Outdoor Tips And Tricks

By | February 24, 2023

Outdoor Tips And Tricks – When I first started my outdoor adventures, I thought hiking photography would be easy. I mean, it’s so easy to photograph mountains, right? To my surprise, the pictures I took weren’t as epic as when I was there in person. I was very frustrated and didn’t know what to do. But after years of practice and watching many videos on YouTube, I finally figured out how to take the perfect photos I love. Read below for my outdoor photography secrets.

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Outdoor Tips And Tricks

Outdoor Tips And Tricks

Getting a good quality camera for hiking can improve your outdoor photography. I mean, it took me years to get a very high quality, expensive camera. When I first started, I didn’t have an expensive camera. I wanted to know if this was something before I invested in high gear. That being said, I now use Sony gear to take my photos and they are listed here:

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I have a blog post listing all the cameras and lenses I’ve used throughout my photography career. The Sony A7Riii is pretty expensive and I know it’s not in everyone’s budget, so I’ve listed more of my favorite cameras here.

I know the thought of hiking at night can be a little scary, but hear me out. My best photos are always around sunrise and sunset (gold hour and blue hour). The sky sometimes turns pink, purple, blue, orange and red. But I will say that hiking is very painful at this time. My bedtime is usually 9pm, so sunset can be difficult, especially if I’m driving.

I usually like to walk with a group of people to feel safer and try to do short hikes. I bring bear spray, a knife, hiking poles, my Garmin, and a headlamp. I downloaded AllTrailsmap on my phone because I took the wrong trail in the dark because it looks different in the dark.

Backpacks can also be a good option for sunrise or sunset. All you have to do is open your tent and look for the colorful sky. You can even take pictures in your tent.

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As shown in my image above, cloud inversions also occur frequently around sunrise and sunset.

Some hikes have great views all along the way and it’s a pain to stop every few minutes to get your camera out of your backpack. Also, using the camera strap around your body can get sore after a while, especially if you walk on steep trails.

Using a clip attached to your backpack will make it easy to take photos while hiking. I love this stuff and have been using it for years! >>>Buy the clip here

Outdoor Tips And Tricks

Because all photographs are two-dimensional, it is difficult to bring a photograph to life. If you use a person in your photo, it can make your photos more interesting It shows how big and majestic the mountains are. I show an example below. To me, the image on the right shows more depth in the photo. Such pictures can also give you emotions. It can make people think that they are the person standing and looking at the mountain.

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Taking pictures while hiking can really improve your photos. Holding your backpack or hiking poles can help you decide what to do with your hands. I also feel that posing comes more naturally when hiking. If there’s a beautiful mountain or a field of flowers in the background, I like to shoot past them. It gives the image depth.

When it comes to my hiking clothes, I usually wear bright colors. Why because it makes the photo pop.

You don’t have to wear bright pink or red to get a good photo, but I try to avoid black or white. Black images are more difficult to capture.

I would say that I tend to wear black leggings, but I usually try to pair them with a lighter colored jacket or shirt. After all, you can wear whatever you want! If you have a black jacket, wear a black jacket, but adding color made my photos better.

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I know the thought of using manual mode probably makes you sick to your stomach (I know, I experienced it the first time I picked up a nice camera). But I have good news for you! Once you know how to use manual mode, you know how to use it forever! It’s one of those things I think I’ll never forget. It seems like second nature. Here are three settings you should know how to use:

ISO: A camera setting that brightens or darkens a photo. The higher the ISO, the brighter your image will be. The minimum setting on most cameras is 100 Be warned, though, that the higher the ISO, the sharper the image I try to make sure the ISO is as low as possible on every shot.

Aperture: Aperture refers to the hole in the lens through which light passes. It roughly controls the depth of field. So if you want to keep the entire photo in focus, try moving the setting to f/11 and higher. If you want to take a portrait of someone and blur the background, change the setting to around f/2.8. Because f/2.8 has a larger aperture, more light passes through the lens, meaning it’s a more manageable setting in low light. Please note this.

Outdoor Tips And Tricks

Aperture is f/11. Does everything look clear? The mountain and I are the focus of this hike photo.

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Aperture is f/4. As you can see, I’m very clear, but the mountains in the background look blurry. I am the main focus of this photo.

Shutter Speed: The length of time the camera’s shutter is open to allow light to hit the camera’s sensor. The faster the shutter speed, the less blurry your image will be. For example, if you’re hiking, you want your shutter speed to be fast enough so that your legs don’t look blurry. Of course, there are times when you really want a lower shutter speed. When you want less it’s time to photograph the stars or the waterfall. Below is a good example of what can happen if the shutter speed is too slow.

Shutter speed was a bit slow. As you can see, my legs get a little blurry during the hike. I should have set the shutter speed faster.

I recommend playing with these three settings at home. See what happens when you activate the ISO. See what happens when you give up. Do the same with aperture and shutter speed.

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I love when waterfalls have that silky, smooth feel. There is an easy way to recreate this and it involves a tripod (or a rock if you don’t have one) and changing the camera settings. Remember when I said earlier that you better use manual mode? Well, you need manual mode to create this effect.

You need to reduce the shutter speed by 1/2. However, make sure you play it. You can change the shutter speed even lower and see what happens.

You need a tripod for this process as the shutter speed is very slow. Any movement you make while taking the picture will blur everything (not just the waterfall). Your breathing and even slight movement can blur the background. You only want to move the waterfall, so you need a tripod.

Outdoor Tips And Tricks

Tripods can be quite useful, especially when dealing with waterfalls (discussed above). But it’s also useful when shooting sunsets or sunrises. At this time, not much light enters the camera, making it difficult to take pictures. The shutter speed is too slow to get a good picture, which can blur the image. Therefore, it is better to use a tripod. I don’t always use a tripod when hiking because tripods can be quite heavy, but I know a lot of people who hike with one.

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If you are new to photography, you might not know what RAW is. This is a setting similar to JPEG, but better. When you switch your camera to RAW instead of JPEG, your camera captures all the images recorded by the sensor. When shooting in JPEG, your camera compresses it and lots of data

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