Outdoor Activities In Grahamstown

By | August 25, 2023

Outdoor Activities In Grahamstown – Add adventure to this year’s trip and visit the Makana region to explore its heart through sites, historic buildings, hunting grounds, native bush, kloofs and grasslands.

See the astrotopological map on Gunfire Hill in front of the 1820 Settlers National Monument. It shows the cardinal points and positions of certain ascendants of the constellations.

Outdoor Activities In Grahamstown

Outdoor Activities In Grahamstown

From the monument, you can see the entire city up to the Kop of Makana in the township. For more information contact the 1820 Settlers Monument on 046 603 1134.

Studio On The Hill, Grahamstown

Experience the tallest gun turret at the observatory museum. Here you will find the only real Victorian camera obscura in South Africa, a great way to see the city. While you’re at the museum, don’t miss some other historic treasures like the Meridian Room, Diamond Gallery, Open Clock, fine Victorian furniture, and relaxing gardens. For information on visiting hours, contact the Observatory Museum on 046 622 2312.

Explore the eerie city of Makanda at night on a spooky and historical walking tour for you, your friends and family. You can visit historic sites believed to be haunted and explore the 200-year-old city of Makanda. These locations range from historic buildings to prisons and cemeteries. Reserve your favorite places and history walks with Brian Jackson: [email protected]

Take some hiking buddies and walk to Ntaba eZono (Kop of Makana) to enjoy the beauty of Makanda. This is a steep rocky slope that many locals also call Sin Mountain.

Arrange a visit to the church of St. Filipa in the village of Fingo, where you will see the statue of the Black Madonna.

New Schoolcraft Pastor Introduced To Community

You can also find the Lobengula burial of the Zimbabwean Lobengula family in Fingo village. Please contact King Lobengula Lodges and Tours for more information.

Nearby is the Egazini monument. This is where the battle took place in 1819. On 22 April 2019, traditional leaders from across the Eastern Cape gathered at the Egazini Memorial Heritage Site to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the battle between the amaNdlambe and the British. Learn more here.

Afterwards, head east from Newtown to visit the graves of World War II soldiers.

Outdoor Activities In Grahamstown

Another interesting historical site worth visiting is Bully Kohl’s Burial Ground – south of the informal settlement of Phola Park towards the town of Xolani. Many locals claim that the schoolboy revolution actually began in Makhanda, where Bully fell victim to the state of emergency.

College Supports The Makhanda Day Of Fasting

When you return to the city center, don’t forget to visit the Old Jail, which opened in 1823 and served until the 1970s. Public hangings took place in this building until 1862. After that, a black flag would indicate that the execution was carried out within the walls of the prison.

Opposite the Old Gaol is the Albany Museum, established in 1855. The museum, along with the research department, has six buildings, namely the Natural Science Museum, the History Museum, the Observatory Museum, Selvin Castle, the Arch of Drost and the Old Provost Museum, a military prison built in 1838 For more information contact the museum on 046 622 2312 or [email protected].

Near the Old Provost, see several gravestones of soldiers who died in the Frontier Wars.

Did you know that Drostdy Arch, now the entrance to Rhodes University, was built as an entrance to a military compound? It was designed by Major Selwyn and built by the Royal Engineers in 1842.

Albany Museum (grahamstown)

Stroll down the High Street and you will see many historic buildings. Take a moment to read the plaques that reveal the building’s story. They are made from materials such as stone and colored glass from around the world. A good example is the Town Hall – an example of Neo-Gothic architecture, completed in 1882. It has five different types of stones that can be attached to five different countries.

Another example is the historic church in Riebeek East, which has special significance in the history of the Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk (Dutch Reformed Church) in South Africa. The church bell was cast in Dublin, Ireland in 1861; the clock was made in 1873 by Henry Carter Galpin of Grahamtown; Manufactured at Summerford Works, Lenhall New Road – Source: Kruger, L.R. (1981-09) Master’s Thesis (MTh ) — Stellenbosch University, 1981.

You can also take a flora and fauna walk to Fort Selwyn on Gunfire Hill near the 1820 Settlers National Monument. It was built in 1835-36 to protect access and supply the town with water.

Outdoor Activities In Grahamstown

Makhanda also has the oldest post office box in the country. Write a letter to someone special and have it delivered to this historic post box on the corner of Worcester and Somerset streets.

Bukela Game Lodge Grahamstown (south Africa)

For more information on the political, military and social history of these historic sites, please contact Professor Pat Irwin at [email protected]

Witness the magnificent architecture of St. Michael and the Cathedral of St. George. The cathedral is the seat of the Anglican parish of Macanda and is located on the corner of High Street and Hill Street. The interior of the cathedral will tell the story of the many generations involved in building this iconic structure – which took 160 years to complete. Each builder from the same family used their own architectural style and each style is clearly visible.

Visit the cathedral and learn its story: “The surveyors who drew up the original plan of Grahamtown in 1814 described the site as ‘a very suitable site for a church’ but it was not until 1820, when settlers arrived, that Governor Charles Summer Lord Setter sought the support of Lord Bathurst , the British Secretary of War, because “a British population of over 3,000 persons (including soldiers) is entirely deprived of any place of worship.” The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (S.P.G.) and the Colonial Treasury found £4,404 15″.

Take a photo of the magnificent cathedral and be inspired by its impressive dimensions, stained glass windows (worth R20 million) and impressive bells and clocks.

Kwandwe Private Game Reserve

Find special mice in the cathedral and read their stories. The artist signs his plate by carving a mouse into the wood. Find these plaques and learn more about this magnificent building.

According to the Cathedral of St Michael and St George, the church has the only organ suitable for concert performance in Macanda and is also used by Rhodes University to train its organists. It was built in 1860 by Bevington of London.

The nearby Memorial Methodist Church organ, installed in 1875, is the third largest in South Africa. The building also has an impressive Gothic architecture that is worth seeing.

Outdoor Activities In Grahamstown

The Wesleyan Methodist Church on the corner of Market Street and York Street houses the first and only pipe organ in South Africa to be declared a national monument. This organ was frequently used and was commissioned by Lieutenant Colonel Henry Somerset for his home in Makhanda in the mid 1830s.

Rose’s Cottage, Grahamstown

Make it a special occasion and book a heritage or church tour with Graeme Holmes on 083 271 0279 or [email protected]

Gather your friends and try a day trip to Oldenburg: The Oldenburg Tourist Club has set up day trips in public spaces in the south of the city. This 17-mile clockwise loop begins and ends at the top of Mountain Drive, near the Terrain Lookout. The starting point is only a few kilometers from the city center and can be reached by car from the Gray Street car park. For more information, you can visit the club’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/oldenburgiahikingclub

Looking for more outdoor fun? Check out the Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Authority (ECPTA) nature reserves guide. It is full of ideas for family and eco-adventure holidays. From visiting the Great Fish River to the Wild Coast Nature Reserve, you can enjoy great outdoor activities. The guide provides comprehensive information on well-located campsites, lodges, forest lodges or farm-style lodges that offer the best affordable and comfortable escapes to nature. For more information visit the ECPTA website: visiteasternscape.co.za

Enjoy lunch and a picnic at the Makana Botanical Garden (Bots) off Lucas Avenue. The botanical garden is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. You can also take your dog for a walk in the garden if you clean up after him. The Arboretum is located on the campus of Rhodes University, so it is regularly guarded by security. However, 100% security can never be guaranteed. Proceed with caution and it is always wise not to wander alone. Here is the contact number to contact Rhodes Campus Security or Grounds staff for further enquiries: 046 603 8111.

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Plan the perfect picnic date for you and your loved ones at Gray’s Dam near Makana Resort