Uss Tips And Tricks

By | March 5, 2023

Uss Tips And Tricks – Have you been to Universal Studios Singapore? If so, are you disappointed that you didn’t have enough time to see all the sights?

Think you really need an Express Pass? Want to know how to maximize your trip to save money but still enjoy seeing all the sights?

Uss Tips And Tricks

Uss Tips And Tricks

When we first visited USS in 2011, my friends and I were so busy taking pictures, riding and standing in line that we didn’t have enough time to see all the rides and see them all; shows.

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One day we decided to buy a 6-month season pass so we could explore the park at will and hobby. Having done many of our favorite hikes over the course of 6 months, we know the best times to visit the park, know the shortcuts, and know which rides to visit.

In this article, I will share some useful tips and advice based on my personal experience as a frequent USS visitor.

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Tip: For a 1-day ticket, if you buy it online, it’s cheaper than buying it on the site.

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To be honest, 1 day is too short to really experience the park. If you’re a short-term traveler and don’t want to explore the entire park, a 1-day pass is definitely more than enough. However, if you’re a frequent traveler and love theme parks, a season pass might be what you want.

Express tickets allow you to skip the regular queues for the race/show. There are 2 types of Express Pass:

Please note that these Universal Express Passes do not include admission to Universal Studios Singapore. A separate day pass (or season pass or annual pass) is required for entry.

Uss Tips And Tricks

Express Pass does not allow skipping the Canopy Flyer, Treasure Hunter, Amber Rock Climb and Magic Potion Spin.

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Should I get an Express Pass? Yes, if you have a schedule and want to see every tour in one day and every show, you can pay. If you have visited USS in the past or are a season/annual ticket holder or if you do not have the desire or opportunity to attend every tour/show.

The best days to visit Universal Studios Singapore are during special events or during extended hours. To find out which days there are special events and open hours, you should refer to the USS Calendar (for an updated calendar, visit the USS website, scroll to the bottom right and click on “View Calendar”).

See the sample calendar below to illustrate my point. On most days, the park closes at 7:00 p.m. However, on January 1 and 2, the park will be closed at 9:00 p.m. Meanwhile, on January 23 and January 30, the park will be closed at 5:00 p.m. To maximize your visit, choose the park’s most open days, January 1st and 2nd. Of course, January 1st and 2nd will be crowded, so you will have to wait longer. queuing up to get a ride.

Fireworks have been set off on certain days in the past, but due to favorable conditions, there are currently no fireworks. When the fireworks return in the future, if you’re reading this article, I highly recommend going on the day of the fireworks.

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Tip: If you are a season/annual pass holder, the best time to visit the USS is in the afternoon, as most tours take only 15 minutes or less. I usually go to the park in the afternoon and often we have to wait 5 minutes for popular rides like Mummy, Adam, Transformers and Parkura Park Rapids Adventure.

When you’re done with the park and ready to head back, you can use any of the 3 methods above to return to Vivo without paying a cent!

The fastest way is of course the Sentosa Express monorail. But if there is a long queue, you can take a free bus from the basement bus station near the Casino.

Uss Tips And Tricks

If you don’t want to see the view from the ship, I don’t recommend going back.

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Before you visit, download the Universal Studios Singapore app and familiarize yourself with it. A very useful application with special features:

The park is basically divided into 7 sections. Enter Hollywood. If you go counter-clockwise, you will reach the zone in the following order.

Everyone has their own preferences. There are 4 types of entertainment: Tours, Shows, Street Performances, and Hero Meet and Greet. If you decide ahead of time which ones to prioritize, you’ll save time thinking/discussing/deciding while you’re at the park.

My rule of thumb: Take the ride with the shortest queue first. If the waiting time is more than 20-30 minutes, don’t waste time waiting in line. For a complete list of USS attractions, read my article.

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Unlike regular tours, street performances and meet and greets are not permanent. USS changes presentations and M&Gs every month, making it difficult for first-timers to plan exactly which presentations or M&Gs to attend.

The best way to advise yourself is to check the Universal Studios Singapore program a few days before your visit to see what shows and M&Gs are available. It will likely be very similar to what you will have available on the day of your visit. So you can roughly decide which one to attend.

Schedules for exhibitions, street performances, and meet and greets vary daily, and schedules are only available on the day of your visit and can be found in the program for the day of your visit.

Uss Tips And Tricks

Personally, I like to see street performances, but I don’t like Meet and Greets because the queues can be very long, especially during the holidays. If you decide to participate in a meet and greet, you are giving up 1 chance to go on a date. So, if you like to travel, you can analyze whether it is worth attending Meet and Greets. If you don’t visit the USS when the park is quiet, that’s fine.

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Any type of clothing is fine, but try to avoid heavy clothing due to Singapore’s humid climate.

As far as shoes go, my personal favorite is boots. Because I know I’m going to get wet when I play Asura Park Rapids Adventure.

If you prefer to wear shoes and want to try Parkura Park Rapids, consider one of the following.

Also, outside food is not allowed, so if you want to save money, eat at Vivo City or Seah Im Food Court before coming to USS.

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3 of them (1 in Sci-Fi, 2 in Ancient Egypt) are free for a certain period of time (eg 45 minutes or 60 minutes free depending on the waiting time). The allowed time is usually longer than the waiting time, so you should not exceed it.

Unfortunately, parking at Urura Park Rapids is not free. Because you don’t need to pack to ride the rapids. If you want convenience, you can pay to use a locker. Otherwise, if you want to save money, bring your own. Cover them with a plastic bag or carry them under a poncho.

Personally, I’ve only ever dined at Goldilocks. I love chicken (they call it chicken fingers) and garlic fried chicken. I do not recommend fried chicken at all. My friends who eat at Louie’s NY Pita said their pizza was very good.

Uss Tips And Tricks

Usually USS food is expensive compared to similar products in malls. For example, a 2-piece fried chicken set meal (which comes with a brownie and a drink) is SGD 16 at Goldilocks, while you can get the same at KFC for SGD 8.40.

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If you really can’t split, you can eat somewhere else (VivoCity or Resort World Sentosa) before going to USS, and at the end of the day you can eat somewhere else. Alternatively, you can leave USS to dine at RWS or Vivo and then return to USS (inform the staff that you are returning); This method takes a lot of time in my opinion.

Ah, yes, there are shortcuts! There are 2 shortcuts that I know of. The first reunites Transformers with Battlestar Galactica’s mother. The latter combines Waterworld with Enchanted Airways and even Madagascar without going too far.

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