Travel Guide In Hindi

By | July 10, 2023

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Travel Guide In Hindi

Travel Guide In Hindi

Planning a vacation in India? Well, learning Hindi should be your top priority before visiting the land of diversity. If you’re wondering where to start, let me introduce you to the largest platform for learning Hindi. is the best travel guide in Hindi even for beginners, and today we’re going to teach you some useful travel phrases in Hindi!

Most Common Hindi Phrases For Travel [plus Printable & Audio]

Traveling to a foreign country is one of the most wonderful things in life. And yet, the thought of it makes us all a little nervous. The biggest obstacle that chills us is the language problem. For example, if India is on your tour list, communicating with the locals will be difficult if you don’t speak or understand Hindi.

And although Hindi is spoken mainly in the northern part of the country, other states are also well versed in the language. Whether you’re traveling through Hindi-speaking areas or exploring the southern region, knowing some basic Hindi phrases is a surefire way to have a safe and satisfying trip.

So, get ready for a quick language trip and let’s make the journey more enjoyable with some useful Hindi phrases for traveling in India. You’ll be glad you learned the most common travel phrases in Hindi!

As a foreigner, it is not necessary to be good at Hindi travel phrases. However, knowing basic conversational Hindi for tourists has several advantages.

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Frankly, listing the appropriate Hindi phrases for tourists in India can be a never-ending task. Regardless, we have collected the best travel phrases in Hindi to make your journey smooth and hassle-free.

Look at the following groups of situations and learn the appropriate Hindi travel phrases for each. After you spend some time practicing, you will be able to speak Hindi words and phrases like a native speaker!

India is a country where people love to communicate. Even strangers can smile at each other. In a culture as vibrant as India, a seemingly simple gesture of greeting is enough to break the ice. Here are some of the most popular Hindi words and phrases to help you connect with the locals! For easier learning, check out our section on Hindi alphabets.

Travel Guide In Hindi

In India, people follow a certain body language and gestures when saying “hello” in Hindi. Visit our Indian greetings and body language page and learn how to properly introduce yourself and start a friendly conversation.

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In small towns where everything is within a few kilometers, the common public transport is auto-rickshaws and rickshaws. While in the metropolises, the cities hold subways, local buses, autos, taxis and taxis! To help you navigate these transportation systems, check out these Hindi words and phrases for travelers to India.

Now for a tip from our India travel guide: India is a densely populated country. So be prepared for crowds and traffic to slow you down. Have enough time to reach the airport / bus station / railway station. On average, leaving thirty to forty-five minutes earlier than usual will save you a lot of trouble.

Bargaining is the heart of typical Indian markets. It lasts all the time. Unless you’re in a mall or branded store with fixed prices, local stores can really test your spending limits.

Most often, sellers and traders try to get as much as possible from foreigners. Sometimes the quoted price can be double or triple the original price.

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Your negotiation skills increase by simply speaking some common shopping phrases in Hindi. Using these basic Hindi words for travelers to India is an effective way to tell sellers that you understand how things work in the local market and that they better stop trying to rip you off!

Indians have a habit of using numbers in Hindi when counting money, telling a price, bargaining and even asking what size fits you. With help you can learn and memorize Hindi numbers and improve your attractive game.

Authentic Indian cuisine is worth every bite. From vegetarian dishes to non-veg delicacies, Indian food is a melting pot of herbs and spices, all with a touch of love.

Travel Guide In Hindi

Speaking Hindi is optional when visiting a fine dining restaurant or hotel where you are staying. Most of the hotel staff speak and speak English fluently. So you don’t have to worry about speaking Hindi in your hotel.

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However, if you stop at a roadside restaurant and want to have a bite to eat there, the basic travel words in Hindi with meaning below will be of great help.

With these Hindi words, you can easily place an order at a local restaurant, ask for the bill and much more.

It is customary to pay for food in a small restaurant in cash. Credit cards are usually accepted at expensive or moderately expensive restaurants.

). It contains tea leaves, sugar and equal parts milk and water. Indians love the sweet side of tea. So if you don’t have a sweet tooth, be sure to mention that when ordering your tea.

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Spices and chillies are the soul of all Indian cuisine. For non-locals, Indian food can be quite spicy and hot. To be on the safe side, it’s best to let the waiters know in advance what you like.

Most of the country’s cities and towns are not organized. So just finding the routes can be hard work. Despite this, people in India are helpful and friendly. They will be happy to help you plan your route. But how to find a way when a significant part of the population does not speak English?

The answer is simple. Learn these basic phrases and you’re good to go! (They might be some of the most important Hindi words for tourists in India!)

Travel Guide In Hindi

This section needs no explanation. If you’re in another part of the world, learning the local language, or at least some key Hindi phrases for emergencies, can save you a lot of trouble. Below is a list of some Hindi phrases to use in emergency situations.

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If you spend enough time in India, you are likely to make new friends. If not, you’ll still want to say “thank you” to your hosts for their warm hospitality, strike up a conversation with someone you want to befriend, and so on!

How to make your emotions sound special? Express yourself in Hindi and steal the hearts of the locals! Learn these flattering phrases to show off your Hindi and grab everyone’s attention.

It’s okay if you find it difficult to speak Hindi. You can use the phrases below to tell people about your language problems and ask them for help.

Now that we’ve covered all the phrases you need to know for your trip to India, we hope you understand why learning Hindi phrases is so important for an enjoyable (and safe) trip. After you’ve read these Hindi travel phrases in English, it’s time to practice your Hindi language skills!

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You can learn about Indian culture, common food, greetings and much more with All you have to do is download the Hindi mobile app and start learning! So what are you waiting for? Register on our homepage and get access to unlimited Hindi learning resources.

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Travel Guide In Hindi

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