Travel Guide In Baguio

By | April 17, 2023

Travel Guide In Baguio – I was still in high school the last time I went to Baguio. My mom and I went there a few times when I was a kid. I am very happy to be able to visit Baguio again after a long time. Unfortunately, not with my mother anymore. It might be time to make new memories here in Baguio.

After more than 10 years, a lot has changed in Baguio. Or maybe I waited too long? I feel like it has lost its spark. Anyway, I will share my recent trip to Baguio in January 2020 and some travel guides and tips. Another long post to come!⚠️

Travel Guide In Baguio

Travel Guide In Baguio

My aunt has a private van, so we helped with gas and other transportation costs. Also note that Kenon Road is only open on weekends.

Things To Do In Baguio

Going to Baguio is easy now. PITX runs P2P buses to Baguio for P525.00 (with free snacks). Since it is a P2P bus, the travel time is only 5-6 hours.

For more information on P2P buses in PITX and other parts of Manila, check out Langyaw’s post: P2P Solid North Baguio PITX Bus Ride.

If you have a private car, moving to Baguio will not be a problem at all. You can only use Waze. But note that Baguio has a number coding scheme. For more information on the coding scheme, see Philkotse’s post: A Quick Guide to the Number Coding System Implemented in Baguio City. Parking, however, is another matter. Since Baguio is almost crowded all year round, the parking lots can always be full. Please make sure you park in the correct space to avoid penalties.

It’s like walking and walking around Baguio.. I honestly don’t know how to describe it. Haha! If your destination is a kilometer or less than a kilometer, the locals advise you to walk, which is tiring for us non-walkers, I know. Haha! Especially since most of the roads there are uphill. 🤣 Please understand that this is how they live here. They prefer to walk than here in the metro, where there are three-wheelers.

Baguio Tourist Spots & Things To Do

If you don’t want to walk, they have jeeps, regular taxis and Grab. They also have a so-called “Jeep”. This is FX’s version here on the subway. Jeepneys go through main and special roads, mainly to tourist spots. The minimum fare is 8.50 pesos. Regular subway taxis are just like in the subway. Some drivers don’t give change, and some will dodge, so the meter will be higher. Hindi naman everything but based on our experience. Taxi fares are cheap as they do not use air conditioning. Always be careful when traveling.

There are many hotels and transient rooms/houses in Baguio. We stayed in a simple temporary house for 350 pesos per person per night. It was a bargain price. The advantage of having a temporary home is that you can cook ideal meals for large groups and families. Regular transition rates range from 450 pesos to 500 pesos per person per night. For hotels, you can find low prices on Agoda or In high season, I recommend booking a few weeks before your trip.

Kenon Road is only open on weekends. One Sunday morning we went to Baguio, where we had the opportunity to take photos at the famous Lion’s Head. When we were there, it was still under renovation, but I saw on the news that it is now ready.😀

Travel Guide In Baguio

Camp John Hay is the best place for picnics and relaxation. There are also restaurants here. It is also known for its pine trees. It is best to walk from here if you have a private car. They only have taxis here and there.

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It’s actually a small part of Camp John Hay. Also known as the Lost Cemetery. Since we were already at Camp John Hay, we decided to check in. It has tombstones with enthusiastic phrases. Hence the name negativism, which is the practice of being negative or skeptical while offering no positive suggestions or insights. There is no entry fee.

I have read other blogs on the internet and I have to say that it has changed over the years as well. Today, the cemetery is very simple. To be honest, we didn’t notice. Na parang eto na yun? Most of the inscriptions on the tombstones are barely visible/readable. It seems they were no longer instructed to deal with it.

It is also known as Baguio’s newest tourist attraction and the colors of StoBoS. Tam-Awan Village is the work of artists, where 150-200 houses have been painted. StoBoSa stands for Stonehill, Botiwtiw and Sadjap, the names of these websites. There is no entrance fee, but you must write your name for the documentaries. Best to go here if you’re on your way to the Strawberry Farm.

The greatest place to visit in Baguio! lol There is no entrance fee if you go around the farm. The price of strawberries from January is 600 pesos per kilo. You can only see the strawberry up close if you take advantage of it and pick it. Some people try to take the fruit and enter. Please don’t do this and respect the farm 🙁

Tourist Spots For Your Baguio Itinerary

There are also vendors outside the farm selling strawberries, vegetables and other pasalubongs. If you don’t go to the city market, I recommend buying vegetables and souvenirs here. Cool and much cheaper than other tourist spots (I think).

It is best to go here on the last day so that the vegetables and strawberries are still fresh when you get home. 🙂

Baguio’s classic tourist attraction. Here I only remember the happy thoughts of my childhood. Good days! There is no entrance fee for this. You only pay when you go by bike or swan. There are also many sellers here.

Travel Guide In Baguio

They removed the old classic bikes to make them more modern now. We rented bicycles for six people. We paid 200 pesos for an hour. Prices range from 150 pesos to 300 pesos depending on the type of bike you want to use.

Tourist Spot In Baguio City

Located on Harrison Road, a few meters from Session Road and Burnham Park. The night market opens at 21:00 and closes at 12:00. You can buy a lot of ukay-ukay things here, cheap finds and street food. I could only buy a cheap pair because most of the goods were for men. Women’s ones are not my type, and some are only for little ones. Haha! Be warned, this place is crowded. Always be careful with your things.

Session Road is famous for its restaurants, cafes, ukay-ukay, architectural buildings and is the commercial center of the city.

There are photographers outside the church. One of them took many pictures of me there. He used my camera. He is not asking for a specific amount, just a donation. Although I expected that, I gave him a few dollars. I love how my pictures turned out!

He also said that most tourists these days prefer their cameras and cell phones, so their jobs are not really stable, and I understand his feelings. So if you ever go here, give me a few bucks and you’ll have great photos.

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There is no entry fee. The Mansion House is across from Wright Park. As in Tatawid ka lang. The palace is the official summer residence of the President of the Philippines. It’s more than photography.

We decided not to go any further but looked around The Mansion. There is no entry fee.

It’s hard to get a decent photo here because of the crowd. Unless you put effort into the angle and editing. Haha! It was crowded when we went and to think it was a Tuesday, a weekday.

Travel Guide In Baguio

I also tried their traditional clothes. I paid 30 or 35 pesos. The clothes are good. I think they care. It’s not stinky.

The Top Things To Do In Baguio, The Philippines

We couldn’t go here either because I made a mistake in our itinerary. Haha! I thought we could go on Monday, but the shovel is closed every Monday. However, I really wanted to visit this place. 🙁

They are open from 09:00 to 18:00. Last entry is at 5:30 p.m. Admission is 100 pesos, 80 pesos for students, senior citizens and the disabled. It is a few minutes from the city center.

Another tourist spot we didn’t get to visit. Admission is 50 pesos for adults, 30 pesos and 20 pesos for senior citizens