Top Tourist Destinations In Philippines

By | March 23, 2023

Top Tourist Destinations In Philippines – In 2020, as the travel ban became the “new normal” for the world, many tourist destinations closed. Months or years have passed, and travel is still slowly returning to normal as people try to compromise and find ways to enjoy activities again without putting their health at risk.

Domestic tourism is starting to pick up again. Many Filipinos and even foreigners are starting to travel around the Philippines and enjoy its incredible beauty. By following medical protocols and tourism regulations, people are once again allowed to explore the enchanting islands of the Philippines.

Top Tourist Destinations In Philippines

Top Tourist Destinations In Philippines

The Philippines is known for its rich natural attractions, which surprise not only the locals, but also foreign travelers. Many tourists visiting the country are simply mesmerized by its natural beauty, which no worker can create. With its beaches, lakes, caves, mountains, hills, aquatic diversity and more, the Philippines is sure to have some “Heaven on Earth” spots that no one would want to miss.

Best Beaches In The Philippines

Out of the hundreds of travel destinations in the Philippines that are sure to be enjoyed, we have narrowed down the list to the top 10 travel destinations that are sure to satisfy every traveler. Let’s dive into the best travel destinations in the Philippines for 2022 that no tourist should miss.

Quiet, peaceful, calm, simple and relaxing. This is how travelers describe their experience of visiting Batanes. Every tourist who visits this place feels refreshed and rejuvenated, as Batanes is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city while enjoying your favorite activities. Mountains, seas, hills, cliffs, famous landmarks and delicious food; Betances has it all. Located in the northernmost part of the country, this Philippine province is made up of several small islands, only 3 of which are inhabited. Travelers are allowed to visit the islands of Bataan, Itbayat and Sabtang in Batanes and from these three you can easily appreciate and enjoy the full beauty of Batanes. Even though Batanes is the smallest province in the Philippines with a total area of ​​only 230 km, this tourist destination can definitely meet or even exceed the expectations of its tourists. Some tourists have said that Batanes is like New Zealand as they can see cows and wild horses roaming freely in the vast pastures between the green hills.

Bataan is the main island of Batanes and home to Basco Airport and many of Batanes’ famous landmarks, accommodations and tourist attractions. Sabtang, on the other hand, is hilly, less populated than Bataan, preserved by high cliffs and cogon-roofed stone houses. Finally, Itbayat is the largest island of the three. The island is known for its mesmerizing coastline with its plains, mountainous terrain and high cliffs. During your stay in Batanes, you can visit their famous tourist spots, including Bosco Lighthouse, Valugan Boulder Beach, Wyong Hills, Tucon Chapel, Dipanaisupuan Japanese Tunnel, Marlborough Country, Taid Lighthouse, Dakai House, Homoron. Includes Blue Lagoon, Diura Fishing Village. , San José de Ivana Church, Integrity Coffee House, Sabtang Lighthouse, Iwatan Stone Houses, Morong Beach, Caroboban Mountain, Torongan Cave, Torongan Hills, Rapang Rocks, Small Lagoon, Iraya Mountain and many more.

Aside from the tourist spots, you can also enjoy the unique Iwatan cuisine and get back to the daily lifestyle in Batanes. Due to the remoteness, size and small population of the province, the beauty of Batanes has been preserved, as well as the beautiful and peaceful way of life of its inhabitants. Visit House of the Wind, Batanes and enjoy the quiet, peaceful and serene stay in this magical province of the Philippines.

The 8 Best Tourist Spots In Bohol, Philippines

The best way to get to Batanes is by flight. Book your flight at airports in different provinces and head to Basco, Batanes Airport. There are homestays, hotels, lodges and guesthouses for accommodation in Batanes. You can travel around this place with tricycles, motorcycles, vans, jeeps, cars, bicycles and boats.

If you are a beach lover and enjoy water sports, Bantayan Island is the place to visit. Bantayan Island, located at the northernmost tip of Cebu, is one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines. On this island, you can enjoy swimming, sightseeing, island hopping, various beach activities and more without worrying about crowds. In addition, Bantayan Island is a fishing village where the famous Dangit stock is produced. That being said, you can expect a lot of seafood made from freshly caught seafood. The crystal clear water and turquoise sea are sure to grab your attention and draw you in for swimming and other beach activities.

You can easily explore Bantayan Island by driving along the coast and visiting various tourist spots on the island. You can enjoy the beaches dotted around Santa Fe, including Paradise Beach and Cota Beach, with their long white sandbars. Aside from the beaches, you can also explore Hilantagan and Virgin Islands to snorkel, swim, eat fish and see the variety of fish in the seas. Some interior attractions such as the Ogtong Cave, can also be mesmerized by Sto. Nino Cave and Mangrove Ecopark Obo-Ob. In addition, rock jumping and skydiving can be enjoyed in some places on Bantayan Island. Enjoy a full-day fun, adrenaline and beach trip to Banten Island in the Philippines for its beautiful white sand beaches and hidden attractions.

Top Tourist Destinations In Philippines

If you are from other parts of the country besides Cebu, you can take a flight to and from Cebu City. You can take a bus from Cebu City to Hag Nai Port or go to Palompon and take a ferry to Bogo City and then take a bus to Hag Nai Port. From the port of Hagnai you can take a ferry to Santa Fe. Accommodation can be booked at many hotels, resorts, hostels and holiday homes on Bantayan Island. You can get around the island on a rented motorbike or bicycle, cycle rickshaw, habel habel or jeepney.

Must Visit Visayas Tourist Spots: Boracay White Beach, Cebu Diving, Bohol Countryside

Bohol has been one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines for many years. The province has one main island and 75 smaller islands around it, which makes Bohol very special. From natural attractions to beautiful beaches, Bohol is like an explosion of all possible natural beauty for every traveler to see and enjoy. The place has the famous Chocolate Hills, grass-covered hills that turn brown in summer. The Chocolate Hills is made up of about 1,800 hills and this natural wonder has been declared one of the top tourist destinations in the Visayas. The mesmerizing beauty and unique formations of the Chocolate Hills are enough to make Bohol a popular tourist destination, but Bohol has more to offer. Bohol has many attractions, not only because of their tourist attractions, but also because of the variety of terrain and aquatic fauna you can see in this province. Bohol is home to tarsiers, one of the smallest primates in the world. In addition, you can see a variety of marine life while snorkeling at some of the beaches in Bohol. Speaking of beaches, you can visit Panglao Island, Aloha Beach, Anda Beach and Damluan Beach if you want to enjoy the beauty of the pristine white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, as well as the water sports that you can enjoy in Bohol. will help in appreciating the beauty of In addition, you can take a walk around Pamilkan and Balikasag islands and explore the Hinagadanan Cave.

To explore the land, you can visit Danao Adventure Park for extreme activities such as caving, zip-lining, rappelling, route climbing, bungee jumping and more. You can also head to Bilar’s artificial forest to take Instagram-worthy photos standing alone on the road with redwood trees surrounding you. Apart from this, you can also visit the ruins of the Bekleon Church and see tarsiers up close. Finally, you can complete your trip by taking a river boat cruise in Loboc and enjoy the locals and their smorgasbord that will surely satisfy you and complete your trip.

You can fly from Manila to Bohol directly or via other transit hubs in the Philippines. If you are from Cebu, Dumaguete or Siquijor, you can also take a ferry to reach Bohol. In terms of accommodation, Bohol has a variety of resorts, hotels, vacation homes, hostels and more. You can get around the province and its islands in jeepneys, tricycles, buses, motorbikes, vans or a rented car.

Boracay is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. This white sand beach is popular not only in the Philippines but also among tourists from all over the world. The world-class resorts on offer in Boracay are a lasting enchantment that makes every tourist want to return again and again. This island is not exactly for peaceful people

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