Outdoor Activities In Quito Ecuador

By | June 10, 2023

Outdoor Activities In Quito Ecuador – Quito’s location in the center of the planet creates an impressive crossroads where Quechua women wear bowler hats and shoulder scarves with smart politicians, fourth-generation artisans and Shamanic healers. It may be a little windy, but the capital manages to combine lively nightlife and culinary views while enjoying the speed of the Andean Islands as well.

Quiteños like to say that there are four seasons in a day, such as a foggy spring morning, giving way to summer afternoons, gentle evenings and winter nights. From June to September there is little rain, hot sun and sunshine. October-May is cooler and a little wetter, but often less crowded and cheaper.

Outdoor Activities In Quito Ecuador

Outdoor Activities In Quito Ecuador

Quito’s biggest and most diverse event is the Fiestas de Quito as the city turns into a full-week party. The event commemorates the founding of the city by the Spanish and begins in late November with the accession of Queen Quito and ends on December 6. On the day of the intervention, 1.7 million Quito residents flooded streets and courtyards to dance. Drink and walk by bus. Live bands on stage, bullfighting at Plaza de Toros and festival-like games ended the festival.

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You will find some of Quito’s best traditional restaurants in the city’s 16th century Centro Histórico (Old Town). Seco de chivo (goat stew) and patacóns (plantain fritters) are Ecuadorian antiquities. Quesadillas quinoas (quesadillas from Quito) that look more like pastries than Mexican quesadilla are a local delicacy and are dipped in hot chocolate. Adventurers should be brave with Asado, an Inca-era specialty (grilled guinea pig) that is still cooked on the spit in the open market.

Involved with Teddy Roosevelt and canal workers in the early 1900s, the “Panama hat” was actually from Ecuador. Today, some of the country’s best hat makers have studios in Quito, including Homero Ortega. Are you hungry? Visit the República del Cacao or Pacari to taste and buy chocolate, one of Ecuador’s most famous (and delicious) exports.

The Quito Metro is currently under construction (scheduled for completion: July 2019), but the best way to experience the city’s narrow Old Town is on foot. Looking for a free bike ride? On Sundays, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., the entire Avenida Amazon and much of Old City are closed to traffic as hundreds of cyclists pedal 18 miles south through the old city of Quito. .

Capture the splendor of Old Town’s pastel colonial buildings and volcanoes by climbing the Notre-Dame-inspired Basilica del Voto.

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Melting fjords, rising avalanches, wildlife. Our photographers capture the effects of the four seasons of climate change in Svalbard, Norway.

The festival celebrated the liberation of the Israelites from Egyptian bondage, but it continued to evolve after the Neo-Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem in 587 BC.

Outdoor Activities In Quito Ecuador

It is not just about looking at the stars. The city shines on monsters like birds, leading to serious collisions and long-term health damage. Apart from the attractions of Galapagos and Quito, there are many things to do in Ecuador. This great country is often overlooked and people forget that there are many interesting things to do there. This is my top recommendation!

From Quito: 4 Day Nature & Culture Tour In Ecuador

Half an hour from downtown Quito you will see the real center of the world – the equator, known as the region.

Spanish. Although the monument and the line that runs under it are tourist traps, the actual equator (at least as shown on the GPS) is 5 minutes away from the museum.

At least there are some lalas running around, but do not be fooled. When you try to get close to them, they run away.

Of course, museums charge a few extra dollars for admission. But if you have already been there, there is no way you will refuse to pay a small fee to get a tour. You try to balance eggs and other experiments related to the equator. It was a lot of fun and we even learned more about Ecuadorian culture and history.

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If you bring a passport, you can get some stamps to prove that you have gone to the center of the world! This place is really worth it!

In the Mindo Cloud Forest you can see many species of plants, birds and mammals. You can volunteer at the Eco Guesthouse or even the Great Cups.

A trip to the Amazon from Ecuador is cheaper than doing it from Brazil or Peru, but it will not be a luxury. You can not visit Amazon on your own, so your only option is a tour. You can choose whether you want to go on a 3, 4 or 5 day tour and how far you want to go in the jungle.

Outdoor Activities In Quito Ecuador

I wandered the jungle for 4 days and will never do it again with this tour company. My team got lost in the woods, but I knew others were unlucky. The Amazon rainforest itself is amazing and I would definitely recommend visiting. Actually, I can not wait to come back!

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You can not miss the Otavalo Market when visiting Ecuador. It’s a great shopping opportunity and cultural experience at the same time. The market is open daily, but the best time to visit is on the Saturday before 6am. It may sound crazy, but believe me, it’s worth it!

Most travelers choose to stay the night before. You can buy everything at the market, including lama fur clothing as well as local food.

This is the only day you can see the animal market! The animal market is definitely a great experience, but it looks a bit amazing. Sounds can be heard that pigs and guinea pigs are reluctantly brought home by their new owners. You can buy a cow or two if you want to hear

Cotopaxi is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. The 5897-meter-high mountain has erupted more than 50 times since the 18th century. Do not worry, this volcano has not erupted since World War II, so there is very little chance that it will erupt during your visit.

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The best way to get there is to book a trip from Kito. But you can also go on your own and hire a local guide. The tour takes you to the foot of the mountain where you can start walking.

Tip: Do not book before you go to Ecuador! Like the Rainbow Mountains in Peru, there are many agencies that offer cheaper tours than you spend in your home country. Just walk around the Mariscal area of ​​Quito and choose your itinerary.

You can walk only 500 meters, it is not an easy walk. The height is very high, so you have to walk slowly to avoid getting sick.

Outdoor Activities In Quito Ecuador

A simple tour does not allow you to climb to the top, as it requires a lot of preparation and climbing experience. Obviously only 50% of all mountaineering people do it, but that’s just what I read and can not confirm.

Things To Do In Quito

Baños is 175 km from Quito and travelers love this place. This small town in southern Ecuador attracts all kinds of travelers, from those who love luxury to those who carry a budget. Because it has everything.

Ba បន្ទប់ទឹកos offers many inexpensive spa facilities. Massage prices approx. $ 25 with hot water. You can find them in any corner of the city.

If you dare to drop off the bridge for only $ 15! For those of you who are not very daring, I would like to introduce the world famous rock dance.

If you want to visit the most beautiful beaches of South America, Ecuador should be your choice. Most foreigners here live in the quiet little Olon, but as a tourist you should visit nearby Montanita. There are nightlife, restaurants, Spanish schools and skiing lessons.

Amazing Things To Do In Quito, Ecuador

Before I decided to go to Galapagos on my own, I researched if I could see some wildlife on land. To my surprise, I found a place to see blue-legged breasts (do not ask why they call them boobies!) And iguanas.

The Isla de la Plata, often referred to as Poor Man’s Galapagos, is easily accessible by boat from Puerto Lopez. It is a good place to walk for a few hours and see some wildlife if you have the budget.

Great deal! I enjoy a trip to Ecuador and think it is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries !!

Outdoor Activities In Quito Ecuador

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