Travel Guide Amalfi Coast

By | April 7, 2023

Travel Guide Amalfi Coast – Visiting the Amalfi Coast is like walking into a storybook. The colorful and charming small towns located along the winding coastal cliffs are beyond beautiful. If you follow many bloggers on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen more than one person recently traveled to Positano (the most famous city of the Amalfi Coast.) They are Tulum or Cartagena, I think the Amalfi Coast has had a moment like a “hot spot” for travelers, especially with us who are #allaboutthegram.

If you are skeptical of dream pictures and rave reviews from people like me – please don’t! Believe it or not, the Amalfi Coast is more breathtaking. Every morning when I go out to the balcony and look at the water and the view of Positano, I feel like I have to pinch myself because it doesn’t seem real. Everything from the food, to the friendly locals and the beautiful scenery contribute to this being our favorite trip so far.

Travel Guide Amalfi Coast

Travel Guide Amalfi Coast

I went back and forth debating the best way to go about the 7 day Amalfi Coast itinerary. Originally I thought I would chronicle our day trip in a separate post since we did

The Ultimate Travel Planning Guide To The Amalfi Coast

And i have many pictures. While I’m going to share some more in-depth reviews of the hotels, every restaurant and bar we ate at, and the activities we did, I thought it would be best to share our overall itinerary so you can see it all in one place. . Can I come back now?

Positano is the perfect home base for a holiday to the Amalfi Coast. Here it is – beautiful beaches, shopping, lots of restaurants, lots of tour options, and easy ferry or water taxi service to many coastal destinations. With Positano as your starting point, you can easily spend a week or more exploring nearby towns like Sorrento, Amalfi, Ravello and Praiano + the islands of Capri, Procida and Ischia.

Originally when we started planning we wanted to stay in Positano, but since we booked only two months in advance, many hotels are fully booked or the only rooms available are either substandard or insanely expensive. That’s when I discovered the small town of Praiano, which is only 10 minutes from Positano by car or water taxi. I will discuss this more when I post a review of our hotel, but I will say for now that I am very glad we stayed in Praiano. The views were incredible, it was quieter and back and forth to Positano was a breeze thanks to the hotel’s free shuttle service. It is also easier to visit the nearby towns of Praiano vs Positano where traffic and crowds can get a little crazy.

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Hit the water on a sunset cruise, Capri day trip or travel to and from the city by water taxi

Most Amalfi Coast travel guides mention the island of Capri, but we decided to spend the last three days of our trip in the lesser-known Ischia. Ever heard of that? Well, because little Capri is in the spotlight for being a celebrity hotspot and luxury shopping and the island’s famous grottoes.

Ischia caught our attention for several reasons: smaller crowds, sleepy colorful towns and beach clubs, authentic food that doesn’t suit American tourist tastes, mineral-rich thermal waters (Ischia is a volcanic island!) and easy affordability to explore on your own by renting a car or scooter. Oh and the prices in Ischia are

Travel Guide Amalfi Coast

There are several legs involved in the journey to and from the Amalfi Coast. Naples is the closest major airport to the area (about a 1.5 hour drive from Positano) but the direct option from NYC to Naples was too expensive for us to justify, so we booked round trip tickets to and from Rome (about a 3+ hour drive) to Positano. .)  This worked out well because we were able to spend the first two days of our trip in Rome doing typical tourist things and adjusting to the time change.

A Practical Guide To The Amalfi Coast

If flying to Naples isn’t an option for you, don’t be afraid to fly to Rome. Taking a high-speed train directly from Roma Termini station to the Amalfi Coast town of Salerno (you can also take a direct train to Sorrento – I’ll Google map where you live and pick the one that best suits your location. !) is incredibly easy. We bought tickets online in advance, but it seemed like an easy option to buy one day at the kiosk at the train station.

The train to Salerno only took 1.5 hours and from there a taxi picked us up (we used SeaHorse Car Service) to take us to our hotel in Praiano. We paid 125 Euros for 1.5 hours one way and no complaints!

America is friendly. I would say the majority of other tourists we noticed were American, English or Asian. Lots of US honeymoons too! Concierges at hotels, waiters at every restaurant, and tour guides from day trips to Amalfi and Ravello all speak fluent English. Ischia is a different story. I will not say that English fluency is the norm, but we never had a moment where communication was a big problem.

Getting ready to leave. I don’t know why I even bothered to pack heels for dinner. By the end of the day, my feet were beat up even though I was wearing sneakers. Positano and the surrounding towns are built into the cliffs and

A Complete Travel Guide To The Amalfi Coast — Those White Walls

Hilly. Everywhere, it will involve some part of the track – either to or from. Our hotel bus always drops us downtown in Positano and from there it’s a 10+ minute walk up or down to any restaurant or place we’re going. When choosing a hotel or Air BnB, I would make sure it’s accessible by car – some don’t mean you’re lugging your luggage up the mountain.

The Amalfi Coast is expensive. The price of eating and drinking in Positano and the coastal towns is the same as eating in New York, if not more. This is not too surprising because we are used to Manhattan prices, but be prepared to see a cocktail for 20 euros and a dinner bill for two at 150+ euros. Our hotel in Praiano was also the most expensive hotel we have ever stayed at. Even a 10-minute car or water taxi ride can cost up to €30, so a hotel with a shuttle service is key if you’re not staying directly in Positano. Of course there is a way you can pinch money by using the public bus (only 2 euros) and buy food and wine yourself for a beach picnic (something I would love to do if we had more time) but as this is a holiday we went in knowing we would pay. It was also fun to spend the last three days in Ischia because everything was a fraction of the price (all dinner bills were under 100 euros) compared to the cost of Positano.

And I think that’s all for now! Let me know if you have specific questions and I’ll make sure to answer them in future blog posts 🙂Posts may contain affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission, at no cost to you, for qualifying purchases. Other information: Disclosure.

Travel Guide Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful places in Italy. It is also a very popular holiday destination, both for locals and international travellers. Come summer and the stunning coastal areas of the Campania region of southern Italy see millions (yes, millions) of visitors in just a few months.

The Best Amalfi Coast Towns For Every Type Of Traveler

Knowing that this small area is built against a steep cliff and has only one main road, you can easily imagine that visiting the Amalfi Coast can be overwhelming. This is especially true if you are planning a trip to the most popular city between May and October.

The best way to enjoy your trip to the Amalfi Coast is to know what to expect and travel well prepared.

In this guide, we share some useful tips and tricks to help you plan your trip to the Amalfi Coast and get the most out of your visit. Find out!

I can’t stress this enough – the first and most important tip for Amalfi Coast Book as much in advance as possible. This is important for everything you can think of – from airport transfers, private transport and accommodation, to boat trips, ferry tickets and even restaurants (especially for dinner).

The Ultimate Amalfi Coast Guide

While you can book and organize everything at the last minute during the quiet months, if you visit the Amalfi Coast in high season, it is imperative that you book transfers and accommodation in advance.

During the summer, many accommodations are sold, especially those that are conveniently located, easily accessible, and relatively affordable. But also many things