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By | March 17, 2023

Tips Adn Tricks Outdoor – When I first started my outdoor adventure, I didn’t think hiking photography would be easy. It’s so easy to photograph mountains, right? To my surprise, the photos I took were not as impressive as when I was there. I was very upset and did not know what to do. But after years of practice and watching tons of YouTube videos, I figured out how to make the perfect photo that I love. Read my outdoor photography secrets below.

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Tips Adn Tricks Outdoor

Tips Adn Tricks Outdoor

Getting a good quality hiking camera can improve your outdoor photography. I would say it took years to get a very high quality and expensive camera. When I first started, there were no expensive cameras. Before investing in the best gear, I wanted to know if I would enjoy doing it. I am currently using Sony equipment for photography and here is the list:

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I have a blog post listing all the cameras and lenses I’ve used in my photography career. The Sony A7Riii is pretty expensive and I know it’s not in everyone’s budget, so I’ve listed my favorite cameras here.

I know the thought of hiking at night is a little scary, but hear me out. My best pictures have always been at sunrise and sunset (golden hour and blue hour). The sky sometimes turns pink, purple, blue, orange and red. But let me tell you that even going to the mountains at this stage is a pain. My bedtime is usually 9pm, so it’s hard to catch the sunset, especially if I’m driving home.

I usually like to go with a group of people to feel safe and try to do a short walk. I bring bear spray, a knife, hiking poles, a Garmin, and a flashlight. I pulled up the AllTrailsmap app on my phone because I was going the wrong way in the dark because it looks different in the dark.

Backpacking can be a good choice for a nice sunrise or sunset. All you have to do is open the roof and look at the colorful sky outside. You can take pictures together in your tent.

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As shown in my image above, cloud inversions occur at sunrise and sunset.

Some hikes have amazing views the entire way, and stopping every few minutes to get your camera out of your backpack is a pain. Also, using a camera strap around your body can cause pain after a while, especially if you’re hiking on a steep trail.

Using a belt clip on your backpack makes it easy to take pictures while hiking. I love this stuff and have been using it for years! >>>Buy the clip here

Tips Adn Tricks Outdoor

Since all images are two-dimensional, it can be difficult to make a photo look alive. If you use a person in the picture, it will make your picture more interesting. It shows how big and huge the mountains are. I have provided an example below. It looks deeper to me in the picture on the right. Such photos evoke emotions in you. It gives people the impression that they are looking at a mountain.

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Taking photos while hiking really improves your photos. Holding backpacks and poles will help you understand what to do with your hands. I find it more natural to take pictures while hiking. If there is a beautiful mountain or a field of flowers in the background, I like to take pictures of you walking next to it. This adds depth to the image.

When it comes to hiking clothes, I usually wear bright colors. Why? Because it makes the picture look great.

You don’t have to wear the brightest pink or red to get a good photo, but I try to avoid white or black. Black is more difficult to photograph.

I would say black leggings, but I usually try to pair it with a light colored jacket or shirt. After all, you can wear whatever you want! If you only have a black jacket, wear a black jacket, but adding color has improved my photos.

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I know the thought of using manual mode makes me sick to my stomach (I know I did when I first got a good camera). But I have great news for you! Once you know how to use manual mode, you’ll know how to use it forever! It’s one of those things I’ll never forget. It’s like second nature. Here are three settings you should know how to use:

ISO: A camera setting that brightens or darkens an image. The higher the ISO, the sharper the image. The lowest setting for most cameras is 100. Be careful, the higher the ISO, the grainier the image. I try to keep the ISO as low as possible for each shot.

Aperture: Aperture refers to the opening of the lens diaphragm through which light passes. It controls the depth of field. So if you want the whole image to be in focus, move the setting to f/11 or higher. If you want to take a portrait of someone and blur the background, change the setting to f/2.8. The f/2.8 aperture was larger, allowing more light to pass through the lens, meaning it was easier in low light. Remember this.

Tips Adn Tricks Outdoor

Aperture f/11. See how everything looks crispy? Me and the mountain are the focus of this hiking photo shoot.

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Aperture f/4. As you can see, I am very sharp, but the mountains are blurry in the background. I will focus on this picture.

Shutter Speed: The length of time the camera shutter is open and light hits the camera sensor. The faster the shutter speed, the blurrier the image. For example, if you’re hiking, you’ll want to keep your shutter speed very fast to avoid blurring your legs. Of course, there are times when you want to keep your shutter speed very low. When you’re shooting stars or waterfalls, you’ll want to keep it low. Below is a good example of what happens when the shutter speed is too slow.

The shutter speed was a bit slow. As you can see, my feet are a little fuzzy when I walk. I should have set the shutter speed faster.

I recommend playing around with these three settings at home. See what happens if you increase the ISO. See what happens if you give up. Do the same with aperture and shutter speed.

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I love how silky and smooth the waterfall is. There’s an easy way to recreate this, which involves using a tripod (or a rock if you don’t have one) and changing your camera settings. Remember when I said earlier that manual mode should be used well? You need manual mode to create this effect.

You should reduce the shutter speed to about 1/2. Don’t forget to play with it though. You can change the shutter speed a bit and see what happens.

The shutter speed is so slow, you need a tripod. Any movement during the photo will blur everything (not just the waterfall). Even your breathing and slight movement can blur the background. You only want to move the waterfall, so you need a tripod.

Tips Adn Tricks Outdoor

A tripod can be very useful, especially when it comes to waterfalls (as mentioned above). But it also comes in handy when shooting at sunset or sunrise. At that time, not much light enters the camera, which makes it difficult to take pictures. A shutter speed that is too slow to take a good photo can blur the image. For this reason, it is better to use a tripod. I don’t use a tripod when I travel because it’s too heavy, but I know a lot of people travel with one.

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If you are new to photography, you may not know what RAW is. This is the same setting as JPEG, but better. When you switch the camera to RAW instead of JPEG, the camera captures all the image data recorded by the sensor. When you shoot in JPEG format, the camera compresses it and captures a lot of information

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