Things To Do Before Filing For Divorce

By | March 12, 2023

Things To Do Before Filing For Divorce – Divorce can be a complex, unpleasant and emotionally intense process. How do you decide who gets what? What if your partner is arguing? If you have children, where do they enter the discussion?

You don’t want to hang on to your divorce for too long — the sooner you can resolve your divorce, the sooner you can get back to living your life. The best way to resolve a divorce quickly is to be prepared.

Things To Do Before Filing For Divorce

Things To Do Before Filing For Divorce

Read and understand Florida divorce proceedings. Filing for divorce can feel intimidating, inconvenient, and unnecessarily lengthy. Florida has specific laws regarding proceedings, child support, and division of property.

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However, with open communication and proper planning, your divorce can be resolved in a timely manner. Read more in our step-by-step guide to the Florida divorce process to understand what will happen in the coming months.

Collect financial documents. In the state of Florida, you must file for dissolution of marriage to initiate a divorce. After the petition is filed, you have 45 days to fill out a financial affidavit for the court and your spouse. Here are some other documents you can collect for your affidavit:

Establish personal credit. Your financial situation and credit score can change during and after the divorce process. Prepare for financial independence by creating your account. Just like you were told when you applied for your first credit card, it’s a good idea to start building your credit score as soon as possible.

Evaluate marital property and joint accounts. When you and your partner separate, your income will be split and your assets will need to be split. Over the years you may have acquired property or set up joint financial accounts for the benefit of your marriage.

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Before filing for divorce, evaluate your marital property against your marital property and discuss how you plan to divide the marital property. That way, you won’t have any unpleasant surprises during the process. Knowing your income status and assets after a divorce will help you plan for the future.

Close joint cash accounts. While you may have proof of spending on joint credit card accounts, it’s important to have it

Application for divorce. By closing these accounts early, there will be no chance of the other partner taking advantage of the joint accounts. Separate accounts will hold each person responsible for their purchases during the divorce.

Things To Do Before Filing For Divorce

Openly discuss child support and maintenance. Simply filing for divorce isn’t easy, and divorcing with children can make the process more emotional and stressful. The cost of child support payments in Florida is determined by each parent’s monthly income, as well as monthly medical bills, daycare, etc.

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Get an idea of ​​what your spouse thinks about child custody and support after the divorce is finalized. If your children are emotionally mature enough, you should also openly discuss their future with them.

Prepare a post-divorce budget. The coming months can bring emotional stress. Reduce potential stressors and budget well after the divorce. Consider possible changes to your income, payments, and living situation.

Does your new budget require a reduction or a move to another residence? What debts do you still have and which ones will your partner take care of? Will you need to add child support payments to your monthly bills?

Consider mediation. The last three steps are highly dependent on cooperation from your partner. You and your spouse don’t have to agree perfectly on every aspect of your divorce. Florida classifies divorce as “contested” or “uncontested”: An uncontested divorce depends on each spouse agreeing on the major issues surrounding their divorce. On the other hand, disputed divorces are caused by disagreements between each spouse. The judge will resolve this disagreement.

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Contested divorces tend to take longer than uncontested divorces and can cause rifts between the spouse and the family. If the two of you cannot agree on any issue related to your divorce, consider counseling or mediation. A professional third-party source can help you strike the right deal and make filing for divorce a less stressful process.

Hire an experienced divorce lawyer. There are a number of small marriage-related tasks that you can put on your divorce checklist. You may feel stressed, confused, or lonely during this time. An experienced divorce attorney will help you through the process and ensure that you reach a satisfactory resolution in an objective and timely matter. Contact the experienced divorce attorneys at the Florida Family Law Clinic today for a free consultation and advice on your next steps. Planning a divorce often means that things have gone beyond the point of no return and with that comes feelings of pain, defeat, and possibly betrayal. . .

However, this is not the case. If a divorce is imminent, planning ahead is the smart thing to do.

Things To Do Before Filing For Divorce

Most people don’t want others to look at them as cheaters or imposters, so there may be a natural tendency to simply avoid the subject.

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There are many good reasons to prepare and consider before a divorce. For example, have you ever experienced violence in your family? If so, what should you do to ensure your safety?

You should consider all your options before filing for divorce, and knowing your circumstances is important to staying physically, mentally, and financially healthy through the process.

Starting the game and preparing for your divorce before filing is one of the best things you can do.

There are many articles and sites that provide information about divorce, but most people don’t want others to see them as a trick or to do underhanded things, so there can be a natural tendency to avoid the subject.

Practical Steps To Take Before Filing For Divorce

But making the right move is making the right move. Prepare in advance to avoid unexpected pitfalls.

Shane was born in South Texas and understands that people prepare for hurricane season every year, and while we can’t predict when, we know a storm will come sooner or later.

If you had to go to an important job interview, wouldn’t you prepare your resume and sharpen your interview skills as much as possible? Sure, would you?

Things To Do Before Filing For Divorce

How about planning the purchase of your first home? Haven’t you researched your finances, talked to a real estate agent, and a mortgage professional to see which home is right for your family? Of course you would.

Things You Need To Do Before You File For Divorce

Planning a wedding is more important because making a mistake can affect not only your future but also that of your children.

There is no way to remove emotion from the divorce process. But you can’t let emotions guide your decision making or shape your reality.

For example, let’s say a husband has been having an ongoing affair with a co-worker. Yes, you will be devastated by the news.

He wants your pound of meat and will make sure he never sees you or the kids again. It’s a feeling, it’s not real.

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Most likely, the courts will issue orders for both parents to spend as much time with the children as possible. Remember, the court’s concern is the best interests of the child, not revenge on your behalf.

Another example is if you have been a breadwinner for the past 20 years. Perhaps your wife has never worked outside the home and is the only one contributing to a 401K plan through your employer.

After a divorce, you want to keep your possessions and be independent. You believe you should get the house, furniture, and the rest of your 401k plan.

Things To Do Before Filing For Divorce

The court divided the marital estate fairly and equally, which means your wife is entitled to 50 percent of the estate, even if she has never worked.

Things To Do Before Divorce

Obtaining documents such as tax returns, W-2s, bank and credit card statements, and mortgage information is essential in any divorce case.

However, there are other paperwork that needs sorting out before filing for divorce, such as daycare expenses, car notes, and utility bills.

All of these documents can be used during interim order hearings so the court can decide who pays the bills to maintain the status quo.

Having this information up front will give you a better understanding of the situation during the divorce process.

Questions To Ask Before Getting A Divorce

Divorce proceedings, especially when involving children or large amounts of public property, can take months or years to complete.

And what happens when the divorce is over? Will you have child support that you rely on? if so, how much? Can you afford to stay home or will you have to sell? How will you support yourself?

These are all questions you should ask before filing for divorce. Understand that your lifestyle will change.

Things To Do Before Filing For Divorce

But the impact it has on you depends on how you plan for your financial future.

Can I Change My Mind After A Divorce Is Final?

When your future (and possibly your children’s) is at stake, you need the best representation. Can you go to a dermatologist for advice on heart problems? Obviously not.

So why not hire a lawyer who is a friend of the family who specializes in labor and employment law?

Be sure to interview

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