Travel Guide In Istanbul

By | April 18, 2023

Travel Guide In Istanbul – Located along the Bostan Strait, the city of Istanbul is a fascinating place rich in culture and history. You can learn a lot about Islamic culture and see stunning views of artworks and architecture from the Ottoman Empire. Turkey is the sixth most visited country in the world, and Istanbul is the eighth most visited city. It’s a place everyone should experience at least once, and this guide will help you travel through this city where Europe and Asia meet. Here are the best things to do in Istanbul!

Language: Turkish is the main language spoken in Istanbul, but it is rare to meet people who speak a little English, especially in tourist areas. Arabic and Persian are spoken around the city.

Travel Guide In Istanbul

Travel Guide In Istanbul

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Climate: Istanbul’s weather is definitely on the warm side of average, but it also has its winters – usually February is the coldest month, and you can experience some snow.

Jg Tip: If you’re a solo female traveler, you can explore Istanbul on your own as safely as you can explore any major city in the world. That said, there are things you should always do to keep yourself safe. For more information, see this guide to being single in Istanbul.

Istanbul is a big city made up of many districts and communities, each with its own culture and history. Here are the most popular places to visit in Istanbul during your visit.

If you’re a solo female traveler, you can explore Istanbul on your own as safely as you can explore any major city in the world. That said, there are things you should always do to keep yourself safe. Check out this solo female travel guide for more information.

Your Complete Guide To Istanbul

Like many big cities, Istanbul has many places to live. If you’re looking to save a little money on accommodation, here are some great hostels and budget hotels. The city also has many expensive luxury hotels.

I’ve rounded up the most popular places to stay below, and I’ve also ranked the best hotels to stay in Istanbul here!

For a comfortable and safe option that won’t break the bank, book a stay at the Handan Hotel! They offer single, double, triple and family rooms, and if you’re traveling with a group, there are plenty of options to suit you.

Travel Guide In Istanbul

The rooms at Erten Konak are gorgeous – you won’t believe they can be had for such a budget price! Each room has a private bathroom, as well as amenities such as tea and coffee making facilities to help you start your day.

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Located opposite the Blue Mosque, Ibrahim Pasha Hotel is a beautiful temple hotel that offers both standard rooms and larger comfortable rooms.

The interior of Hotel Sultania is opulent, with gold ornaments and luxurious fabrics in every guest room and suite. The hotel also has a spa where you can get a massage, relax in the sauna or experience the hotel’s own Turkish bath.

Swiss Bosphorus is a five-star luxury hotel located in the heart of Istanbul, on the banks of the Bosphorus. The hotel has an amazing spa where you can treat yourself to facials, massages and more.

Rixos Pera is located in Istanbul’s vibrant Beyoğlu district, close to important historical sites such as Taksim Square, Galata Tower and the iconic Istikal Street. Enjoy a meal at the rooftop restaurant while enjoying the sights of historic Istanbul.

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If you’re looking for a more resort experience, check out the beautiful Kempinski Palace. There are plenty of restaurants and bars to explore, a beautiful infinity pool, and a spa and wellness center open to guests.

Four Seasons Bosphorus is not only actually located on the Bosphorus, but also housed in a carefully restored 19th century palace! You’ll get the luxury you’ve come to expect from a Four Seasons Hotel, while staying in a unique part of Istanbul’s history.

Another luxury Four Seasons hotel in Istanbul, the Four Seasons Sultanahmet has many advantages and the Four Seasons Bosphorus’ high standard of hospitality – the main difference is the location! The surroundings of Sultanate are full of Istanbul’s ancient history.

Travel Guide In Istanbul

Sofitel Istanbul Taksim Accor Hotel in the heart of Istanbul – If you haven’t experienced an Accor Hotel yet, know that when you stay here you can expect French hospitality and culture with luxury touches like Hermès toilets!

The Ultimate Istanbul Travel Guide For Food Lovers

True to its name, this hotel is located in a series of historic palaces around Hagia Sophia. It creates the perfect backdrop for a luxurious holiday in Istanbul.

Turkish food today is directly influenced by the cuisine of the Ottoman Empire, which is a fusion of many different cuisines from the Mediterranean, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe. There are many types of restaurants around Istanbul, so even if you don’t limit yourself to the list below, it should give you a pretty good place to start.

Resto Han is known for its delicious food served in large portions, as well as its fun and lively atmosphere. On some days, you might actually experience live music while you enjoy your meal.

The Last Ottoman Cafe and Restaurant has been serving high quality local food to the people of Istanbul for over 53 years. This is a historic restaurant where you can get delicious Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine. As with many restaurants in the area, you’ll find vegetarian and vegan options as well as halal options.

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Not only is the food served at 1897 Gardens exceptional, but as the name suggests, you can enjoy it in a tranquil garden setting. No matter what you order, they always offer tea and baklava at the end of your meal.

If you’re looking for a restaurant in Istanbul that serves healthy options for special dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free or vegetarian, Mivan Restaurant Cafe is the place for you. In the morning, it’s a great place to go for some Turkish coffee to wake yourself up, and during the day you can sample a variety of healthy Turkish dishes.

Gulkhan Sark Sofra offers delicious portions at reasonable prices. The vibe is very laid back, and while the wait staff gives you your space, they look attentive and can answer questions about the Turkish food on the menu.

Travel Guide In Istanbul

For an unmissable opportunity to try some delicious Turkish cuisine, head to Istanbul Anatolian Cuisine! In addition to their seafood selection, they serve several menu items suitable for both vegetarian and vegan diets.

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Enjoy all-you-can-eat Turkish cuisine at the family-friendly Sultanat Fish & Kebab House. You can enjoy Istanbul’s vibrant atmosphere when you dine outside.

Although you won’t find a ton about this restaurant online (at least not in English and easily translated), it’s definitely one of the best places to eat in Istanbul. You can taste authentic Turkish cuisine even if you try it from the menu. If you don’t believe me, go online – it’s a flatbread with a variety of toppings.

Erkhan Restaurant is a great place to immerse yourself in local cuisine, regardless of your dietary restrictions. They have plenty of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, and the atmosphere is positively vibrant. It’s also a fishing house, so you can get a lot out of one visit.

Durumzadeh was good enough to be enjoyed by the late great Anthony Bourdain, and that’s all you need to know about this local favorite. The food here is super cheap and affordable, but they don’t cut corners when it comes to quality – durum (a fresh flat bread wrapper filled with kava) is a hit with locals and tourists alike.

Best Things To Do In Istanbul, Turkey In 2023

A city rich in history and culture has as much to explore as Istanbul! As you explore the city, you can experience some truly incredible architecture and artwork and enjoy delicious food. Our list of the best things to do when visiting Istanbul will help you plan your perfect itinerary.

One of the most popular places in Istanbul is of course the Hagia Sophia, the great mosque