Outdoor Activity In London

By | June 12, 2023

Outdoor Activity In London – Read our guide to outdoor activities in London and Find and book experiences, courses, events and tours! Browse the list of experiences, or book your website or request a reservation. All you have to do is look around and enjoy! If you have questions about a specific experience, send a message and the provider will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Do they have a unique experience in mind that we haven’t listed? No problem, send us a message and we’ll send your number to 100 of the best experience providers around the country and they’ll have the best of them all back with you, at your leisure!

Activities activities fun outdoor activities-climbing trips Team Challenge Experience – Cromford Matlock Our team challenges are designed on specific routes and are suitable for all abilities, with a variety of challenges along the way. In principle, we can include anything in a team challenge… Our unique team challenges are designed for specific routes and are suitable for all abilities, with ‘kind of di… Matlock from £30.00

Outdoor Activity In London

Outdoor Activity In London

Activities activities fun outdoor activities-climbing Tours Gorge Walking Experience – Beeley near Chatsworth Matlock As the name suggests sweat walking is a wet activity and is best suited in the warmer months as you can be up to your neck! It involves following a water path up a hill, scramblin… As the name suggests walking is a wet activity and is best done in the warmer months as much as you can… Matlock from £30.00

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Activities fun activities outdoors activities-climbing explained Rock Scrambling & Weaseling Experience – Hathersage Hope Valley Open Cave is described. They follow the action of the leader sliding over rocks and through gaps and holes. One of the most popular activities and sure to be fun for everyone… In the outdoor cave, as already mentioned. Follow the leader’s action against the stones and sweep… Valley of Hope from £30.00

Activities activities fun activities outdoors activities-climbing routes Rock Scrambling & Weasling Experience – Cromford Matlock Open air cave listed. They follow the action of the leader sliding over rocks and through gaps and holes. One of the most popular activities and sure to be fun for everyone… In the outdoor cave, as already mentioned. Follow the action of the leaders of the battle stone and weasel… Matlock from £30.00

Attractions activities historical activities outdoor activities-climbing tours Caving Experience – Stoney Middleton Hope Valley In the cave a guide will lead you through an easy but extensive underground structure, exploring many routes along the way, building interest and confidence. Discover the silence of silence… Take your cave guide through an easy but vast underground structure, exploring… The Valley of Hope from £30.00

Likes the Woodland Assault event in Derbyshire. It’s sure to be a laugh and a muddy road with lots of laughs. Please… Probably one of the best natural forest walks in the area, a great event to try yo… Derbyshire from £30.00

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Outdoor activities Archery Experience Derbyshire Be like Robin Hood at this event, all in a natural woodland setting in the heart of Derbyshire. You will learn all the necessary archery skills and practice archery… Be like Robin Hood in this event, all on location There are natural woods in… Derbyshire from £30.00.

Matlock’s Woodland Activity Day event focuses on creating outdoor activities in private woodlands in central Derbyshire. You can sample our forest activities with Archery, Ax Throwing and The Assault Course. W… Specializing in creating forensic activities in private woodland areas in central Derbyshire…. Matlock from £50.00

Alpaca Trekking in Derbyshire is a wonderful opportunity to get up close and personal with the amazing alpacas. The experience includes an introduction where you will see alpacas being handled as well as different species… A wonderful opportunity to get up close and personal with the wonderful alpacas. Use… Derbyshire from £15.00

Outdoor Activity In London

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LondonOne of the most attractive cities in the world, London is never short. In fact, the result is important and not that important! From historic castles to famous music and nightlife spots, London has it all. Take an open-top coach tour, choose from a variety of walking routes, explore the stunning Royal Gardens, or paddle down the Thames. Whatever floats your boat, London has the answer! Practice your climbing skills on one of the many indoor climbing walls, or jump on the train and it’s only a short ride to climb the beautiful forest at Harrison Rocks. Visit one of the many rivers, such as rowing or kayaking on the Thames or the peaceful River Medway. Surr also has rolling hills, perfect for weekend walks, cycling or camping!

Outdoor Activities in London There’s nothing you want more than to get outside in the glorious British summer. When the temperature rises, the city has a lot to offer in the way of outdoor activities in addition to covered gardens and indoor watering holes. When you think of London, the first thing that comes to mind is probably not a great place to eat. But here we go, that’s exactly what we want to change! The UK is rich in travel opportunities and we aim to make these opportunities accessible to everyone. Whether you are looking for a Sunday activity to connect with nature, a cycling experience or a weekend of life skills, we have something for everyone, and where better? To help you get started, we’ve put together a selection of our favorite adventures in and around London – it’s time to get on your way! Activities in London For those who want to escape the concrete jungle … One of the best outdoor activities in London is to leave the house alone and go to one of the great parks. There are wonderful parks for walking or running – of course Hyde Park is the most famous, but other great parks are Richmond Park with its herd of deer, and Hampstead Heath Park with amazing views over the city. While the hills of central London offer great views of the city skyline (Primrose is looking at you here), if you’re looking to get closer to nature or climb to your heart’s content, you can go for it. Distance If you’re ready to leave the city walls, there are great walks and hikes in the Surrey Hills, the Chilterns, and the North and South Downs – every hour or less from the city center. From gentle hikes to everyday outings, there really is something for everyone. See our walking in London guide.

Climb London They head to the heights…go for it! There are many bouldering activities based in London, from the Shoreditch Boulder to a short hike to one of the crags near London like trying to climb Harrison’s Boulder.

Harrison’s Rocks is one of the best climbing routes near London. There are over 200 climbing routes to choose from, with a maximum reaching 30ft (9 metres). As this is a sandstone, you are not allowed to climb it because it can hurt your face. But this is all top rope climbing and rock climbing. If you are new to climbing, it is possible (and probably recommended) to hire a climbing instructor who can set up the equipment for you and teach you how to climb, rope and rope. You can get a train nearby on the way, go to Tunbridge Wells, and then take a short bus up to the rock.

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If you’re a little at the new end of the spectrum or looking to climb as a family, the Crater Outdoor Center is another great option. Also located in Tunbridge, it’s easy to get to from London – a direct train from London Bridge to Eridge and a short walk from there. There are over 200 climbs through soft sand up to a height of 10m miles, and lessons are available for beginners if you need guidance.

You can find a more detailed review of climbing in London – including checking out all the indoor walls not mentioned here – in our Guide to Climbing in London.

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Outdoor Activity In London