Top 10 Tourist Destinations Africa

By | March 23, 2023

Top 10 Tourist Destinations Africa – It’s a new year. 365 more days to explore the world and find adventure in even the most unlikely places.

While our newsfeeds are filled with the usual top destinations to visit in 2017, I decided to reach out to bloggers from across Africa to find out which African destinations they would recommend to travelers exploring this vast continent.

Top 10 Tourist Destinations Africa

Top 10 Tourist Destinations Africa

So whether you want to get off the beaten track or check out some more familiar gems, here are the top African countries to visit in 2017!

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“Karamoja is best known for its past violent cattle fighting and armed tribal resistance against strongmen such as Idi Amin. However, the area has been stable for a few years now and is a great destination for intrepid travelers. The Karamojong live in villages with large farms, wear colorful hats, and are full of stories of their days as warriors. You can arrange a tour with Theo from Kara-Tunga Arts and Tours.”

Mike was born in China and raised in San Francisco, but left in 2004 to live, work and travel around the world. He has been in Singapore as a student, in Bolivia as a Peace Corps volunteer, in the Fiji Islands with the United Nations, in Kenya as a financial technology consultant, and in 2016 Mike took the year to road trip across Africa from Nairobi to the Cape. the town He is constantly traveling for work, works to travel, and has now visited more than 70 countries, working in more than 20 of them.

“One of the most exciting destinations for anyone who loves wildlife, nature and the outdoors is Etosha National Park in the north. Waterholes along the Etosha Salt Pans offer spectacular views of everything from plains game to lions, leopards, cheetahs, spotted hyenas, elephants and giraffes. You can also see thousands of flamingos in the Fisher Pan before they dry up for the winter.

The flat, open plains make Etosha a popular destination for photographers. Every major tourist camp has its own waterhole, so you don’t have to leave after dark without seeing the animals.”

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Roxanne Reid is a freelance travel writer and editor with a passion for Africa – from travel to people, culture and heritage, wildlife and conservation. He is the author of three published books including Travels in the Kalahari.

“Game drives, stargazing, boating and birding, fine dining, spa treatments, veld walks and quad biking, De Hoop Nature Reserve is the ultimate nature escape, digital detox, low carbon footprint experience.

Kopi Alin beach is the best beach in the world. Lay in the sun, explore rock pools, join a fascinating guided sea walk and spot giants of the deep during whale season. The locals are lakers, and De Hoop is 3 hours from Cape Town.”

Top 10 Tourist Destinations Africa

D is a travel writer, gorilla trekker, map maker and tourism ninja. He is a cartographer by trade and co-owner of Zebedee Mapping. When he’s not exploring South Africa and its neighboring countries, you can find him tweeting up a storm in 140 characters.

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“From waking up to the sound of the Indian Ocean lapping beneath your treehouse, to the chirping of birds from the surrounding baobab and mangrove trees, to sunsets at Hanashi Bar, when 100 Comoros fruit bats roost in their trees on the island. , multiple award-winning cloaks on Mafia Island. Staying at Majini Eco-Lodge is an experience that is hard to describe in words.

Chole lets you read and relax at an island pace. It removes all superficial layers of modern life. It takes you back to the basics and provokes questions in life that we often forget to ask ourselves because we’re so busy chasing our tails.”

Louise Green is the face behind the Girls of Africa Sustainable Tourism blog. He considers himself a total Africa nut, a big lover of Cape Town, an avid photographer, energetic travel writer and passionate about sustainable tourism and conservation.

“My top African travel destination this year is Victoria Falls. With a new international airport now opening in March and more flights, this world-renowned natural wonder is back after years of neglect.

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I lived in Victoria Falls in 1998 when it was the land of milk and honey and I really hope better times come back as it is truly an amazing African destination for natural beauty and once

In a 20-year travel career, Simon has traveled to over 70 countries and lived and worked in 9. He now runs an international marketing agency based in South Africa that specializes in creative ideas to build brands online and offline.

Simon also created the first national South African blogger campaign for Hostelling International which led him to work with South African Tourism on their famous #meetsouthafrica campaign.

Top 10 Tourist Destinations Africa

“This beautiful rural village is located 90 kilometers from Cape Town. Nestled between beautiful mountains, this peaceful valley offers something for everyone, whatever the season: fascinating heritage history, beautiful wine and art trails, from olive and fruit orchards to crafts, chocolatiers, museums, delectable food and outdoor activities that Your age doesn’t matter.”

Fodor’s Essential South Africa: With The Best Safari Destinations And Wine Regions: Fodor’s Travel Guides: 9781640973565: Books

Petrija is a Polish immigrant who lives in South Africa and takes a whirlwind trip. He is the founder of the popular South African Twitter chat #TravelChatSA

“South of Senegal’s main city, Dakar, Casamance is an area of ​​incredible ecological interest. Once dominated by low-level conflict, Casamance has recently undergone a resurgence of tourism on its shores. has begun to rise. Arriving by plane or overnight. On the ferry from Dakar, you’ll find yourself on the fringes of the magnificent city of Jiguinchor. Reach the wide and wide beaches of Cap Skiring that stretch out.

This is a nature lover’s province, exploring the network of rivers around mangrove estuaries and rivers to spot migratory birds or the rare river dolphin. A unique culture and a unique region of Senegal with barefoot adventure at every turn. Two weeks wasn’t close enough for me to go beyond the surface – I’d go back in a heartbeat.”

Linda is one half of Moving Sushi, a team of two who spent two years traveling from Cape Town to Japan and other unknown, wild and unexplored places in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Arabian Peninsula, photographing, writing and meeting people. Making a difference in In the marine environment. Linda’s subject matter to register centers around travel, conservation, ecology, marine issues, the natural world around us and how we as humans interact with it. As long as it has nothing to do with snakes. The snake gives him the will.

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“It’s an amazing place with fine, powdery, white sand, great accommodations and great party spots. There are many hotels and restaurants overlooking the beach and they are all set amongst palm trees and other indigenous plants. Although many tourists visit this area, it is very cool and calm. There is no limit to what you can do. Activities include, skydiving, water sports, beach walks, seafood tasting, boating, swimming and fishing. This place promises unforgettable memories.”

Jeanne Vendime is an African woman who loves to eat and drink. I am also a digital marketing consultant. You’ll find me hanging out at wine bars and restaurants. I am a food, wine and travel writer for various publications. I love creating content around these topics.

“The Mpumalanga Panorama Route is one of the most beautiful and dramatic routes on the African continent – and I’m always amazed how many South Africans and visitors to South Africa don’t get to experience it. It’s spectacular, with lots of amazing waterfalls. and the Blyde River Canyon, Bourke’s Luck Potholes and The Three Rondwells. Boasting natural geological formations. The views from the viewpoints along the route are amazing, like God’s window. This is nature at its best – and A must-see destination in Africa.”

Top 10 Tourist Destinations Africa

Sara Essop is a freelance travel writer and blogger from Johannesburg, South Africa. As a child I often got lost in the pages of Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree series. I will excitedly explore and discover new and strange lands at the top of the Faraway Tree with the children of the book. Now, as an adult, I still love discovering and exploring interesting places around the world, albeit using more traditional travel methods.

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If you want to experience some of Africa’s greatest dive sites and an abundance of marine life, visit Tofo! This small seaside town is surrounded by rugged mountains, warm blue waters and enough water-based activities to keep you busy for weeks. Get your open water certification, go sea snorkeling with whale sharks or catch some sick waves from the main beach.

Get off the beaten track and discover some of Africa’s top destinations to visit in 2017 from the continent’s best travel bloggers. The top 10 tourist destinations in East Africa are amazing places that will offer you something to do with wildlife and nature. East Africa is considered tourism

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