Outdoor Activities In Qatar

By | June 17, 2023

Outdoor Activities In Qatar – Local inbound tours and Qatar-based adventure programs 365 Adventures Qatar by Kompas Peninsula Tourism is ready to offer more than 60 experiences across the country.

Established in 2016 and licensed by the Qatar National Tourism Board, 365 Adventures has become the choice for expats and tourists visiting Qatar to experience unique attractions in Qatar.

Outdoor Activities In Qatar

Outdoor Activities In Qatar

Dividing Qatar’s geography into 4 sectors, South, North, East and West, the company’s offering is unique in terms of areas that can be explored by land, sea or air activities.

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In the south, it mainly covers city tours and landscapes such as Al Wakrah and Souq Al Wakrah, with a particular focus on the 2022 FIFA World Cup stadiums, including the Al Thumama and Al Junoub stadiums designed by the award-winning Zaha Hadid. the experience. further down to Mesaieed, Sealine Beach and the Indhavet.

In the east, it includes the city of Doha, the picturesque Doha skyline, the Museum of Islamic Art, the Msheireb Museum, the National Museum of Qatar, the Qatar Foundation, the State Mosque, Al Safliyah Island, the Pearl of Qatar, Lusail, Al Aaliyah Island, the Dhow Port and other areas around the city.

In the West, explorers can see Richard Sierra’s famous East-West/West-East artwork at Zekreet and the Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum, Film City, Al Maha Oryx Reserve, Ghost Town. as a beach towards the west coast of Qatar including and not limited to Umm Bab, Dukhan and Zekreet.

The North is one of the most exciting places for adventure seekers with many activities and places to visit including Al Bayt Stadium, Al Zubarah Fort, Al Thakhira Mangroves, Purple Island, Al Khor Fishing Port, Al Jumayl and the ancient Al Areesh. ruins, as well as Ras Rakkan Island.

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In terms of activities, the company offers unique activities at this location for individuals, families and larger groups.

On land activities such as camel safaris, desert safaris, desert camps, guided city tours by bus and luxury cars, heritage tours, guided tours of museums and heritage sites, golf course experiences, bike tours, walking tours, food tours. along with portable camping options and RVs are on the list.

While 365 Adventures at Sea will bring local and family adrenaline seekers to Qatar’s Arabian Sea coast by offering island visits and tours, cruises including yachts, traditional Qatari dhows and speedboats, specially organized fishing trips, diving, wakeboarding, snorkeling, stand. -up paddleboarding and kayaking.

Outdoor Activities In Qatar

Aerial experiences on offer include joyrides in single engine aircraft as well as paratrices. Many experiences can be combined with others and add-ons can be added not only to increase the time but also the quality of the experience, making them a day, a night or a multi-day package.

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Transport facilities are also available to areas outside Doha city. Groups can be transported in both luxury cars and regular vehicles from the choice of 4 to 50 seats.

In addition, experiences for larger groups according to the latest additions from the government are also available. This experience is not only offered off-site, but can also be a conjugate experience between online and on-site or a complete online experience.

For adventure seekers, families and groups of friends who want to try something new but experience a fun outdoor activity, contact the 365 Adventures team on WhatsApp or call 33393323.

We have compiled a list of some iftar and suhoor deals and offers at hotels in Qatar.

Sealine Qatar Activities

Check out this list of great events, activities and souqs in Qatar for the holy month of Ramadan.

If you are a non-Muslim or who cannot fast due to illness, pregnancy and other reasons, there are some rules to keep in mind.

Ramadan in Qatar is rooted in religious and cultural traditions, including the Garangao celebration for children and the daily firing of Ramadan cannons or iftar cannons. Here you can witness this ancient Islamic tradition. There are some activities to keep you wondering outdoors in Qatar. These activities include windsurfing, sandboarding, kitesurfing, block karting, diving, desert driving and fishing. This activity takes place all year round due to the warm and subtropical climate. The details given include water sports, sand sports and nature reserve as below:

Outdoor Activities In Qatar

Qatar has spectacular beaches and therefore water sports are a part of Qatri life due to the warmth of the water and the long coastline. Qatar has good water sports infrastructure and relevant lessons are usually available.

Where To Enjoy Outdoor Activities In Qatar

Kitesurfing and windsurfing are both quite popular in Qatar, in addition to the fact that the country does not have much wind. As and when the shamal wind blows, which is basically a northwesterly wind that blows over Iraq and the Arab Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. These winds are often strong during the day, but their intensity decreases at night as summer conditions can support windsurfing. In this way, kitesurfing is usually a better choice as it can be enjoyed in lighter winds and is quite easy to learn, especially for experienced windsurfers. Qatar’s warm waters make water sports great fun. Fuwairit Beach is 80 km north of Doha and the beautiful lagoon in Zeekret is especially good to start with. Both places are good for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Sailing is quite popular in the Arabian Gulf, while the Qatar International Regatta is an event held every year to attract sailors from all over the world. Doha Sailing Club encourages sport in the Gulf to train at all levels by holding competitions and social gatherings for rowing and sailing across the region. Qatar offers facilities for various classes of boats, including lasers and optimists. Doha Sailing Club also offers windsurfing learning facilities. The Doha Sailing Club website also has information on upcoming weather and tides in the area. The association also holds monthly and weekly competitions for laser class boats.

The warm and clear water in the Gulf invites you to dive and is a breeding ground for marine life. Expert divers can see a variety of fish, dolphins, sea snakes, turtles and rays when diving in the ocean.

Normally, diving activities are limited near the coast, while there are also various wrecks to explore far from the coast. A popular dive site is Old Club Reef, located in Messaid, close to Sealine Beach Resort. It has an artificial reef and is a great place to see blue angelfish followed by grouper and barracuda. New Club Reef is nearby and the site is also good for diving, although divers do not see many fish at this site. There are many fish in the Indian Ocean, which are in Udaid because the whole place is protected by corals. Some people who might like to explore wrecks in the sea should visit Al-Sharqi near Halool Island. Clownfish and other species can be seen around the metal wreckage found submerged there.

Outdoor Activities To Indulge In When Visiting Qatar

Beginner divers can use the skills offered by the many training centers along Qatar’s coast, where equipment is also available for hire. The sea is generally calm and makes Qatar a special place for diving. A number of diving clubs around encourage like-minded people to come together and provide regular organized diving events.

Fishing in Qatar is a very popular sport. The water in the open sea has several hundred species of fish such as angelfish, dorado, puffer, mackerel and hammerhead in the water. Many hotels in Doha also offer charter boats for fishing.

Qatar as a desert country, there are several desert sports, some of them are very popular among the people.

Outdoor Activities In Qatar

Blokart is a wind powered go kart and was invented in New Zealand in 2000. It is now a fast growing sailing sport. People experience sailing on land as they do at sea and enjoy racing as karts go very fast. It was introduced in Qatar in 2006 in the desert and on the Qatri beach. Doha Sailing Club is the place to go for various opportunities and information about the event.

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Sand skiing is popular for skidding and running through dunes as people do skiing in general. Khor Al Adaid or the Inland Sea has several large sand dunes that are good for sand skiing and boarding. The area is deep in the desert and can be reached by 4×4 vehicle preferably with a guide or tour operator. Sandboarding is like snowboarding, except it takes place on dunes instead of mountains. Qatar’s beaches and deserts offer endless sporting opportunities. Sealine Beach Resort is one of the popular places to enjoy sandboarding. Doha has several desert travel agents that organize trips into the desert.

Exploring the desert with a four-wheel automatic vehicle or a quad bike or even a dune buggy and then camping in the desert has been popular since time immemorial. Some tour operators offer guided tours to see in the evening or even spend the night there. Some operators offer desert driving lessons for beginner off-roaders, and there are also some off-road driving clubs that use 4×4 vehicles. Some enthusiastic expats are also connected