Hotel Booking Tips And Tricks

By | February 19, 2023

Hotel Booking Tips And Tricks – Dublin is a city you want to visit, but you’ve heard it’s too expensive to stay there, and you’re starting to doubt it. It’s true that Dublin is the cheapest city to stay in Ireland, but there are some ways to save money when you book.

We all have an instinct to visit booking sites first because we believe they have the best deals. These types of sites are great for gathering information about hotels in an area, but it’s important to remember that they make a big decision when booking.

Hotel Booking Tips And Tricks

Hotel Booking Tips And Tricks

We have noticed that they are often more expensive than the hotel website. On some sites you have the opportunity to register as a member and receive offers that others do not see. For example, if you book on the O’Callaghan Davenport Hotel website, you will receive a 10% discount when you book on their website.

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O’Callaghan Hotels has the advantage of being run by the family, and according to Michel Vaughan (who runs the Vaughan Lodge Hotel in Lahinch, Co. Clare), it is easier to get deals because it affects they are human. Sometimes talking to someone on the phone and explaining your story can get you a discount or a room upgrade.

If you want to make sure you save money, you should also find the cheapest time to stay. The cheapest time to stay in Dublin is from January to February, most hotels reduce their rates as it is difficult to fully book during these months. Depending on the time of the week you will also have a discount, Sunday is usually a good day to get a discount as it is the busiest day.

Check back daily to see if there are deals during Cyber ​​​​Monday or the big post-New Year sale.

Because hotel operators want to bring in cash before the season starts, it is recommended to book hotels months in advance to get the best rates. Otherwise, booking at the last minute is a way to get a good deal.

Tips For Booking Hotel Rooms For Large Families

Another important thing is the location of the hotel, the transport in Dublin is not the best in the world, so find a hotel in the city center or close to where you want to go. We recommend the Davenport Hotel, located in Merrion Square, close to Trinity College and all the city center attractions.

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Hotel Booking Tips And Tricks

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Finding and booking a good hotel can be overwhelming, especially if you are trying to book a hotel room for a large family or at the last minute. Since many hotel reservations are made online, there are online tools to compare rates and shop around before booking the perfect room for you and your family. If you haven’t booked a hotel room yet, you can do it quickly and easily by following a few simple steps.

This article was co-authored by Alison Edwards. Alison Edwards graduated from Stanford University with a BA in International Relations. Later, he facilitated international collaborations with agencies in over twenty countries, and consulted with companies in industries including education, fintech and retail. This article has been viewed 449,212 times.

Before booking a hotel room, decide what your budget is, the number of beds or amenities such as free Wi-Fi. Once you know what you need, use our hotel search engine to find hotels in your desired price range. When you find the room you want, enter your name, travel dates, and credit card information and book the room online. You can call the hotel directly to see if they can offer a better rate, then book the room over the phone. Read on to learn how to compare hotels using a discount search tool! In this article, I’ll explain my hotel travel tips to get 13% off all hotel rooms! This is in addition to getting great discounts on hotels. With cashback (from the Uber Visa Credit Card program and Rewards) and a best price guarantee, these are really simple hotel booking hacks that not many people use! “Do hotel prices drop closer to the date?” We will also answer the questions.

Getting the best discount hotel rates is a bit more complicated than that, but I’ll keep reading for a full explanation of hotel booking hacks. Tips To Get Cheap Hotels And Holiday Home Deals

There is no better time to get a hotel deal, you should book and check the deal before your trip!

Sometimes. There is no guarantee that a hotel will lower its price at the last minute. That’s why it’s a good day to get a hotel deal… you just have to keep an eye out.

“Do hotel prices drop closer to the date”? You should check. That’s why it’s so important to book a hotel with (1) free cancellation and (2) match the price.

Hotel Booking Tips And Tricks

If your room has free cancellation, and you find a room 10% cheaper than your reservation, cancel your reservation and rebook. Finding the best discount hotel rates is very easy.

Smart Tips For Booking Hostels 2023 (best Sites To Book + Discounts)

I spend a lot of money on eating out, so having cash for purchases helps keep spending down. The Uber Visa Credit Card has no annual fee and the best benefits of any credit card:

These points can be redeemed at the end of your statement to earn 3% on hotel bookings and additional purchases made with your Uber Visa credit card. You can then click on the Uber Credit Card Rewards Portal and redeem your credit points on your cash statement.

If you are booking a hotel and the rates are the same between booking sites, use Most people don’t know the extent of the rewards program. They give you 10% and match the lowest price as part of their Price Guarantee.

For every 10 nights you stay, 1 night is free. What does this really mean? They take the average of 10 nights (your pay) and give you a booking credit of 10% of the total price. Basically, 1 night free after 10 nights. If you spend $1000 on 10 hotel stays, you’ll get a $100 credit. Because “1 night free” sounds better than 10% back.

Hotel Booking Hacks To Know, Like Getting Low Rates & Free Upgrades

If you use a cashback site, you may lose eligible Rewards Program nights (for that reservation only), depending on the rate. will notify you when you connect to a cashback site.

I personally use Ebates and TopCashback because the best cashback rates vary between them. These are my referral links if you want to sign up.

Other booking sites: You have up to 24 hours after your booking to submit a lower price from a competing site as part of your hotel price guarantee.

Hotel Booking Tips And Tricks

With cashback and matching prices, has the best prices. Only 1 error, last minute booking.

Hotel Travel Tips And Tricks: 13% Off The Best Discount Hotel Rates

Sometimes you get a 10-20% discount on hotels a few days before you book a hotel. Submitting your best deal on is not an instant process. If your claim is cancelled, it may take a few days to be heard.

After completing a 10-night hotel reservation (can be multiple reservations), your account will be credited with a credit night equal to 10% of your total spend on the 10 reserved nights.

Sometimes hotel prices drop closer to your arrival date. I have seen this often with hotels. If you are 1-3 days before your hotel stay, it is better to cancel your reservation and rebook the hotel at a lower price. But, you should include the 10% discount on and return to the new hotel booking site.

I know there is a lot of math to figure out. Basically, you want to make sure you’re always getting cashback. Using the Uber Visa credit card is about 3% and is the other 10%.

Top Tips On Booking Your Hotel In Dublin

Easy hotel travel tips and tricks from free shuttles. Non-refundable fares are cheaper, but you can find deals by looking a little more.. So if you are a few days before your trip, the lowest fare you can find is the non-refundable fare:


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