Outdoor Activities In Quezon Province

By | August 11, 2023

Outdoor Activities In Quezon Province – The tourist spots of Quezon province feature sandy coastlines, rugged mountains, rich culture and strong spirituality. These are some of the reasons why the province of Quezon is worth visiting.

Not to be confused with Quezon City, Quezon Province is located in the Calabarzon region of Luzon Island. It is named after Manuel L. Quezon, the first freely elected president of the Philippines and the second president in history.

Outdoor Activities In Quezon Province

Outdoor Activities In Quezon Province

The province is located 110 to 130 kilometers southeast of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. It takes only 2 to 3 hours to reach there from the national capital. Quezon’s accessibility and proximity to Manila is another reason why the province has become a popular weekend destination.

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The beaches and islands of Quezon are underrated but beautiful. Some of them receive little attention from tourists, so they still preserve their unspoiled environment. Many of them are home to some of the best resorts near Manila.

Many monuments in the province of Quezon have great cultural and historical significance for the country. The Filipino people’s devotion to religion and spirituality is also very evident here.

If you want to maximize your visit to the province, here are the best tourist spots in Quezon Province to visit with the help of Quezon Tours.

Boracay is a great getaway spot for people living in Metro Manila. It is a small island off the coast of Barangay Lipata, Padre Burgos.

Kamayan Sa Palaisdaan

Established in 2013, Borawan Island is one of Quezon’s most popular beaches. The sand on its shores is powdery white, comparable to Boracay. Actually, the name Borawan is a combination of Boracay and Palawan. Aside from sand like Boracay, the island also has giant rock formations similar to Palawan.

Although Borawan is a popular destination for overnight campers, it also has outdoor villas, a restaurant and a hotel. Some of these villas can accommodate 10 to 15 people.

The resort management offers packages that include boat transfers and island hopping tours. It is an ideal place for families and group travelers. While on the island, guests can grill their own food and rent tents. The island is a great place to relax and unwind. It offers a remote atmosphere, away from the city and all the modern nuances. Borawan is popular with overnight campers. Tents are usually pitched on the shore. You can rent a tent or bring your own. For shorter visits, you can book a Boracay day tour from Manila.

Outdoor Activities In Quezon Province

Sunshine Farm is a sunflower farm located in Lali, Tiang Quezon. It is located a few hundred meters from Villa Escudero, another famous place in the province. The farm opened in February 2018 and planted 4,000 sunflower seeds.

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The farm quickly gained popularity in Quezon not only because of its beauty but because of its uniqueness. The purpose of this farm is to provide livelihoods for Persons with Disabilities (PWD). Many of Sunshine Farm’s employees are disabled. Agriculture tries to give them hope and opportunity. The owner of the farm, Rhodora Palomar-Fresnedi, is a well-known PWD advocate.

A visit to this farm usually involves walking around the property filled with hundreds of sunflowers. Sunshine Farm is a popular location for photo shoots and small events. Visitors usually take pictures of the farm’s beautiful flowery landscape.

Be sure to wear light clothing and protect yourself from water and sunlight during your visit. Note that the number of sunflowers that bloom depends on the time of year. If you want to see hundreds of blooms, the best months to visit are April and May.

Sunflowers are available for purchase. You can stop at the farm shop for souvenirs and gifts. A portion of the proceeds from agricultural produce supports sustainable livelihood programs for persons with disabilities.

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UGU Bigyan’s Pottery Garden is another unique attraction in Quezon. Located in the town of Tiang, the site was the private home of renowned ceramic artist Augusto “Ugu” Bigyan. Augusto eventually converted his residence into a ceramic workshop studio, art gallery and restaurant.

The open grounds and architecture of UGU Bigyan make it an attractive place. The main house has large windows and red brick walls. Some huts are made of red bricks and nipa roofs. The look and feel of these structures complement the verdant environment filled with large trees.

The site opens its doors to visitors who wish to explore the garden and its potted grounds. There is a shop where you can buy handmade pottery and other souvenirs. She also offers regular pottery workshops to the public. The restaurant section is located in the garden area and has an open Balinese style design. This restaurant specializes in serving Asian cuisine.

Outdoor Activities In Quezon Province

You must book in advance to join the workshops or eat in their restaurant. Rooms are available on site for overnight retreats and overnight stays.

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UGU is located at Bigyan’s Pottery Garden, Alvarez Village, Barangay Lusacan Tiaong. From Metro Manila, the garden complex is about 110 kilometers away, a 3-hour drive if you use the Pan-Philippine Highway.

Lucena Cathedral is one of Quezon’s iconic landmarks. The original church was built in 1884. However, the church was rebuilt in May 1887 after the first structure was destroyed by fire.

Lucena Cathedral remains one of the oldest churches in the province. It was the seat of the bishop of Lucena. The official name of the cathedral is St. Ferdinand Cathedral Parish and its patron saint is St. Ferdinand III. He was a 13th century monk from Castile.

Although it has undergone several renovations, the Lucena Cathedral has retained its colonial appearance and charm. Among its most striking features are the high ceiling and the magnificent altar, which contains a large figure of Jesus Christ on the cross.

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The cathedral is a much-loved structure in Lucena and a symbol of the locals’ devotion to Catholicism. The cathedral hosts daily masses, but Sundays are especially busy as more families go to church and pray as part of their Sunday routine. Due to its central location, locals prefer to use the church as a meeting place.

During your visit, take the opportunity to go inside the church and admire its well-preserved architecture. You can also walk around the grounds and see how the locals go about their daily lives in the busiest part of town.

Lucena Cathedral is located in Barangay Poblacion in the central area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLucena City. Located along Quezon Avenue.

Outdoor Activities In Quezon Province

If you’re looking for a food-based attraction in Quezon, consider Kamayan sa Palaisdan. The name derives from the Filipino practice of eating seafood with bare hands.

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Founders Rosauro delos Santos and Evangeline delos Santos opened Camayan sa Palaisdon in 1991 as a small fish pond and barbecue place. The business quickly grew into a floating restaurant.

Today, Camayan sa Palaisdon is one of the most popular resorts in the province of Quezon. The tourist complex has a hotel, three restaurants, two cafes, a bar, two swimming pools and an eco-park.

The main thing to do at the resort is to dine at the main floating restaurant Kamayan Sa Palaisdon. This restaurant section consists of 60 rustic villas floating on a man-made pond. The menu here consists mainly of local cuisine and the variety of seafood that Tayabas Quezon is famous for. Some popular dishes include “inihav na hito” (grilled catfish) and pla-pla (tilapia fish), which come from the pond.

While dining at Kamayan, you can enjoy the green scenery and cool breeze. The owners try to keep their prices reasonable so that locals can still afford them. The resort offers free WiFi and self parking. There are function rooms designed for meetings and group events.

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In addition to dining, you can spend more time at the Kamayan sa Palaisdan complex and enjoy activities such as hiking, swimming, and horseback riding.

The Little Basilica of St. Michael the Archangel is the largest Roman Catholic church in Quezon. Located in the city of Tayabas, the original structure of this church was built in 1585.

Tourists visit the basilica for its massive size, long history and unique design. The plan of the church has a key shape. This is why locals often call the small basilica “Susi ng Tayabas” (Key of Tayabas).

Outdoor Activities In Quezon Province

The National Historical Institute declared the basilica a National Historic Landmark in 1978. The National Museum of the Philippines recognized it as a natural cultural treasure in 2001. It has undergone many repairs and renovations over the centuries, but retains unique features such as the church clock and the island. tall.

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The church clock in the belfry was erected in the 18th century. Many consider it one of the oldest in Asia. About 50 cm high and 42 m wide, this clock attracts a large old bell. The minor aisles of the basilica stretch approximately 103 meters (338 ft), making it the longest church aisle in the country.

The general consensus is that the Minor Basilica of St. Michael the Archangel is one of the most beautiful churches in the country. until