Outdoor Activity In Chinese

By | April 26, 2023

Outdoor Activity In Chinese – If you have some free time during your upcoming summer vacation, these Chinese teachers have decided to offer summer camp courses for kids and online or face-to-face Chinese classes for adults.

TC (It’s Chinese) is committed to providing the most professional language learning services as well as the most interesting Chinese cultural activities for Chinese students.

Outdoor Activity In Chinese

Outdoor Activity In Chinese

TC’s summer camp courses combine Chinese language learning with Chinese culture, so that children have a more comprehensive understanding of Chinese culture, Chinese and China.

Chinese Study Finds Outdoor Activities Safe From Covid

The TC Summer Camp for toddlers in 2021 is divided into two phases, each lasting 4 weeks. The first phase is from July 5 to July 31 and the second phase is from August 2 to August 28. You can participate in one of them for 1-4 weeks.

TC Summer Camp is suitable for foreign and ethnic Chinese children who want to learn Chinese, understand Chinese culture and the characteristics of Chengdu. All participants are 5-15 years old. In order to provide a better experience for children, we divide children into elementary and intermediate classes according to the level of Chinese. Each class consists of 3-6 students.

The course is based on the concept of learning through fun, which encourages children more and allows them to quickly pick up practical and practical language.

There are two Chinese lessons every morning on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to ask about practical and interesting Chinese knowledge such as: house and furniture, sports, entertainment such as vegetables and food, doctor’s appointment, Chinese characters, paper. For directions, transportation, weather and seasons, jobs, music and colors!

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In the afternoon, there are cultural experience activities, such as: traditional Chinese culture (Chinese art / musical instrument experience / board games, opera mask painting, etc.); games and sports (badminton and ping pong); And visit some local places and explore.

Friday, Monday will have indoor activities while Wednesday is reserved for outdoor activities. The activities are designed to allow the children to practice using the language skills learned in the morning in real-life situations and complete tasks.

On Saturday, we will organize a day trip where the children should go to the surrounding areas of Chengdu so that they can further expand their language learning and also experience the culture of the Chengdu people. the second half of the day.

Outdoor Activity In Chinese

(3) Take the achievements of various works created by himself as a reminder of his learning progress.

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1. It is a Chinese classroom: Parents send their children to the TC school, and the school will provide all the necessary study and work space. Lunch must be brought by the student. Parents will collect their children at the end of the afternoon activity.

2. We can come to you: If we have a group (at least 3 children) we can come with you wherever you want (lunch not included).

If you have free time during the summer and want to take advantage of your hometown, make new friends and start mastering the language. What are you waiting for?

Our course is divided into two parts. It is spoken in Chinese style, suitable for everyday life. Another type is intensive study for the HSK exam. Both courses will have different levels according to the level of Chinese students.

Mid Autumn Festival Outdoor Activity

With this course, you can learn Chinese vocabulary and expressions in 12 real-life situations, including cafes, hospitals, barbershops, etc., which can help you get along well in life. in China.

In this course you can learn practical vocabulary, real expressions and discuss 12 topics such as travel arrangements, consumption concepts, environmental awareness etc. The course focuses on developing the ability to speak Chinese in paragraphs.

The course uses documentary films as a teaching tool, covering 12 topics such as childbirth, orphans, pension systems, etc. It can train your ability to express yourself freely and clearly and help you gain a deeper understanding. Different social conditions and cultural systems in China.

Outdoor Activity In Chinese

This course focuses on HSK grammar review, emphasis and practice. At the same time, teach relevant skills and techniques. With real exam training, we make sure that you have the right knowledge base to take the HSK exam and get good results.

The Bowdoin Review

Chengdu boasts an impressive array of cuisine, from French wine bars to German breweries to award-winning cocktail bars and everything in between. Mixed emotions fill our chests as we begin college life. To ease this difficult transition, colleges are developing programs of study. At five o’clock in the morning, Bowdoin College students began their journey from Indian Pond to Vinalhaven Island in Maine. For many of them, these early trips are their first time camping, mountain biking, hiking, or swimming in a shallow pool.

Through orientation trips like Bowdoin’s, college freshmen across the Western Hemisphere feel a closer connection to nature as they enter their twenties. Let’s cross the Pacific Ocean and imagine the situation on the opposite side of the earth—China.

At 8 o’clock in the morning, the students gather at the entrance to a stadium that can hold five thousand people. Special speakers are invited to give lectures, usually eminent educators or scientists. Graduates are then rewarded for their outstanding academic or research achievements, and their experiences are shared across schools. Lectures filled the next day, from the school’s history to program introductions, the school’s educational philosophy to career planning. Students get to know each other through group games, crafts and field trips. However, due to security concerns and resource constraints, it is not possible to travel outside the campus.

Although both forms of orientation introduce students to their peers, the school and the environment, the Western model is lighter. By getting close to nature and unplugging digital devices, students temporarily release their stress as they begin college life. Having experienced two types of adaptation and two different cultures, I began to wonder if it would become fashionable in highly industrialized countries, to be culturally “introverted” and still strive for outdoor activities, which often characterize sporty and rural lifestyle. For economic development.

Pdf) Examining Factors Of Health Information Communicant Activeness Of Chinese Residents In Outdoor Activities During Public Health Emergencies

Outdoor walking emerged in Western countries (including the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand) in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. . Outdoor activities are those that rely solely on natural resources with little or no artificial equipment. Common sports include hiking, camping, and canoeing. In the United States, outdoor travel is well established and has high participation rates. According to the Outdoor Foundation’s 2017 Outdoor Participation Report, 144.4 million Americans, or 48.8 percent of the U.S. population, participated in at least one outdoor activity in 2016. outdoor participants in the United States over the age of six, whites outnumber all other races with a participation rate of 73 percent, compared to ten percent of Hispanic Americans, six one percent of Asian Americans, and nine percent of black Americans. This large demographic difference in the central United States may mean that there are differences in outdoor participation between countries, especially developed and developing countries.

China’s natural environment limits access to the outdoors. Buildings and public transport infrastructure have replaced grass and trees. The trails are poorly maintained, making cycling and walking difficult. Only a few clear rivers are fishable. Unlike the United States, which lies between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, China has no land borders except the Pacific Ocean on one side, and a mountainous and sparsely populated western border on the other. one. In addition, northern China is arid and receives water from the South-North Water Diversion Project. This lack of water makes outdoor water sports, including sailing and surfing, very inaccessible.

In addition, financial constraints and the lack of a professional training system hinder development outside of China. Most outdoor tour leaders do not have formal training, nor are they certified as a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) to prepare for emergencies. Most outdoor clubs in China, founded in the 1990s, are still young, immature and unorganized. Additionally, outdoor gear and clothing are often beyond people’s budget. Two LL. Bean shoes account for twenty percent of Beijing’s monthly income, which is $1,040 per month, the highest income in any Chinese city. Equipment and outdoor equipment are very expensive even for the average family. From the same report mentioned above, we see a participation rate of thirty-two percent for people with an income of more than $100,000 per year, while fourteen percent The contribution rate is only one hundred percent for people with incomes below $25,000. This stark contrast between the haves and have-nots in the United States helps us understand how financial factors influence people’s decisions to participate in outdoor sports. Unlike American campuses, where outing clubs like the Bowdoin Outing Club (BOC) train students to develop outdoor skills, Chinese universities have not implemented this training system, due to difficulties financial.

Outdoor Activity In Chinese

At a deeper level, China’s open-air development means regression

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