Best Hotel In The World Nihi Sumba

By | April 19, 2023

Best Hotel In The World Nihi Sumba – Readers from around the world voted Nihi Sumba Island (formerly Nihiwatu), Indonesia, on the remote island of Sumba in southeast Indonesia, as the No. 1 hotel in the world for the second year in a row at the “World’s Best Awards” . This eco-friendly and hospitality-focused resort deserves this prestigious experience offered by savvy tourists. Other hotels that scored highly include The Brando (Obama’s new favorite), in Tetiaroa, French Polynesia, and the Lodge & Spa at Brush Creek Ranch, Saratoga, Wyoming, USA.

Yahya said the luxury resort won the award for its commitment to the local community and the environment through its eco-friendly design.

Best Hotel In The World Nihi Sumba

Best Hotel In The World Nihi Sumba

The Foundation built 16 primary schools providing water, toilets, tables, chairs and books for 1,000 students (Credit/Number)

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With philanthropy at the heart of the business model, Nihi’s legacy is one of goodwill and investment in the preservation of communities, going beyond a destination. With the resources and benefits of a beautiful hotel, Nihi continues to create awareness for the issues faced by local communities by providing activities and services.

In promoting community projects, a portion of Nihi’s wealth is returned to the Sumba Foundation. This philanthropic program, established by Nihiwatu founders Claude Graves and Sean Downs in 2001, allows visitors to become supporters of the Foundation. The resort has become the largest employer on the island and contributes significantly to the health and well-being of the community. Since its inception, the Foundation has built 60 water wells and 240 water stations; 16 elementary schools; and four clinics providing reliable healthcare to more than 25,000 people.

Our guests are looking for something more than just a holiday. They want to belong and belong, to give back and be a part of something bigger than themselves. Through well-organized activities and customized tours, our guests experience important moments that inspire and ultimately create a romantic impact. —Chris Burch, owner of Nihi Hotels

“Nihi Sumba Island is the first property in our expanding Nihi Hotels portfolio,” said managing partner James McBride. “We are looking for growth opportunities based on our study ‘The Edge of Wildness’. Current areas of focus are the South Pacific and Central America. These areas are in relatively pristine environments filled with modern conveniences thus benefiting from ‘natural exploration, education and friendly assistance of a Nihi Hotel.

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Visitors can learn how to make a variety of traditional Sumba-based cocoa beans, complete with a taster. Charly’s doesn’t just make chocolate, though – the chocolate wizards and foster carers will keep the kids entertained with natural chocolate making, traditional Sumba dances and Bahasa lessons, nature walks, scavenger hunts and activities working.

The practitioners combine the physical benefits of yoga with mediation, movement and flexibility designed to take you on a therapeutic journey for mind, body and spirit. Enjoy an open-air yoga session in the midst of the factory’s lush exterior, with the delicious aroma of raw blood chocolate and an oil massage from the healing hands of the spa’s award-winning staff. Do you want a unique detail? Join the five-star Wild & Free Yoga Retreat October 7-12, 2017 with Yogi Sjana Earp and Movement founder Rod Cooper.

A natural salt lake separated from the sea by a rugged cliff, Weekuri Lake is the perfect place for magical swimming and picnics by the sea. The blue water with varying depths is surrounded by lush trees and beautiful rocks for sun and shade and a fun or challenging swim.

Best Hotel In The World Nihi Sumba

Want to rock these waves? Grab a ‘Surfari Spot’ and carve at The Hole or Sumba Sunset. Known as ‘God’s Left’ or ‘Occy’s Left’ (after Australian surfer Mark Occhilupo), this area is a world-class surfing spot with incredible waves to satisfy those who want to go further. Beginners can find a comfortable spot to surf at nearby Coconut Cove with surf lessons provided. You won’t meet anyone on these waves: there are only 10 surfers at a time.

Nihi Sumba Review: Experiencing The Best Hotel In The World

Nihi Sumba Island’s menus feature local delicacies, using fish and seafood caught daily, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables from the hotel’s garden. Guests can enjoy the Nio Beach Club & Pool, which offers casual dining, or the Ombak (“wave front”) restaurant and lounge.

Nihi offers guests 27 unique pool villas, as well as the option to stay in one of two wooden houses connected by a bamboo bridge. Both villas have one bedroom, one bathroom and a balcony, and the main villa also has a living area and an infinity pool. If you want to see how the other half lives, stay in the private home of Chris Burch – Raja Mendaka – which is available to guests. This Best In Design Award winning estate at PURE 2015 consists of four new villas.

In addition to surf lessons and chocolate making, Nihi can arrange tours for visitors. Enjoy snorkeling, sustainable spearfishing, private boat rentals, waterfall tours, hiking, horseback riding, and cultural activities. Visitors are welcome to learn about the work of the Sumba Foundation on the island: visit a local water project, a health center that fights malaria, or volunteer one morning with the lunch programme. This is a great way for guests to experience a strong bond with the local community and see how the resort implements social projects on Nihi Sumba Island.

Furthermore, has been revitalized with irreplaceable visual storytelling, video and content, taking viewers from their daily lives into a new land of potential. For more information, follow our world @nihiwatu on Facebook or Instagram. Below is a list of the most popular web browsers.

Eco Friendly Nihi Sumba Island Resort Voted #1 Hotel In The World By Travel+leisure For The Second Year In A Row

Announced on July 11, Nihi Sumba Island resort has won the award for two years. (Website/-)

Nihi Sumba Island (formerly Nihiwatu) in West Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara was named the best hotel in the world 2017 by.

In the annual Reading Index, properties from around the world are ranked by buildings, location, amenities, food, and overall value.

Best Hotel In The World Nihi Sumba

During the press conference, Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said that Nihi Sumba Island won the award for its overall value as the value has contributed to the development of local community and environment through its eco-concept. compatible.

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West Sumba Development Planning Council (Bappeda) head Aloysius Seran expressed gratitude for the award, saying he helped introduce travelers to the West Sumba regency. He said the island of Sumbawa was often wrong in the past.

However, Aloysius also said the area needs to be developed, especially infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, clean water and electricity.

“PLN just supplied Nihi Sumba island with electricity within hours,” he said, noting that luck rests with an electricity producer.

Meanwhile, Nihi Sumba Island co-pilot James McBride says he wants to see more direct flights to Sumba Island.

Living In A Treehouse At Nihi Sumba

“Currently, apart from [travellers] from Singapore, travelers have to spend the night in Bali [before going to Sumba Island],” he said. (kes) Disclaimer: This page may contain affiliate links. Please see our cancellation policy here. Don’t leave without travel insurance.

My eyes focused on Nihi Sumba, formerly known as Nihiwatu, when it opened its doors as a full service guesthouse. My wish list increased once again as marketing materials and videos started pouring into the hotel’s advertisements and much of its beauty was seen through photos and images of hotel guests and staff.

It is arguably one of the most beautiful indoor hotels of the decade, along with the Polynesian The Brando. I can’t wait to check out Nihi Sumba for my anniversary (remember when I used it in the pool at Manta Resort? Watch the video here and watch it here).

Best Hotel In The World Nihi Sumba

What does the best hotel in the world according to Travel + Leisure look like? And is Nihi Sumba worth the high price? All good questions I asked myself. Let me take you on a virtual tour and share my review of Hotel Nihi Sumba. But first, a video of my stay!

Capella Ubud, Bali

Disclaimer: I was not hosted by Nihi Sumba, I paid for this stay entirely out of my own pocket.

Nihi Sumba began as a casual, homey surf resort in the 1980s when Claude Graves bought land and opened a simple resort. Graves has experience running hospitality businesses in Kenya, where he has established a large hunting business.

Before selling him to travel the world with his wife in search of the best surfing holiday, he ran East Africa’s most successful club located in Malindi on the Kenyan coast.

Claude and his wife ended up in Sumba at the end of the decade, where they lived as locals, out of the country, and later sold a property to build a surf hotel on the beach. It was with the villagers that he developed the close relationship that was most important to Nihi Sumba’s success.

Nihi Sumba, Sumba

Graves built Nihi Sumba a beautiful lodge made with local materials and self sufficiency.