kids moving. Some of our favorites include activities that promote balance, running, jumping or water games. These gross motor activities are fun ideas to do outside.

The right cold weather gear is everything when it comes to playing outside when the temperature drops. Look for a fabric that retains more body heat than cotton. Children also need proper boots and warm socks to keep their toes and feet warm.

Outdoor activities for children stimulate the large muscles in the body. We call it gross motor skills. Being outside also promotes creativity and helps physical and mental health. Hit the driveway or hit the park with a friend with this list of outdoor activities for kids.

Early Childhood Playground Equipment

Days with Gray is a partner in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program. As an Amazon partner, I earn from eligible purchases. Read more about these links in my How do I entertain my two-year-old? What are the outdoor activities for preschoolers? I’ve collected over 45 outdoor activities for toddlers and preschoolers that you’ll love!

I like a list of easy outdoor activities that I can throw together very quickly on days when the weather is nice. All of these outdoor activities are easy to organize and use items you already have in your home (or can easily find).

Nothing makes me happier than an organized thematic list! These outdoor activities are organized into five different categories, so you can browse the list to find the type of idea you’re looking for.

Outdoor Activity In Childcare

Scroll down to an activity that sounds interesting to you and click on the title to go to the full tutorial! I collected activity ideas from many of my favorite creative friends for this awesome list of outdoor activities for toddlers and preschoolers!

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STORIES: Want an easy plan full of activities for toddlers? Check out our Year of Play ebook with 12 activity calendars for kids!

Art doesn’t have to involve fancy materials or a lot of preparation. These quick art ideas help kids discover new materials and processes!

Sensory play helps children learn through exploring their five senses. There are so many great things you can introduce your kids to! Here are some of our favorites.

Water is one of the best materials to play with! There are so many fun ways to play with water. Here are some creative ways to use water!

Outdoor Activities For Preschoolers

Science projects are always a hit with toddlers and preschoolers. Take science outside and explore with bubbles, ice, natural materials and even the sun!

Your kids will love these awesome outdoor activities for toddlers and preschoolers! Do you have other options we should have on our list? Tell us in the comments below.

The Year of Play is a simple e-book full of fun learning activities. Created for kids ages 2-6, it includes 12 monthly calendars and 48 weekly activity plans! It is difficult for small children, whose movements must be internally coordinated. That’s why we’ve compiled an awesome list of 30 fun outdoor activities for kids that encourage movement, creative thinking, problem solving, coordination, and much more!

Outdoor Activity In Childcare

These outdoor activities are not only great fun for children, but also educational and good for their physical and mental health. You can do these activities in your own yard or while walking around or on a nature trail – it’s up to you. But even if you only have a small outdoor space, you’ll find so many ways to enjoy time outside in the fresh air with your kids.

Summer Activities For Preschoolers

What are you waiting for? Now take the kids outside for some time to play and explore what nature has to offer.

Outdoor Activities by Messy Little Monster We love getting outside to enjoy nature with the kids, so here are some of our favorite outdoor activities for yours.

Syringe painting This activity Syringe painting is a fun activity that kids will love. Each shot will be completely unique, and who doesn’t like the opportunity to use a spray gun?

Natural Colors Scavenger Hunt Go for a walk (or in your yard or garden) and encourage children to find and match colors

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