Top 10 Popular Outdoor Games In The World

By | March 7, 2023

Top 10 Popular Outdoor Games In The World – Looking for outdoor games for adults or teenagers or even outdoor games for kids? Here are some of the funnest outdoor party games you’ll find! Everything from classic outdoor games like capture the flag to giant outdoor games like Jenga, Yard Twister and more!

Is there anything better than playing outdoor games with friends and family on a beautiful day? Hot and sweaty after a good clean party followed by a refreshing ice cream like this blue lemonade ice cream?

Top 10 Popular Outdoor Games In The World

Top 10 Popular Outdoor Games In The World

Some of my best memories are playing outdoors with my family while at home or on vacation. Somehow we were always going out playing sports or games or just about anything we could think of.

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I’ve compiled a collection of our absolute favorite outdoor games for kids, adults, and everyone in between. These are a combination of outdoor games you’ve probably played your whole life and some of my family’s favorites that you may not have heard of before!

They will work as a backyard barbecue, an outdoor party, and some even as an outdoor activity for kids.

Also, after playing these games, don’t forget to cool off by entering the pool and playing these pool games!

If you have games to add to this list, leave them in the comments with how you play them and I’ll try them out!

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These games make more sense as party games than outdoor games you play on a casual day. Either they score points, win prizes, or simply fit the party atmosphere better. You can play any of these minutes to actually win, just play them out!

For this game, you need three different balloons filled with helium and tied to some balloon weight (it doesn’t matter if they are all the same color or not). If you’re playing one of these patriotic party games, use red, white, and blue balloons!

Use a permanent marker to write the point values ​​in the three balloons. I did 25, 50, and 100 to use round numbers, but you could just as easily do something like 1, 5, and 10. Draw a line down one side of the yard, then place the balloons about 10-15 feet apart (more). if you are only playing with adults). Place the balloon with the lowest score, the next balloon with the highest score next to it, and so on.

Top 10 Popular Outdoor Games In The World

Next to the tape, put a bucket of small balls like this. You want to make sure they are heavy enough to throw around the yard.

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To play, players have five soccer shots to try to hit as many balloons as possible. If they hit the balloon, they get points. The person with the most points wins (or simply awards a certain number of points).

Whether you roll your own ring like I did last July 4th or buy one of these pre-made kits, ring tossing is a fun party game that works for all ages! Simply move guests a bit further away from the objects they summon – the further away, the older they are!

Even if you don’t want to host a full carnival, carnival games are great outdoor fun games! At my son’s birthday party last year, we played Toy Story Midway Mania inspired carnival games and they were a total hit! Try any of these games with your own theme or one of the Halloween carnival games (just change the colors + prizes to a different theme).

Capture the Flag is one of the classic games. They even played Divergent (and some other books like Divergent). Many have probably played, but often forget. Hence the presence on this list!

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Divide your group into two (or more) teams to play capture the flag. Give each team a flag or napkin like ours. Send each team to a different part of the park, forest, or large space. Each team must hide its flag as best as possible so that the other team cannot find it. The only caveat is that at least part of the flag must be visible, so it can’t be completely hidden under a rock or something.

When you say start, teams must race to find the other team’s flag and return it to their side without being caught by the other team.

When caught, they can be hit with a water balloon, marked with two hands, or spotted with a flashlight (if you’re playing at night). If someone is caught, they can leave (not so much fun) or be put in jail, where they can be rescued by a team member who has to take them safely to their side of the area without a “not caught” sign. “

Top 10 Popular Outdoor Games In The World

This also makes it one of the best pool games, but it also works great in the backyard. All you need is a football and some people to play with.

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Choose one person to throw and everyone will play. Have the pitcher stand on one side of the court, holding the ball and facing away from everything. Have the rest of the group stand together on the opposite side of the yard facing the shooter.

To start, the shooter must say the number of points and “dead or alive”. For example, 200 live. Or 300 dead or alive. If called live, the ball must be caught in the air to score. If they call it dead or alive, the ball can be caught on the ground or picked up from the ground.

After giving the result of the shot, they throw the ball over the head towards a group of people. A group of people must try to get the ball – either in the air (only alive) or on the ground (if dead are awarded points). Those who catch the ball or finish with the ball earn these points.

Keep throwing the soccer ball and scoring goals until someone scores 500 points. The first to score 500 points becomes the next shooter.

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Before starting the game, ground rules should be established so that no one gets hurt. If you don’t play with teenage boys, go ahead and let them beat you.

Now take the 500 game above and make it even more fun by using a balloon instead!

Fill a handful of balloons with rolled up money or pieces of paper with points. Don’t blow up the balloons, just put pieces of paper on them.

Top 10 Popular Outdoor Games In The World

One of the players inflates one of the inflated balloons, but does not close it. Then they lift it into the air and release it.

Top 10 Most Popular Outdoor Games In The World 2023

Players must try to catch the balloon as it flies without letting it touch the ground!

If they catch it in the air, they win what’s inside. If it hits the ground, the player detonates it and releases it again.

When someone catches the balloon, they win the prize inside and become the next to blow. Set the captured balloon aside (or wash it for later use).

Place several pool noodles on top of each other in a large open area. Then have the players stand in a circle around the pool noodles and hold hands.

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When you say go, players must try to pull each other into a pool noodle. If you touch the pool noodle, you are out of the game. Then the game resets (with some players) and the next round begins.

According to everyone on TikTok, playing around a trash can, bean bag, or kiddie pool is really fun if you don’t have pool noodles to jump in!

There are two ways to play this – one is to simply ask the person who is tagging people with pool noodles. When someone gets tagged, they take the pool noodle and that’s it.

Top 10 Popular Outdoor Games In The World

The second way is to freeze pool noodles. To do this, give a pool noodle to the person with it, then give it to a group of people who don’t have a pool noodle. (The whole team gets a pool noodle.)

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Then just play normal ice cream tag, but if someone is frozen, the team must use a pool noodle to unfreeze them, which may mean passing the pool noodle from one person to another or getting a specific person to the frozen person.

In this game, you have to place flags, colored balloons or just colored paper in the four corners of the yard – in four different colors. Then choose to be the caller; everyone else will be a runner.

To start the game, ask the interlocutor to stand in the middle of the yard and close his eyes. Everyone else should stand around the perimeter

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