Outdoor Activity In Jakarta

By | May 12, 2023

Outdoor Activity In Jakarta – JAKARTA, INDONESIA – DECEMBER 18, 2016: People enjoy outdoor activities, including street food, during the car-free day held every Sunday morning at

JAKARTA, INDONESIA – DECEMBER 18, 2016: People enjoy outdoor activities, including street food, during Car Free Day held every Sunday morning in Jakarta’s business district. Only the Transjakarta bus can run on Sudirman Avenue.

Outdoor Activity In Jakarta

Outdoor Activity In Jakarta

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Indonesia: Hammocks & Hikes In Indonesia, Asia

Activity architecture asia buildings bus capital business car day off city cityscape crowd day crowd day editorial event exercise fun view from indonesia indonesian people jakarta jogging jogging activity traffic-free landmark office buildings office buildings outdoor pedestrian public transport skyline southeast asian south east asian stall road sudirman sunday sunny tourism transportation travel destinations city tour This should be on the top list for all families living in Jakarta. The Ragunan Zoo is an outdoor area of ​​140 hectares (350 acres) that houses hundreds of animals, including native animals such as the Komodo Dragon, the Orangutan, the Tapir, the Anoa, the Sumatran Tiger , the Banten Wild Ox and many birds, and many and. very green

If you’re not here for the animals, you need to come at least for the lush tropical vegetation it provides. What we like the most is the newest and best designed part of the zoo which is the Schmutzer Primate Center, which is home to various types of Indonesian primates including orangutans, gorillas and chimpanzees, as well as the Children’s Zoo which houses a dozen interesting animals. and play areas.

For more greens, fresher air and more activities, why not go a few hours away from the city center and retire for a few nights in lush vegetation and clean, unpolluted air? There are many campsites around Jakarta such as Bogor and Sukabumi; in this area, children can discover nature in a safe environment, and if you have a larger crowd, they can also facilitate an outbound activity for the whole family. Some of the recommended campsites include Tanakita (Sukabumi), Sayang Heulang (Bandung) and Gunung Pancar (Bogor).

If you don’t feel like buying or loading a camping kit, we recommend you try “glamping” or glamorous camping; where you get all the fun excitement of being outdoors, but without all the hassles of regular camping. He doesn’t even have to cook, put up the tent or even make his bed!

Why Is Indonesia Moving Its Capital From Jakarta To Borneo?

For quick and easy fun, pack a small basket and explore the few green spaces or parks in the city. Making homemade treats and taking a blanket to sit outside and enjoy it can be great! Just wait to explore and you will find the perfect place.

Car-free day is always full of fun and entertainment. Live music, organic markets, street artists, skateboarders, families, friends who are active and healthy up and down Jakarta’s most beautiful street, Sudirman-Thamrin street from 6 to 11 every Sunday, as it is sterilized by all motorized vehicles. Once you try it, you’ll want it done every morning! a great opportunity to walk your 4-legged family members too!

Which is open to the public to go and do many activities. Gunung Mas Tea Plantation is a tea plantation of 540 hectares wide for just a refreshing walk or a number of fun activities like horse riding, cycling etc. 8, as the traffic starts to get thicker. Go as late as possible on a Friday night and spend a night in one of the hotels in Puncak, or go as early as possible on a Saturday or Sunday. For the return trip, the same rule applies: leave as late as possible, or avoid the weekend altogether.

Outdoor Activity In Jakarta

Did you know that Pulau Seribu is still part of DKI Jakarta? A day trip to Pulau Seribu is possible but can be tiring. We advise you to go and choose a resort in one of the most beautiful islands. The key to finding good snorkeling or diving spots in Pulau Seribu is: the farther, the better. Don’t even bother stopping at the overlooked Pramuka or Tidung, instead opt for Pulau Macan or Pulau Harapan, which will take a little longer to get to, but will have better beaches and underwater views.

Dunia Fantasi Ticket In Jakarta

For a slightly more extreme sport, check out Jakarta Climber, a group of wall climbing groups that provide climbing lessons for all ages at Plaza Festival, Kuningan. Children’s class is on Sunday, from 09:00 to 11:00, and the cost is Rp. 100,000 per person/visit.

Our own version of “Disney World” called Dufan. If you are not into adrenaline rides, the food will definitely be worth it, and this is also the only place in Jakarta where you can try to have a beach day! Bring the kids to this park and let them have fun! If the theme park isn’t your thing, there are tons of things to do in the Ancol area like Sea World, the fun eco park, the art market, etc. Tip: avoid on national holidays!

The Hash House Harriers are simply an international group of social clubs running without competition, initially intended to get rid of hangovers and get a new thirst and satisfy in beer, but now this activity has become more suitable for children and means fun for the children the whole family! In Jakarta, this activity is organized by the Jakarta Hash House Harriers and gathers in different parts around Jakarta.

TAMAN MINI remains the all-in-one stop to enjoy the cultural richness and ethnic heritage of Indonesia. An activity for the whole family from young to old is on offer when you take a guided tour of the archipelago in the fascinating Ring of Fire, which consists of over 17,000 islands and 300 different ethnic groups! Here are some of the many things you can do with your kids as an expat family in Jakarta. With so many cultural, historical and entertainment options, Jakarta offers a wide variety of experiences that can keep your family engaged and entertained for days on end.

Where To Stay In Jakarta

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) is good for children because it offers an educational, interactive and fun experience where they can learn about Indonesian culture, history and science through miniature houses, cultural exhibits, museums, playgrounds, a lake, gardens and a cable car. It is a unique and memorable destination that children will enjoy.

While it doesn’t rain all week, being in Jakarta means you have a year-round excuse to splash around in the pool. There are still a few to choose from. Some of our favorites are:

Some of its animal enclosures are in bad condition, but the Ragunan Zoo remains one of Jakarta’s greenest sanctuaries offering 147 hectares of lush plants and trees, which is the closest to nature in Jakarta. In addition to Ragunan, there is also the newest wildlife terrain in Ecopark Ancol, or to go a little further,  Taman Safari Indonesia in Puncak which is in much better condition, with better visited animals.

Outdoor Activity In Jakarta

Bogor Botanical Gardens is a botanical garden in Bogor, Indonesia that offers a variety of activities and attractions for children, including guided tours of the plant collections, several playgrounds, a mini train ride, feeding the fish and turtles in the pond , and special events. and exhibits throughout the year.

Jakarta, Indonesia. 16th Of February 2017. A Voluntary Worker Adjust The Equipments Before Cleaning The Outer Wall Of Istiqlal Mosque Tower In Jakarta, Indonesia. Dozens Of Members Of The Outdoor Activity Enthusiasts

Jakarta Aquarium is a modern aquarium in Indonesia with a diverse collection of marine life from around the world. It offers an interactive experience for children where they can touch and feed marine animals, and also has themed areas that showcase different habitats and ecosystems. The aquarium also has a 4D theater, restaurant and gift shop, making it a great family destination.

6. Enjoy the playgrounds in The Malls 7. Golf in kid-friendly golf courses 8. Visit the National and History museums and other Jakarta museums 9. Ice skating

Skating in Jakarta? Why not? Have a party and have some serious fun on the ice that is sure to make for a memorable time. BX Rink also has an ice hockey team that competes internationally. To join, contact them at (+6221) 2986-4888 or (+62) 856-9754-6080.

10. Have a picnic at Taman Suropati or Taman Menteng or other Jakarta city parks  11. Visit Monas National Monument 12. Take a horse and carriage ride around Kota Tua 13. Experience traditional batik making at Batik Semar 14. Visit Jakarta Planetarium and Observatory 15. . Check out street art in Kemang 16. Take a pottery class at Kemang Pottery 17. Visit Jakarta Cathedral and Istiqlal Mosque 18. Attend a performance at Jakarta Theater 19. Visit Pasar Santa creative center 20 .Learn traditional Indonesian dance at Komunitas. Tari Jakarta 21.

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