Top 10 Luxury Holiday Destinations

By | April 1, 2023

Top 10 Luxury Holiday Destinations – For many travelers, 2020 feels surreal and empty, almost as if this year never really happened. With the pandemic in full effect around the world and ever-changing quarantine regulations, it’s more complicated and frustrating than ever to plan a holiday abroad, with travelers wondering not only where to stay, but where to stay safely is to go. the right place. now. As the world adjusts to the new normal of COVID-19 and the colder months enter the Northern Hemisphere, many of us are wondering if it’s still possible to fly to the classic winter sun destination. Here is my summary of the best sun-winter destinations in the world that not only offer warm weather from November, but are also open to all international travelers (but remember to check the latest travel information about your destination, to ensure it is current and accurate).

With 118 islands dotting the big blue South Pacific, French Polynesia, as you might expect, has some pretty impressive beaches. Just 12 miles (19 km long), the lush little slipper called Bora Bora sits on French Polynesia’s most enchanting lagoon with fine white sand beaches. Luxurious overwater bungalows set on the world’s most beautiful lagoon with a tropical backdrop make Bora Bora a popular destination for discerning travelers.

Top 10 Luxury Holiday Destinations

Top 10 Luxury Holiday Destinations

From the temples of Aswan by Lake Nasser in the south to the Mediterranean coast in the north, a holiday in Egypt will reveal a rich tapestry of its glorious past. For the ultimate cultural experience, one should travel south to Luxor, also known as the ancient city of Thebes, where you can visit the Valley of the Kings. With coastlines on the Mediterranean Sea, the Nile and the Red Sea, Egypt also offers a variety of beach and landscape activities.

Luxury Holiday Destinations

The Dominican Republic is the second largest and most diverse Caribbean country, located just two hours south of Miami, less than four hours from New York and eight hours from most European cities. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the south, the lush tropical island paradise offers nearly 1,000 miles (1,609 km) of coastline, 250 miles (402 km) of the world’s top beaches, impressive resorts and hotels, and a variety of sports, recreation and entertainment options.

When you walk in Costa Rica’s beautiful cloud rainforests, watching volcanic eruptions or relaxing under palm trees on white sandy beaches, thoughts of eco-heaven and the most beautiful place on earth will be on the tip of your tongue. The Corcovado Peninsula in the south is one of the most diverse biotopes on earth and will leave a great impression (so be sure to put it on your itinerary when you visit the country).

Between gravity-defying skyscrapers and beautiful desert landscapes, Dubai is a dazzling metropolis, blending past and present to delightful effect and offering something for everyone. Travelers can gaze at the city skyline from the 148th floor of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on earth; explore Palm Jumeirah, an artificial archipelago with a water park and dolphin habitat; or bask in the winter sun on the private beach of Dubai’s ultra-luxe destination hotel.

Mexico is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with a diverse cultural scene, beautiful nature, rich history and a vibrant society. This sunny country is also known for its stunning white sand beaches and azure blue waters, which are the playground of Europeans and Americans during the colder winters of the northern hemisphere, especially the Riviera Maya and Los Cabos areas.

Earth’s 10 Must Experience Luxury Travel Destinations

The small island of Saint Lucia in the Caribbean amazes its visitors with the beauty of its landscape and the colorful culture of its people. Nature lovers can hike through St. Lucia’s lush rainforest hinterland or hike to the summit of Gros Piton for stunning views of the surrounding countryside and ocean. Foodies will be fascinated by the island’s delicious Creole cuisine. Saint Lucia is also an excellent place to relax on the beach.

Zanzibar is a unique archipelago of about 50 coral islands, located in the Indian Ocean not far from Tanzania. The islands are a major tourist destination, where visitors laze in the winter sun on beautiful beaches, stroll the streets of Stone Town (a UNESCO heritage site), inhale the scent of space farms, or marvel at rich people’s history and culture of the island.

Surrounded by the third largest coral reef in the world, the Turks and Caicos Islands have some of the most beautiful azure seas on the planet and the most beautiful fine sand beaches. While their western neighbors leave the Bahamas in droves with their resorts lost on the way to Las Vegas, the Turks go class, quietly opening a chain of ultra-luxury resorts in the last decade and representing the perfect destination for the discerning traveler who wants to bask in the winter sun.

Top 10 Luxury Holiday Destinations

Located on the equator to the south of India, and stretching over 500 miles (800 km), the Maldives are a visible point of the volcanic mountain range of the ocean, the outer edge of which at some points reaches a depth of more than 2 miles (3 km) deep. . These islands are blessed with beautiful beaches, clear lagoons, incredible underwater wildlife and unparalleled luxury resorts. The Maldives is also home to Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani, my favorite resorts in the world, both of which ensure a COVID-free environment: all Soneva hosts and guests undergo a PCR test upon arrival (which is not mandatory measure is from the government) ) and therefore no masks are required (no news, no shoes, no mask!).

Top 10 Best Luxury Resorts In The Caribbean

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Whether you want an ice-cold adventure with lots of pampering, or barefoot luxury on a beautiful island, there are plenty of ways to splurge on a luxury vacation.

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This five-star destination is perfect for travelers with the money to indulge in some pampering. Bringing you luxury accommodation, style and stunning views, this beach, city and island location is where A-listers and millionaires spend their down time.

From paradise in the Indian Ocean to remote island nations in Northern Europe, here are the places to visit if you’re looking for a luxury holiday destination…

Home of Tinseltown, sweeping hills and one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it’s no wonder that L.A has become a hot spot for A-listers and travrs. Although Los Angeles is famous for its association with Hollywood (think

Top 10 Luxury Holiday Destinations

) and headache-inducing highways, it’s a paradise for foodies (must-visits include Nobu, République and Pizzeria Mozza), hikers (queue Runyon Canyon Park and The Charlie Turner Trail to Mount Hollywood) and hedonistic party-goers (we’ll see you at Sunset by EDITION and Nomad Rooftop Bar). Be prepared for sleepless nights, because like its New York counterpart, this place is not a place to turn a blind eye.

Top 10 Luxury Family Holiday Destinations

Where to stay: The West Hollywood EDITION boutique hotel, located on the corner of West Sunset Boulevard, is a hop, skip and a jump away from Soho House, the Sunset Strip and the Troubadour, making it the perfect place to stay in the city. With two penthouses, Ardor (his signature Californian restaurant serving vegetable-heavy cuisine) rooftop pool, underground club, fitness center and six-treatment room spa, The West Hollywood EDITION is luxury at its best.

Loved by billionaires and A-listers, from Beyoncé to Gwyneth Paltrow, Iceland is an adventure playground. Seeing the Northern Lights, exploring otherworldly ice caves and witnessing spectacular waterfalls are just a few ways to get in on the action in Iceland. With its geothermal water, it is also a luxury spa destination, and the food here is second to none. Capital Reykjavik is home to a variety of high-end restaurants including Kopar, Grillmarkaðurinn and Dill.

Where to Stay: The Retreat at the Blue Lagoon offers the ultimate in VIP luxury. Guests here have access to their own private area at the famous attraction, where you can relax in the thermal water without the crowds. The spa offers luxury on a grand scale: think of massages in the thermal water itself and spa rituals that take you through a series of rooms to exfoliate and hydrate your face and body.

The epitome of Italian elegance and glamour, Lake Como is the place to experience charming lakeside towns and villages, neoclassical villas with perfectly manicured gardens and luxurious living. Although it is a luxury holiday destination to go out

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