Island Living

By | April 7, 2023


“Island Living: What to Pack for Your Private Island Rental”

When you’re packing for a private island rental, you’ll want to strike a balance between comfort and practicality. Here are some essential items to consider bringing with you:

Sun protection: Sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and cover-ups are all important for protecting your skin and eyes from the sun.

Swimwear: Pack a variety of swimsuits, cover-ups, and beach towels so you’re ready for any water activities.

Comfortable clothing: Island living is all about being relaxed and comfortable. Pack lightweight, breathable clothing that you can move around in.

Outdoor gear: Depending on the activities available on your island, you may want to bring hiking boots, water shoes, or other outdoor gear.

Entertainment: While you’ll likely spend most of your time enjoying the natural beauty of your island, it’s still a good idea to bring some entertainment options, such as books, games, or a portable speaker.

Basic toiletries: Don’t forget to pack essentials like toothbrushes, toothpaste, and any medications you may need.

Remember, when you’re renting a private island, you won’t have access to the same amenities and conveniences as you would at a traditional resort. So be sure to pack everything you’ll need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.