Top 10 Holiday Destinations In July

By | March 16, 2023

Top 10 Holiday Destinations In July – Looking to book a summer vacation in peak season? From whale watching in South Africa to hiking in the Italian Alps, there are other options for bees

This is the biggest one: the combination of the hottest and the start of the longest school holidays in the UK, and anywhere in Europe plus North America. If Mediterranean sand is one of your travel essentials this month, you better be prepared to share it. The same goes for select beaches in more northern climes, whether in Cornwall or the Hamptons – assuming you can find a room in advance. July is a challenge for anyone looking to book a cheap vacation, but if you play with the summer landmarks – mountains instead of seas, north instead of south – you might find a good spot. You have a less crowded face and a new love for travel.

Top 10 Holiday Destinations In July

Top 10 Holiday Destinations In July

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If it’s difficult to narrow down your choice of which Greek island to go to, you can easily dodge the problem in the Cyclades, a group whose locations are grouped together and the many highways allow for island hopping. While July marks the busiest travel season, especially in the most famous islands like Santorini and Mykonos, the sight of the whitewashed towns on the blue bay is undeniably dazzling. in the summer sun. Naxos is a large island, with a family reputation; a bit out of the way of the resorts, but lots of beaches. To avoid the crowds, go to small islands that do not have their own airports, such as Sifnos or Serifos.

Beachcomber chic flows into the Verina Astra’s suites, while beyond the stone walls are sea-view terraces and infinity pools perched high on the beach. east of Sifnos.

As the summer progresses, the vines flourish around the banks of the Loire, enhancing the image of the area. It is said that there are a thousand châteaux scattered around this vast valley, including the magnificent Chambord; Villandry and its ornamental gardens; and Chenonceau was built as a beautiful bridge over the river. Temperatures are in the mid-twenties and it’s the perfect month for long-distance cycling on the most tolerable inclines. The cities of Tours, Saumur, Angers and Orléans in the Loire Valley are full of history and there you will also find dozens of restaurants with Michelin stars.

Where to stay Be the first in line when the gates of the grand château open with a stay at the Relais de Chambord, whose design combines 21st century French Renaissance extravaganza with a hotel feel. .

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South Africa’s national parks promise one of the best introductions to Africa’s prized wildlife, and if you visit in July, the weather is drier and cooler, making watching the game easier and easier, because the green is reduced. decrease. full of people. Further south between the peaks of the Drakensberg, you can expect to wake up to clear skies and frosty mornings — maybe even snow. While July is the driest month in most of the country, the rainfall pattern around Cape Town is the opposite. If you can tolerate the rain here, it’s early in the southern whale watching season on the coast of Hermanus.

Camp Kapama Buffalo is one of four interconnected lodges with ten luxury tents built on wooden decks in a private reserve near the Kruger National Park, where you can hike feet.

The different parts of the Alps — from France to Slovenia — are close to each other in terms of land and culture, but within these mountains, the peak of the Dolomites is undisputed. These solid walls and rough stones stand as a backdrop to the view of the cattle-cut forest and the church steeple of the gentler mountain village. In northern Italy, as elsewhere in the Alps, summer is short, and many of the huts are open to hikers from late June until only until the middle of September. Come early in the season for more floral color in meadows like the Seiser Alm/Alpe in Siusi – there are two names for many places in the area across the border from language and height.

Top 10 Holiday Destinations In July

The Lagacio Hotel Mountain Residence is located at 1,500 m in the village of San Cassiano in the heart of the Dolomites and has clean lines in the form of a traditional wooden chalet.

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Vietnam’s slim waistline sees some of the best weather in the country in July, although Hanoi at the top and Ho Chi Minh City at the bottom often see rain. The beach season extends from the central coast to the city of Nha Trang. The former imperial capital of Hue on the banks of the Perfume River is one of the highlights, not only for its monuments but also for its sophisticated contributions to Vietnamese cuisine. Also in the area are three world heritage sites: the beautiful old port city of Hoi An, the remains of the ancient Hindu temple My Son, and the river area. full of caves in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.

Where to stay Located on the banks of the Perfume River in Hue, Azerai La Residence was built around a French colonial building in the 1930s.

The south and east of Spain are the hottest travel destinations in Europe in July and August, but across the country to Malaga and Torremolinos, the little-visited Costa Verde is part of “Green Spain”. It also has a beautiful beach, better for surfing than sunbathing. With temperatures reaching a daily high of around 23C, and less rain, this is the best time to visit if you don’t need the heat of a summer holiday. The provinces of Asturias and Cantabria, centered on the cities of Oviedo and Santander, are both home to fishing villages, cider gardens, ancient stone churches and the rocky hills of the Picos de Europa.

Where to stay Overlooking a crescent beach in the Asturian seaside resort of Ribadesella, Villa Rosario is a four-star hotel in a beautiful villa built in 1914, with a modern pavilion behind it.

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It’s the depths of winter in Australia, and while it’s the coldest month of the year in Sydney and Melbourne (although still acceptable for British visitors), it’s a great time to take a trip to the central desert and tropical north. At Uluru, it’s a hot and exciting day to hike around this mighty monolith, while the dry season is around Darwin and in northern Queensland. In the Great Barrier Reef, the water is clearer and the waves are calmer: it’s time to put on your snorkel or scuba gear for a boat trip to this 1,400-mile natural wonder.

The elegant Bungalow Resort sits on a stilt in the middle of 58 acres of forest, overlooking two secluded beaches, in the Thala Beach Reserve in tropical north Queensland, on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef.

Summer is the peak season on the coast of Bulgaria as it is on the southern coast of Europe, but at least there is stock to be had here, if the temperature is similar to many Mediterranean places. In the vicinity of the two main cities of the Black Sea, Burgas and Varna, there is a coast with beautiful beaches of large arches, broken by thick capes. The two meet in Sozopol, with the old town nestled in the valley and more local to the sand than the famous Sunny Beach to the north. Bulgaria offers more than just any holiday destination, with spectacular hikes in the Balkan and Rhodope mountains, and the second city Plovdiv is a recent cultural capital.

Top 10 Holiday Destinations In July

The low-rise Blu Bay Hotel Sozopol sits between the old town and the mainland, overlooking the marina, and has beautiful stone and wood details inside.

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The 4th of July fireworks are best seen in major port cities, but since New York is in the summer season, this month is a blessed month in Seattle, and one in it brings rain in just six days. It’s usually a busy holiday season near America’s beaches and lakes, and in its national parks, but it’s especially worth it in the Pacific Northwest: Washington state, Oregon, and most of northern California. A drive across the ocean along US Route 101 from nearby Seattle to San Francisco is the stuff of American travel dreams, while inland attractions include Oregon City, Portland, and the beauty of Crater Lake, 7000 years.

The Palihotel Seattle accommodation is close to the famous beach

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