Tips For Outdoor Family Portraits

By | February 21, 2023

Tips For Outdoor Family Portraits – Family portrait photography shouldn’t be a process where you feel like everyone is being forced to take pictures. Fake smiles and awkward poses are not what you want to see in your souvenir photos.

Incorporating some creative ideas and out-of-the-box thinking can make it a fun experience for all family members. By knowing who you are as a family and your interests, photographers can often guide you in choosing the right type of shooting location for a given season.

Tips For Outdoor Family Portraits

Tips For Outdoor Family Portraits

The use of seasonal subjects in family and children’s photography is an endless subject for imagination. Each season has its own unique characteristics. You will be advised to choose the right outfit based on the location of the photo shoot. It is important to consider the weather conditions – if the family photo session takes place outside.

Ideas And Inspiration For Taking Amazing Outdoor Family Photos

This article will discuss the pros and cons of photographing in different seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. We’ll talk about different family photo poses and ideas so you can be prepared and excited for your next family photo session!

Spring themes are a great idea for a family portrait session. It’s that time of year when everything comes back to life and we start to see beautiful colors after a long winter. Spring is ideal if you’re looking for a soft and airy backdrop for your family photos.

However, depending on where you live, there may be some waiting for the nice weather to begin. The perfect time is when the buds on the trees start to bloom and the air warms up a bit. Warm weather is important if you have small children in the family.

In Sacramento, California, where Bidun Photography’s headquarters is located, the trees begin to bloom and start to grow new leaves in early February. This can vary significantly in other cities or states, so you should plan for your specific weather conditions.

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Have you ever come across a photo of a family or children with beautiful flowering plants in the background? A blooming garden is a top choice for outdoor family portrait photography. Usually, families book their photo sessions in advance because the blooming time is not very long.

Because the background will be so soft and airy – so will your outfit. Choose the tone and texture of your outfit that will complement your surroundings, including muted, tones. You don’t want to wear too formal clothes, but dress casual and a bit more comfortable for posing for photos.

Generally, outdoor family portraits don’t require any props because you’re already in a location where you can use the surrounding nature as an ideal backdrop. However, if you want to add a personal touch to your photos, you can bring a light blanket or a chair/bench to sit on. A professional portrait photographer will have ideas for taking creative family photos without props at this location.

Tips For Outdoor Family Portraits

Spring is a time when the creeks are filled with rainwater and the banks are lined with lush green trees. Why not use this opportunity to create family memories with your loved ones? If you live in warmer states, you can also walk in shallows for more visual variety.

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For outdoor spring family photo sessions, we recommend choosing clothes in neutral tones, not too bright or bright, and most importantly, comfortable shoes. Some great natural poses for families are walking, running, or simply interacting with each other naturally. And to do this, you need to wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable and suitable for the place. If the location requires a lot of walking, you should bring an extra pair of comfortable walking shoes.

Families can make different shooting subjects while taking pictures along the creek, river. Some ideas include a fishing theme, a princess theme for kids, or a family portrait with a dog.

The park is one of the most popular family photo spots any time of the year. Depending on the season, you will be greeted with different unique backgrounds.

In spring, you will see a lot of greenery and the trees will start to grow new leaves. This type of landscape is perfect for capturing family memories. The best thing about local parks is that children will have more freedom to run around and enjoy their surroundings.

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It is important not to force the child into complex thoughts or poses, which will spoil the photo session. Learn more tips and recommendations on how to take better baby portraits in our comprehensive guide, Children Photography Tips.

If you want to take pictures of your family in an unusual and picturesque location, you might like the idea of ​​a beautiful mountain. It is best to visit such a photo spot during sunset. The soft yellow light will highlight you beautifully, resulting in more creative portrait shots.

Family and child portraits taken with natural light will look more natural and calm. The golden hour—as photographers call the period of evening when the light is soft and warm—is the best time for outdoor photo sessions. You can find more family photography tips in our Natural Light Photography post.

Tips For Outdoor Family Portraits

I don’t recommend families with small children taking pictures at the top of the hill for some reason. First of all, it is difficult to get to the photo location with small children and you may not be able to bring a stroller. The second reason is that it is very difficult to keep an eye on young children and ensure their safety. Walking up the hill is much easier with older kids, they won’t get tired of walking quickly.

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It is important to note that spring is always unpredictable. Therefore, it is essential to prepare well for a family portrait session (don’t forget to bring warm clothes and umbrellas, as well as some snacks for the kids).

Summer is usually the most popular season for family portraits. The days are long and warm, with exceptional weather conditions. Unless you live in an area that gets very hot on summer evenings, this season may be your top choice.

In the summer, you can consider almost any family photo with children. There are many theme scripts for creative photos. For example:

In the summer, you can significantly diversify the props. For example, if you’re aiming for extreme action shots, use balls, discs or water pistols.

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If you’re looking for a little more formal summer family photos, choose a location that complements your family’s personality. Whether it’s a local park, an urban setting or a quiet corner of the beach – choose a place that feels right for your family. Remember that these pictures will bring you memories for a lifetime as they will be displayed on the walls of your home.

Always remember that shooting in midday sun will result in sharp shadows. It is important to consider this point when planning photography. As parents, we understand that scheduling your family portrait shoot around the kids’ sleep schedules can be difficult. Discuss all these details with your photographer, as he can suggest the best time for the shoot.

We recommend reading our natural light photography article for tips on choosing the right time of day for outdoor portrait photography.

Tips For Outdoor Family Portraits

Have you ever considered having a picnic-style family photo session? This photo session idea seems more appropriate for couples and engagement photo sessions, but it can be super fun to do during a family photo session.

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You don’t have to go overboard with picnic props, so don’t stress about this aspect. A medium-sized blanket and a basket of the family’s favorite snacks and drinks are all you need. It’s best to buy mess-free snacks for the kids since you’re still taking pictures. We recommend having some dried fruit, crackers or cookies, and maybe some fresh fruit as well.

Some of the best places for picnic-style photography are in the woods or in a park with some trees in the background. Once you’ve taken enough family photos in a picnic setting, don’t forget to take photos of your family covered in blankets but without snacks.

The beach can be a great photo location option for families who enjoy taking photos from the water. If you live by the ocean, scheduling a photo shoot on the beach is easy. For those of you who live far away but love to go to the beach with your family on summer vacation – why not take vacation pictures?

Vacation is a time to relax and spend time with your family members. One of the best ways to celebrate that time is to have professional family portraits taken. You will need to research local photographers in advance, as summer can be very busy and take time for them.

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