Outdoor Activity In Nj

By | July 17, 2023

Outdoor Activity In Nj – When it comes to the great outdoors in New Jersey, we’re lucky to live in a state that offers many options year-round. From mountains to forests to coasts, with four seasons and diverse landscapes, you’ll find an outdoor activity that’s just right for your family. Biking the trails, spending a day at the beach, picking pumpkins from the farm, or snow tubing when it’s snowing—we’ve got ideas for what you can do (especially if you feel like you’re full have done the goods on being). Read on to learn about the best outdoor activities in New Jersey any time of year. (F

A petting zoo like Atlantic Farm in Wall, NJ is a great place to enjoy the great outdoors in New Jersey. Photos taken at Atlantic Farm

Outdoor Activity In Nj

Outdoor Activity In Nj

With the seasons changing and the animals at the forefront, a visit to the zoo is a great way to spend a day in any season. These days, no matter what your child’s favorite animal is, the state has no shortage of exotic species, wildlife education and friendly farm petting zoos. See giraffes and elephants on the seasonal Six Flags Drive-Thru Safari, or see what flamingos, lions, bears and more have to offer at the Turtle Zoo or the Cape May County Zoo. Hike or bike in the fresh air

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Taking the whole family out for a hike is a chance to connect with nature and take a deep breath (and sneak in some fitness, too). We have explored many wonderful places around the Garden State and enjoyed the great outdoors. Or, if you prefer to get around on two wheels, a ride on one of the bike paths like the Patriot Trail in Morristown or Cooper River Park in Camden will keep you going.

How many state parks have you explored in New Jersey? Explore the Delaware and Raritan Canal State Parks, which criss-cross several New Jersey counties, or enjoy the spectacular scenery of Liberty State Park in Jersey City. Reach our great state’s highest point at High Point State Park in Sussex, or relax on 10 miles of sandy beaches at Island Beach State Park in Seaside Park.

Did you know that New Jersey has more than 18 waterfalls? Our state is famous for many things like beaches and state parks, but J

We should be famous for its beautiful waterfall. Some are easy to see from roadside lookouts, while others require hiking (know what your family can do before you go). Try an outdoor hike to Patterson Great Falls, one of the state’s most famous waterfalls. Find fresh picks at the farmers market

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Whether you’re looking for farmers markets in the fall, winter, spring, or summer, there’s something for everyone year-round. Stop by one of the farmers markets dotted throughout the Garden State where you can buy locally sourced fresh fruits, vegetables and more. You can pick up fresh apple pie, pumpkin bread, cider and even non-food items like soft alpaca blankets and scarves. Or, during the colder months, check out these delicious winter markets around New Jersey.

Getting the family together for a photo shoot isn’t always easy, but when you do, the results are always worth it. Whether you decide to snap a family portrait in the fall or pose with the twelve year olds in the spring, Instagram-worthy spots abound throughout the Garden State. Cliffside Fort Lee Historic Park offers stunning views from the Hudson River to the George Washington Bridge, or take a photo at Patterson Great Falls, which looks just as spectacular as Niagara Falls. Want another beach photo? Barnegat Light State Park is the perfect place to photograph the sunset, with its lighthouse and natural backdrop.

Spending time on the playground is a favorite activity for kids, and the best part is that you can do it year-round. Pack your picnic supplies and head to the shore, lake or beach to swing and slide on the sand. We’ve rounded up the best beach playgrounds, and if you can’t make it to shore but want a boat theme, check out the Regatta Playground at South Hills Leisure Center which overlooks the pond. is eligible

Outdoor Activity In Nj

What could be better than sitting among the vines and drinking pinot noir? Exploring vineyards and tasting wine is one of our favorite adult activities. New Jersey has perfect grape-growing conditions that can place grapes on top of Tuscany and Napa Valley. You can toast excellent local wines throughout the Garden State, with many wineries hosting events throughout the year. If breweries are more your thing, raise a glass to everything from Oktoberfest to summer street festivals. See nature at work at the Botanic Gardens

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A visit to the New Jersey Arboretum is a perfect treat any time of year – every time you head to the Arboretum and walk along the path, you can see winter, spring, summer or fall. Head north to the Frelinghuysen Botanic Gardens or south to the Deep Cut Gardens. Other popular attractions include the New Jersey Botanical Garden and Skylands Estates in Ringwood, and the New Jersey Audubon Nature Center in Cape May. Decline in outdoor activities in New Jersey

Visiting family-friendly farms in New Jersey is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the fall. Photo taken at Atlantic Farms

A visit to an autumn farm is a must to experience all the sensations of autumn – from petting zoos and tractor rides to farms where you can pick your own fruits and vegetables and even wine tasting (

Stop by Happy Day Farm in Manalapan for photos in their pumpkin house, or grab an apple cider smoothie and donuts at Ort Farms in Canggu. With more than 20 farms in New Jersey, you can find a different family-friendly farm every weekend.

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Collect all your favorite Mackintosh, Gala, Golden Delicious and other varieties and take selfies with the family while apple picking. Picking farms are located throughout the Garden State, from Demarest Farms in Hillsdale to Stiles Farm and Nursery in Keppel. A hayride on the Vail in search of the perfect orange pumpkin is also not to be missed (and the Insta moment is no exception).

There’s nothing more comforting than a fluffy alpaca, and did you know that their fur is used in tons of products every year (all 100% safe and animal-friendly)? These adorable creatures range in age from 18 to 24 and come in 22 different natural colors. Your kids will love getting to know these gentle souls at one of New Jersey’s many alpaca farms.

Put these life skills into practice when you and your child are lost in the maze. Yes, fall is officially farm table season, full of activities and fun for the whole family. Check out giant corn mazes, often designed in whimsical themes, or relax with kid-friendly versions your kids can make themselves. Likewise, sunflower mazes are as beautiful as they are clever, like the Sussex County Sunflower Maze in Sandystown, where you can get lost in a maze of more than 1 million flowers (be sure to catch the sunflowers before you finish).

Outdoor Activity In Nj

In our opinion, what could be more autumnal than a fiery growth of red, orange and yellow leaves? New Jersey’s peak fall foliage is in mid-October, so get your phone ready to snap photos of the best places to enjoy fall foliage. This time of year is also a great excuse to cross the Hudson River, where the finest foliage makes it an ideal place to relax. But the leaves are changing like the seasons, so it’s best to go when you start seeing the colors around you.

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Whether you’re looking for a day trip to Jack Frost Ski Resort with the kids or a weeklong family vacation, you don’t have to go far to hit the slopes. Skiing is one of the family’s favorite winter activities that can get you outdoors and active in cold temperatures. Sign up for lessons, spend the day on the trails, try your hand at plane boarding, or relax by the après-ski fire pit—you can find the peaks that fit your family’s needs in our #bestfamiliesskiresorts guide . Sledding downhill

What do you do when the snow makes you stump? Without a doubt, sledding is one of the best ways to spend your free time. From hidden hills to great waterfalls, check out our #guide to the best sledding hills in NJ. Skiing on a snow tube

If you’re looking for something a little more exciting than a traditional sledding day, but aren’t quite ready to hit the slopes of a ski hill, this is the activity for you. Snow tires are a great way to get outside and get some fresh air while having a laugh. Different from skiing