Good Vacation Destinations In December

By | March 16, 2023

Good Vacation Destinations In December – These warm places to visit in December in the United States will help you beat the winter. Whether it’s a local or international trip for you, going somewhere A warm winter can be just the escape we need.

The trick here is to go further than the continental United States if you want a warm December vacation.

Good Vacation Destinations In December

Good Vacation Destinations In December

If some of your party doesn’t mind the weather, check out our guide to the best places in America to visit in December for ski vacations, holiday shopping and chocolate bar villages.

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Honolulu (Oahu) is ideal for enjoying Hawaiian cuisine while enjoying the holidays, including the Honolulu City Lights.

The Honolulu Festival of Lights begins in early December as a month-long celebration that includes traditional lighting, parades and family fun.

Honolulu is the perfect winter getaway for those who want to get some light but don’t miss out on the fun atmosphere!

Our guide to the best winter vacations in the United States features places in Hawaii, so here’s a map to help you find your inspiration.

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Although Honolulu is the largest city on the island of Oahu, there are other areas and attractions to consider.

Oahu is a unique American destination in December for a good reason: Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day on December 7th.

There are lots to see in museums and monuments. If you plan to visit the USS Arizona Memorial Visit you must make a reservation. If you want to pick it up, check out this special tour.

Good Vacation Destinations In December

Other than that day, Oahu is great for surfers! The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing is held every year in December.

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You may know some of Kauai’s most beautiful places because they were featured in Hollywood movies like King Kong (Kalalau Valley on the Napali Coast) and Jurassic Park (Napali Coast and Manawaiopuna Falls)!

You might want to spend some time in the Napali Coast State Wilderness Park (pictured below) to hike the five canyons on the Kalalau trail.

Maui’s December temperatures range from 56F to 72F, so you can still hike while enjoying the warm weather.

Like the islands above, December is one of the wettest seasons, but tourists are still happy, especially because it is the beginning of the whale watching season.

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If December prices are too high, consider another season. Maui is featured in our guide to the best places to visit in the United States in September.

St. Augustine is a great winter destination for those who enjoy warm weather at the beach and many historic sites to visit.

Located on the northeast coast of Florida, St. Augustine is the oldest city in the United States and is full of Spanish Colonial architecture.

Good Vacation Destinations In December

The old world architecture made St. Augustine feels more like the Spanish coast than Florida. Castillo de San Marcos is a national monument since the 17th century

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St. Augustine is a great place for those who like to hike and explore historical sites. Walking tours are available throughout the city and give guests the opportunity to explore the old American city.

Flagler Beach is a small town beach with a long stretch of sand, a pier, and shops across the street from the ocean.

Daytona is known for its family-friendly beaches known as the ‘World’s Most Famous Beach’ and the Daytona 500, a 500-mile NASCAR Cup Series motorcycle race held annually at Daytona International Speedway.

Orlando is obvious, right? Visit Orlando in December for a special experience: Walt Disney World itself.

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From November to early December, the crowds are smaller than in the summer, so if you’re looking for a WDW adventure, plan for that time.

Watch Santa make his rounds at the four WDW parks and Disney Springs starting the second week in November.

One of the celebrations of the creation of Disney and today is a small community in the city of Orlando.

Good Vacation Destinations In December

Cocoa Beach is a cool place to visit when looking for a warm American vacation in December because it’s close to Cape Canaveral which means if there’s a promotion, you’ll see it!

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Cocoa City itself has plenty to keep you entertained even if there are no activities at NASA!

Note: It takes about 20 minutes to drive between Cocoa and Cocoa Beach and there are many beaches in Cocoa Beach.

Home to the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, beaches, and local businesses, this is the perfect winter getaway for those looking for a quiet getaway.

Miami Beach hosts Art Basel, an annual art and design celebration. If you’re hoping to rub elbows with the glitterati, you won’t want to miss it.

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ArtBasel takes place during Miami Art Week so there is a lot to do if you love art.

Add in the palm trees, bicycles, and history of Key West, and you might really think you’re in paradise.

Key West’s bars and restaurants draw crowds, so if you want to socialize, the US winter might be the place to go.

Good Vacation Destinations In December

Duval Street is the center of town and you’ll find some of Key West’s best attractions, including live music, museums, and the Audubon House.

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President Harry Truman enjoyed a vacation in Key West for more than 100 days over 11 trips. You can see his small white house in the old town.

While Key West is one of the best winter destinations in December, it’s in our January travel guide for the heat.

For those looking for a sandy beach vacation in the middle of winter, Marco Island is the perfect choice.

Marco Island Located west of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico, Marco Island has four miles of beach frontage.

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Marco Island is also a good choice for nature lovers. With thousands of small islands nearby, Marco Island offers many options for hiking and exploring.

Marco Island is also featured in our guide to things to do in Southwest Florida and the best islands to visit in December.

Next to the warm Gulf of Mexico destination in Florida, Naples (Nay-pills) in the Southwest is a natural for Christmas activities!

Good Vacation Destinations In December

From poetry to outdoor movies, OTT decorations to fake snow, Naples should be on every fan’s list.

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The temperature ranges from 54-74 F so you won’t see many people sunbathing which means there is a lot of opportunity for tourists.

Anna Maria Island (AMI) is located on the Gulf of Florida and to get there you drive across the bridge from Longboat Key.

AMI is one of the warmest places to visit in December in the US if you want a cool vacation in a place that doesn’t improve compared to the excitement of Orlando.

If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing these cows in real life, Crystal River is the place to visit in December.

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When the water temperature in the Gulf of Mexico drops below 62.2 degrees Fahrenheit, S Fish & Wildlife Services (USFWS) closes Three Sisters Springs aka Idiot’s Delight, to protect the manatees which means they cannot because you swim you can see these amazing creatures. !

Temperatures drop as the months go by, so start in December if you want a warmer trip.

This is one of the few warm places to visit in December in the United States where you can actually swim!

Good Vacation Destinations In December

St. Pete is on the Gulf of Florida, where the water temperature is 69F, which is great for the festival season, although locals say it’s cold.

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Note: It takes about 20 minutes to drive from St Pete’s Harbor to St Pete Beach so plan accordingly.

This site features the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, including the famous Crab Island Beach, Destin Harbor Boardwalk, golf, and nature walks.

Florida is one of the warmest states in December but locals say the temperature is quite cold.

Georgia’s oldest city Savannah has temperatures of 46-54F in December, making it one of the hottest months, which is great if you plan to spend a lot of time on your feet. .

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Many hotels in Georgia are associated with plantations and slaves, so keep that in mind when learning more about the history and people of the “Southern Hostal City.”

If you’re on a budget, consider Athens, Georgia, which is featured in our guide to the cheapest cities to visit in the United States.

Macon is less famous than Georgia or Savannah but puts it on the map in the spring when it comes to the most amazing flowers.

Good Vacation Destinations In December

If 50,000 Yoshino cherry blossom trees sound like your vacation, you can read about them in our guide to the best places to visit in the United States in March.

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Temperatures start at 64F at the beginning of the month, decreasing to 58F at the end of the month.

Just one hour south of Atlanta, Macon holds everything from interesting museums and historic sites to local markets and entertainment.

Like Savannah, it is known for its Antebellum architecture which can be found in the French Quarter and the Battery District.

Charleston is a popular destination featured in our guide to the best places to go in March and September.

Best Places To Visit In December

Beaufort, South Carolina, is close to Savannah and Charleston, so you can fit all three in

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