Tips And Tricks For Hotel Stays

By | April 2, 2023

Tips And Tricks For Hotel Stays – No stranger to a hotel room, it’s the kind of place I aspire to when it’s done right. It’s no secret that there are some tips and tricks to learn from hoteliers to design your own space. I began to pay attention and choose a hotel room that felt like a luxurious retreat.

I took some notes from hotel groups like Amman Resort and Four Seasons, as well as boutique hotels like Camellas-Lloret and well-run Airbnb. What makes their place special? Why do I feel like I’m the world in one room? Here’s what I got – the culmination of all the little details. Yes, overall design is important, but it’s the small touches that count. All this together creates an experience worth talking about.

Tips And Tricks For Hotel Stays

Tips And Tricks For Hotel Stays

It is one of the first emotional bonding experiences when you stay in one place. How does it smell? This can be a good thing or a bad thing. It can be neutral or one of the fragrances that last a lifetime. It is very important to smell at home.

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Do you have pets? Consider an air purifier. Want a more neutral scent? Use unscented cleaning products. For me, I like a strong candle – something that connects someone to my place. I’ve always been a fan of Le Labo and Dyptique – I religiously use Santal 26 in Le Labo candles (spray version) throughout the house, or Dyptique’s Feu de Bois.

Why does a good hotel bed feel good outside the bed? Quality fabrics. It makes a world of difference. If it’s been a while, it might be time to refresh your linen wardrobe. I love the linen sets from Parachute for the room. The same in the bathroom (parachute again for their towels). You touch them every day.

One thing that always stands out in a hotel room is the lack of “stuff”. I tend to over-decorate (eg an end table with too many books). Often the beauty and serenity of a place lies in its absence, not in its presence.

Dividing space is great for changing environments. I’m a fan of Marie Kondo, her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” is a great read on how to organize a space.

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A bottle of water by the table, a simple coffee machine in the morning, all this reminds me of a hotel room. I love the Nespresso machine because it means I can get a quick cup like I do on the go. Or a water bottle with a cup next to the bed, like in a hotel room. I even found a cheap suitcase to help pack/use for guests.

I find that my favorite hotel rooms, like Amman Resorts, always have a warm and inviting tone. No red and yellow pops, it’s all bone, white, beige and accent color. There’s something very soothing about it for me – again this is personal taste. I tend to stay in hotels with a very natural color palette because I’m drawn to it.

Have you noticed how many mirrors there are in a hotel room? It opens up the room, reflects light, and adds a nice accent.

Tips And Tricks For Hotel Stays

In small hotel rooms, you will never see an oversized sofa. why? Because it does not fit and fills the space. I have often noticed that well-designed hotel rooms have furniture that complements their size. Not too big and not too small. This is something to consider when choosing pieces – does it fit the space?

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We use cookies to ensure we give you the best experience on our website. I agree Learn More A hotel stay with multiple kids doesn’t have to be a horror movie! In fact, you can turn the hotel stay into a wonderful family memory. How do I know?- Because our big family (17 of us) has done it for years! You can read more about our adventures here and here.

I’m not kidding–these things are gross–so bring a clear plastic bag and wear it to every room. This will save you time and energy later because you won’t be dealing with some monster bugs…

Unless you want to live in the middle of a landfill, that is. The hotel trash cans are very small, and the trash you generate will be quite large, so plan to fill the can a few times and send an older child to take it out as a “job.”

Oh, maybe this is a first… seriously, soundproofing is very important in a hotel stay, something I didn’t realize until we stayed in a stick frame building for 8 years and moved out early. To complaints…

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This is especially true if you have a disproportionate number of males compared to females and some of them are older and need “privacy”. We were only four boys, but 11 girls, so we hid the boys in another bed in our room.

At home, we are very careful about what we watch on the screen. There are many reasons why children should never be alone in a dirty, plastic-covered, remote-equipped room!

We hate dirty floors, and it’s not always fun to call housekeeping, so bringing a small vac (you can get it at a garage sale) was the solution for us.

Tips And Tricks For Hotel Stays

Don’t trust the hotel bed. Babies get very close to these things, shaking and chewing and cleaning all sorts of other bodily fluids off them. Bringing our own germs from home is worth the extra trouble.

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You know, the sink, the toilet, the table top, the doorknob, etc. You don’t have to go home and fight some unnamed illness for weeks (see number one above).

There are things I don’t believe in housekeeping. You know, I once saw a beautiful lady cleaning a hotel room and the glasses they provided for drinking water, were just washed with water and wiped with a towel (used on other floors) – YUCK!

There are often coin operated washers and dryers on site. Children (and adults) can quickly wear clothes due to car sickness or road spills.

This will prevent you from being tempted to raid the hotel ice maker to fill the fridge (you’ll need this, trust me!).

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Believe it or not, the Legos Big Bin is all you need for toys. If there isn’t much to keep a group busy, this can do the trick! Even older children are included. (We never worry about small children with small rooms because there are many eagle eyes watching them.)

Curved crayons and mechanical pencils are recommended (no display required). My kids aren’t too impressed with coloring books, so blank paper works for us (I cut the sheets into fourths and main stacks to make little notebooks).

Remember, there are no lifeguards in these institutions, and you want to avoid accidents. The year I got some floaties with criss-cross seats was the year we all had so much fun in the pool! Young children have some mobility and independence, and I know they are safe.

Tips And Tricks For Hotel Stays

There’s something about splashing in cold water that makes babies wake up and ready for a deep sleep. A quick shower and change of clothes and they are like little lights! Just check and wash all the swimwear and hang them on the shower rod until morning.

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There’s no need to break the bank to keep your bathing suits modest; Just pop on an oversized synthetic-athletic t-shirt (maybe from a garage sale or thrift store)!

The hotel offers some amazing and sample-size, so, unless you have special needs, just use theirs! If you run out, you can ask for more. Some chains even offer combs and toothbrushes.

You can hear the maids moaning when they see us walk in the door! That’s why we always try to be more polite and clean ourselves as much as possible. And don’t forget, it’s usually okay to leave a tip when you leave the room.

Even though we stayed in a cement-floored hotel, the doors weren’t soundproof and I can’t count how many times we were woken up by people walking down the hallways constantly joking or talking loudly. of the night. This is why we practice walking slowly and whispering as soon as we leave the rooms.

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In case you’re wondering, I actually called up my grown children and asked them for their ideas for this list, which not only made it fun to compile, but a short trip down memory lane!

Although all these minds work together, I know that there must be something

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