Top 10 Tourist Attractions Glasgow

By | February 19, 2023

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Planning a day trip to Glasgow, Scotland and don’t know how to plan your time and what to see? Our writer, Christine, who lives in the UK, was recently in town with her family. In this article, he shares his favorite places to visit and top tips for what to do in Glasgow in one day. Find out!

Top 10 Tourist Attractions Glasgow

Top 10 Tourist Attractions Glasgow

Glasgow is a vibrant and vibrant city in Scotland, United Kingdom. Modern shopping centers rub shoulders with historic Glasgow architecture and there are countless attractions and activities for all the family! Its people are friendly and justifiably proud of their home, often willing to stop and talk about its history.

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This guide aims to show you how to make the most of a day in this fascinating city, one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. There is so much to explore that if you only have one day in Glasgow, it can be difficult to see everything it has to offer.

In this article, we have listed the best attractions in Glasgow that we really think you should not miss on your first visit. We have also added some other options to consider based on your interests.

Below you will also find practical tips for your trip, a map and a day trip to Glasgow. We also have recommendations for those who have little time – 1.5-2 days in Glasgow. Find out!

ADVICE. If you only have one day in Glasgow, we recommend using the hop-on hop-off bus to get around. For more information see below: Getting around Glasgow. Another good option for those who want to see as much of the best of Glasgow as possible in one day is the highly rated walking tour which covers all the highlights of the city centre.

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Good to know: Glasgow has many museums worth visiting. At first glance, this seems like a lot for a short city trip. However, museums are very different and completely different from each other. This was the most museums we visited in one trip, but they gave us a real sense of Glasgow. It’s one of the trips we’ve talked about the most since then.

So, even if you only have one day in Glasgow, try to visit at least one or two of the museums described in this article.

George Square is considered the center of Glasgow. This is a great place to experience the lively atmosphere of the city. Here you can board a tourist bus.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions Glasgow

Take a moment to admire the magnificent architecture of the buildings surrounding the square and see the statue of Robert Burns, the poet who wrote Auld Lang Syne.

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ADVICE. Stopping for breakfast at the nearby Wander Cafe before sightseeing or catching the bus? Open from 7.30am, this tourist themed cafe serves a hearty Scottish breakfast and a great selection of teas and coffees.

The bus first goes to the East of the city and the first stop is the magnificent cathedral, the oldest building in Glasgow.

Pope Nicholas V consecrated it in 1197 and declared it a place of pilgrimage equal to Rome. The cathedral was the site around which the city of Glasgow was originally built.

Admission is free – although donations are accepted – and tours are available. Since time is limited, I recommend going at your own pace. Important features – such as St Mungo’s crypt (Glasgow’s patron saint) – are clearly marked. The stained glass windows are stunning, especially the Millennium window that you can find on the new north wall.

Top Rated Tourist Attractions In Glasgow

The cathedral still has its original roof beams, covered in copper with a mature green patina, which is now a feature of the building.

Glasgow Cathedral is open daily from 9.30am to 5.30pm and remains an active place of Christian worship.

Even if you’ve never wanted to explore a cemetery, I recommend visiting the Glasgow Necropolis, which is next to the cathedral.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions Glasgow

This Victorian garden cemetery has 3,500 monuments and overlooks the entire city, giving you great views. It is also a good place to take pictures of the church.

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Throughout the city you’ll find interesting pictures of everything from St. Mungo (the patron saint) to Billy Connolly, one of Scotland’s favorite comedians.

These works of art were commissioned to beautify the streets of the city, and new ones are constantly being added.

Before visiting, check out the City Central Mural Trail website to learn more about each mural and print out a map to help you navigate them. Or try this amazing street art tour, a great way to see some of the best murals but also get off the beaten path and learn more about the city.

After visiting the Cathedral and Necropolis, return to the tour bus to head to your next destination, the Scotland Street Museum (see below). On the way you will reach the Royal Exchange Square Contemporary Art Gallery. Outside, it’s easy to spot the famous statue of the Duke of Wellington topped by a traffic cone from the 1980s!

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Many people mistakenly think that the Duke statue is an art installation and is attached to a gallery. In fact, the sculpture has nothing to do with the gallery. At first, the cone was placed by well-meaning students. The police immediately removed it. However, the students returned at night to replace it and a long battle ensued!

In the end, it was decided that the cone should stay in place – a victory for the students who created the current viewpoint! Sometimes the Duke’s horse also has a traffic cone on his head.

The gallery itself was originally the 18th century mansion of tobacco magnate William Cunningham. The building is very beautiful with stained glass windows and Corinthian columns.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions Glasgow

If you only have a day to explore, I don’t recommend visiting the gallery. Instead, just look at it from the outside. And – if you’re already hungry – go to the nearby willow teahouses for lunch.

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Close to the Gallery of Modern Art you’ll find the Willow Tea Rooms – a great place to enjoy afternoon tea in Glasgow.

The interior is inspired by teahouses of the early 1900s, with high chairs and leaded glass windows. The Chinese rooms on the top floor have a wonderful view of one of Glasgow’s busiest streets! There is also a children’s menu.

After lunch, visit at least one of Glasgow’s best museums. Depending on how much time you have and your interests, we recommend choosing one or two from the following list: Scottish School Museum, Riverside Museum and Tall Ship in Riverside or Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery.

The Glasgow Science Center is also a great museum, but takes up so much time that we don’t think it’s worth it if you only have one day in the city. It has so many interactive exhibits (over 300) that it is impossible to evaluate them all in a few hours and justify the cost of the tickets.

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See below for more information and choose the museum that interests you the most. If you start your day early and plan well, you can easily visit two smaller museums in one day. I’ll leave that up to you.

The Scottish School Museum on Scotland Street was probably the highlight of our visit to Glasgow, especially for my children.

The museum is housed in the old school, designed by Scottish architect and artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh. It first opened in 1906 to educate the children of shipping and engineering families in south Glasgow. It has since become a fascinating museum that tells the story of education in Scotland over the last 100 years.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions Glasgow

As you enter classrooms recreated to represent different historical periods, you’ll get a feel for what life was like for students during Queen Victoria’s reign, World War II and the 1950s and 1960s.

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Children are encouraged to wear school uniform and there are even traditional toys outside to play with. Especially the kitchen area is as beautiful as the outside of the building itself.

Practical information: If you decide to visit, you have to get off the bus at the Radisson Hotel and it’s a few minutes to the subway to get to the museum. The museum is free to enter – although donations are accepted – and is open every day except Mondays. More information

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