Outdoor Activities In Hong Kong

By | July 13, 2023

Outdoor Activities In Hong Kong – A city of lights, great food and shopping until you drop, Hong Kong has so much more to discover than just the usual activities.

If you didn’t know it before, nature is abundant in different districts and areas, and Hong Kong is surrounded by many small islands that are great for day trips.

Outdoor Activities In Hong Kong

Outdoor Activities In Hong Kong

A former British colony until the late 20th century, it has an interesting mix of culture and heritage, especially in its architectural features.

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Spend the day temple hopping, photographing street art and visiting galleries and museums, many of which are extremely innovative.

When it comes to food, foodies are in heaven. Try unique street food or discover more than 70 Michelin-awarded restaurants across Hong Kong.

The nightlife here is insanely cool, and the city has its own feel with its skyscrapers and twinkling lights.

Since Hong Kong is full of fun and interesting things to do, start planning your trip to the “Global City of Asia” or “Fragrant Habor” as it is also fondly called.

Things You Must Do In Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame is located on the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, and its Walk of Stars honors famous local celebrities.

When Bruce Lee appeared on the screens in the 1980s, actors from this part of the world were in the spotlight, and some of the first local film stars went on to star in major Hollywood blockbusters.

Some famous stars include Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, John Woo, Ann Hui and Andy Lau.

Outdoor Activities In Hong Kong

Capture the 4.5 meter high Hong Kong Film Award sculpture or the animated golden McDull character.

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Enjoy the best panorama of the city from here, and at night don’t miss the light symphony show that dances from the buildings.

Consisting of a monopoly of skyscrapers, you’ll want to see a unique view of the city from above when you travel to Hong Kong.

Take the city’s fastest elevator to the 100th floor of the Sky100 building and step into the observatory for a 360-degree view of Hong Kong below.

Floor-to-ceiling glass windows create wonderful vantage points, and different parts of the city can be viewed from different angles of the room, such as the harbor, islands and architectural structures.

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Enter interactive zones such as the VR (virtual reality) experience in the Sky High Tech Zone or learn about local stories and legends through the multimedia story wall.

For something a little more unusual, enjoy afternoon tea at Cafe 100 at the Ritz-Carlton, which is also located on the observation deck.

After all, Hong Kong is an island and its harbor is its main attraction. The city seems to extend around Victoria Harbour, which is located in the middle and separates Hong Kong Island from the Kowloon Peninsula.

Outdoor Activities In Hong Kong

Discover what Hong Kong looks like from the water and enjoy the views and night lights on an evening cruise.

Ocean Park (hong Kong)

From the harbor, see the city’s famous landmarks, such as the 484-meter-tall International Trade Center, Hong Kong’s tallest building.

Serving as an important port for more than 120 years, Victoria Harbor is named after Britain’s Queen Victoria, who reigned until 1901.

Today it is one of the largest harbors in the world and is considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

Hong Kong’s highest hill is about 550 meters above sea level and overlooks the western side of the island, architectural and sea scenes.

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Learn through 15 exhibits in the Peak Tram History Gallery, which contains 200 artifacts related to the island’s history and culture.

Standing out among the trees is the modern Peak Tower building, which houses restaurants, shops and even a selfie studio.

Ride 396 meters above the ground, travel from the Peak Tower to Sky Terrace 428.

Outdoor Activities In Hong Kong

Located 428 meters above sea level, fall in love with the Love Locks installation or enjoy the views from Hong Kong’s highest viewpoint.

Family Friendly Outdoor Activities To Do In Hong Kong

For a completely different experience, visit Victoria Peak in the evening when all the city lights come on.

It is a known fact that Hong Kong was a former British colony until 1997… It is not even 30 years ago…

Feel your taste buds and decide if a food tour is right for you after learning about Hong Kong’s rich food history.

Choose a small group or private tour and sample Hong Kong’s iconic dishes and snacks, such as dumplings, noodle soups, pineapple buns, egg tarts, milk tea and other delicious treats.

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From diners to street vendors, visit some of the city’s most famous eateries and learn about the secret ingredients used in local dishes.

Some tours also include an expedition to a wet market and a visit to a herbal shop.

The museum originally housed the city’s most respected collections of historical artifacts, as well as art collections.

Outdoor Activities In Hong Kong

The two categories were split in 1975 and the Hong Kong Museum of History officially received its name.

Best Things To Do In Hong Kong

Moving from City Hall to a building in Kowloon Park and finally to its current location in Tsim Sha Tsui in 1998, the museum has collected over 140,000 relics, heirlooms, documents and antiquities over the years.

Divided into three main themes, learn about ancient eras and culture dating back 400 million years through the natural history, ethnology and local history collections.

The Hong Kong Story is the star of the exhibition and the permanent exhibition is the largest and longest in the museum.

Step back in time and explore the Han and Qing dynasties, learn about the First Opium War, the Japanese invasion and the partition of Hong Kong.

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Mixing the old with the new, the museum has used amazing modern technology to create interactive features.

No, you’re not in Brighton, but Hong Kong’s observation wheel definitely has that harbor feel.

Jump into one of the Ferris wheel carts and spin up to 60 meters in the air and admire the surrounding views.

Outdoor Activities In Hong Kong

They offer fitness and wellness classes at the park, including Zumba, senior yoga, boot camp, kids fitness classes and more.

Fun Facts About Hong Kong

Dive into the boardwalks for views as you cross the ocean and take the cable car around Hong Kong’s largest island, Ngong Ping 360.

On Lantau Island (accessible from the city center via the MRT), sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery between Tung Chung in the north and Ngong Ping Lantau in the west.

The standard option is a gondola for a mixed group, while a private cabin is just for your travel group.

If you want something extra, the Crystal Cabin has an all-glass floor where you can watch the Earth spin.

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With a total of almost six kilometers, the cable car takes 25 minutes from one end to the other.

Commonly referred to as the “Big Buddha”, once you gasp at the sheer size of Tian Tan, you’ll understand why.

The world’s largest bronze seated Buddha is 34 meters high on Lantau Island and was completed in 1993 after 10 years of construction.

Outdoor Activities In Hong Kong

Right next to the Big Buddha is Po Lin Monastery, the Buddhist monastery that helped create the world-famous statue.

Fun Activities In Hong Kong

First established in 1906, the monastery has become extremely popular in recent years, with thousands now flocking to the famous Hong Kong site next door.

This is a good thing, because the monastery’s purpose has always been to help develop and promote Chinese Buddhist practices and teachings.

Admire the architectural features of Po Lin, the monastery is characterized by spiritual halls, altars and pagodas.

Go to the Bible Library, where you will find the 1735 AD texts, and continue to the main hall of the Buddha Temple, where three golden Buddhas are encased in glass.

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Other shrines include the Arhat Hall, the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara Hall and the Great Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas.

Outside, drive past two pagodas, pass the Po Lin Lotus Pond, and dive into the Orchid Garden.

To complete the experience, join the monks for a vegetarian meal in the Fat Ho Memorial Hall, the monastery’s dining hall.

Outdoor Activities In Hong Kong

Lantau Island has many iconic things to do in Hong Kong, so enjoy a visit to the traditional fishing village of Tai O on a day trip to this part of Hong Kong.

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Feel like you’ve stepped back in time in a sleepy town that seems untouched by modern society.

Besides the local life on this part of the island, there are more things to do and see around Tai O, and you can even spend the night there.

The most popular activity is a boat ride through the fishing village to take photos and chat with the locals.

Looking for a beautiful beach that is not crowded but still has life? Pui O Beach is a perfect combination of both.

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The soft sand is perfect for a day of working on your tan, building sand castles and playing beach volleyball or soccer.

The sea at Pui O is always very flat, with small foam waves breaking on the shore, creating a great place for families and small children.

Don’t be surprised to see the majestic water buffalo pass by…they are known to roam the beach.

Outdoor Activities In Hong Kong

It consists of both an outdoor museum and an indoor exhibition,

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