Travel Europe Guide

By | July 11, 2023

Travel Europe Guide – Europe was the first stop on my first trip around the world. There I saw history come to life as I explored medieval cities, mountain towns and beautiful landscapes. There I enjoyed the amazing food and drink that Europe is famous for.

This guide provides general information on how to travel in Europe, so you have all the information you need in one easy-to-use place. Other books that cover the plot try to be all things to all and end up telling you nothing.

Travel Europe Guide

Travel Europe Guide

My advice comes from many years of field experience. I have been visiting Europe every year for fifteen years. I’ve led tours all over the continent, wandered off the beaten track for months, slept in countless hostels, tried different restaurants, and really got to know the continent.

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This guide was written from the heart – from one traveler to another – and is filled with specific and practical information that I wish I had on my travels.

This book gives you the practical information you need for the trip of a lifetime to Europe. Get it today and learn how to travel around Europe like a pro!

“For a while I was looking for where to go and what to do before my trips, but I couldn’t find anything as specific as Matt’s Nomadic guides. I really appreciate all the free information on his website and found the guide invaluable. they are also great. Not too expensive and contains a large amount of knowledge to digest while traveling. Next time I’ll buy another guidebook!” – Jonathan

Our books are aimed at the budget traveler and focus on unusual and local places that are overlooked in other guides. Unlike other mainstream books, we don’t try to be everything to everyone. We are for people who want to travel, not just take photos. Also, all the information in this guide comes from hands-on experience, not from internet searches.

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I’ve been to Europe more times than I can count. I started traveling in 2006 and come back several times a year, even doing trips around the continent. All the recommendations in this guide are my favorite places to see, eat and drink. I know the plot well.

While this website contains a lot of information about Europe, it does not offer specific recommendations for accommodation, restaurants, or bars; local information; historical information; or important information such as customs information, laws, visas, and transportation and emergency details. You know, all the things you refer to in the guide!

This guide for travelers on a budget was written by a traveler on a budget. It includes cheaper options for food, activities and accommodation, as well as tips on how to save money while ensuring a high-quality travel experience.

Travel Europe Guide

No, it is only available as an e-book. You can save this guide to your phone, Kindle, iPad or computer to access it anywhere. It works on any device and can be used as many times as you like. So you want to plan a trip to Europe? So let’s find out how to make this dream trip of a lifetime a reality! You need to plan how to get there and you need an itinerary. Find flights, choose your destination, things to do, budget and explore everything it has to offer. So I’ll teach you how. Whether it’s your first time in Europe or you’re a seasoned traveller, this post will help you plan the perfect trip to Europe!

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This ultimate guide comes from one of the best European travel planners I know: my husband Michael. Michael has hundreds (yes, really!) of European trips planned. And he’s so good at it that I let him take the reins while planning our trip. He searches like crazy, knows which sites will help you plan, and ultimately makes sure our trips are a great mix of exploration, sightseeing, food, and fun.

I confess: Europe is my favorite place to travel. It has incredible beauty, history and relative ease of travel. It also fits into almost any budget. But creating a European itinerary can be daunting. So this comprehensive guide will ease the process of planning your trip around Europe.

I’m excited to finally share his detailed strategy to make your trips to Europe perfect, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned traveler. We have teamed up in this article to bring you the ULTIMATE travel planning guide to Europe.

Some of you may know that Helen and I have been planning a trip to Europe for about 10 years. Most of the trips we have made in the last 3 years of our time in Europe were planned by me, Michael. After reviewing hundreds of flights, hotels and destinations, I’d like to think I’ve learned a few things along the way that I can share with you.

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You may be thinking, “I’m fine, but I don’t have the money or time to travel abroad.” Consider? These are the two excuses we hear from others. The short answer is: when experiencing the cultural and natural wonders of another continent becomes a priority enough for you, you make it a priority. Of course, I will share ways to reduce time and financial barriers on the way to your dream trip. You can find a tour that fits your schedule and budget, I promise.

We’ll look at flights and accommodation first, as these are the gorillas of peace. Then we’ll move on to the really fun stuff like arranging your itinerary and transportation once you arrive in the old wizarding world. We’ll also look at how to pack, the best programs, budgeting, choosing a destination, finding flights, planning things to do, eating out, finding the best hotels, and some travel plans to inspire you. Get ready, this is a detailed post to help you achieve the best European trip!

First, you need a passport unless you are traveling from the EU. If you don’t have one, it can take four to six weeks to get one, so make sure you do it ahead of time. You will need this passport when checking in before your flight.

Travel Europe Guide

If you already have a passport, check the name again (Helena actually had this problem! We were newly married and she forgot that her married name was different from the unchanged passport).

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You also need a valid driving license and in some European countries you need an international driving license to drive in your home country. More on this in the “Going to Europe” section below.

Generally, I like to combine big cities with nature breaks along the way. Even if you’re not usually outdoors, consider finding a special place to relax. European cities are very dense compared to most of our cities, and all this noise deserves a break. Plus, Europe has some truly amazing beaches, canyons, river valleys, and more, and due to Europe’s density, you’ll rarely find a place where you feel too far away. There are beautiful villages all over the country!

To find directions or clear the exact details of a route, you need information resources. I believe I know a very good blog where you can find in-depth information on many European destinations, but having said that, if your favorites are modern art museums or the underground industrial music scene. I do not know that. I have a lot of information for you and it’s good! You may need to look at multiple sources if you’re really interested in specific things.

For example, we really like Rick Steves information because he provides a great mix of history, culture, and food. One area that is not covered much is the outdoors. His audience is mostly older and not as active on vacation as we are, so we look elsewhere for this information. Komut is an amazing resource I discovered while living abroad for recommendations and detailed maps of hiking and biking trails.

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I create a map on my phone with attractions, restaurants, things to do and see marked, and then I color it. That’s why landmarks and attractions are blue, restaurants are red, our location is purple, and so on. Thanks to this, we will not miss anything even during a walk.

If you want detailed itineraries for places in Europe, we have plenty of maps for you on this blog!

This section will help you decide where to go, what’s smart about traveling to Europe, and how to make the most of your time – even if you have limited time for your vacation.

Travel Europe Guide

The best way to start choosing a destination is to determine how much time you can spend abroad. Is a 4-day weekend worth the price and flight time? Considering the right flight price, I think so! Most flights to Europe depart in the afternoon/evening, which means you

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