Outdoor Activities In Hawaii

By | May 30, 2023

Outdoor Activities In Hawaii – While it’s not easy to limit our outdoor activities on Maui – is there really any other way?

With an average of 200,000 visitors per month, May is a hot spot for tourists for sightseeing, adventure and tropical vacations. And it’s safe to say that most travelers don’t spend every waking moment outdoors enjoying the endless sights, sounds, and smells of Hawaii’s paradise.

Outdoor Activities In Hawaii

Outdoor Activities In Hawaii

We’ve done our best to give you some ideas to liven up your next trip to Maui. Hello and enjoy!

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If surfing didn’t make this list, it would be a very confusing list. One of the most culturally relevant and fun activities you can take part in when visiting Maui is surfing. If you’ve never tried it, don’t worry!

Private surfing lessons in Maui are the perfect way to make new memories and new skills from your last trip. For those with more experience, there are some great Maui surf spots that are perfect for intermediate and advanced levels.

While it’s important to remember proper surfing etiquette on Maui, it’s also important to see how much fun it is to learn to surf in the birthplace of surfing.

Kayaking is one of the best ways to explore any body of water, but if you’ve never kayaked in the ocean, Maui is the place to try. It is not only a convenient way to reach the outer coast

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Town, Town, Olowalu and Honolua Bay, but it also offers sightings of Hawaiian green sea turtles, Hawaiian bottlenose dolphins, Hawaiian monk seals and humpback whales in the winter. !

While kayak rentals are available all over the island, it pays to know the best places to get out on the water, not to mention the best swimming techniques to keep you safe in the ocean. Join one of our Maui kayak tours and let our marine and lifeguards show you the beauty of Maui by kayak.

One of the most valuable things you can do on a trip to Hawaii is to learn about the historical culture and practices of Hawaii and its people. Not only is canoeing the official team sport of the state of Hawaii, but it has been around since 200 BC, when the first Polynesian explorers set out in search of new lands. Today, canoeing, surfing, and kayaking are popular activities on Maui that many visitors want to try for themselves.

Outdoor Activities In Hawaii

Hawaiian Paddle Sports offers great canoe tours throughout South and West Maui, including whale watching, snorkeling, and canoeing, and each tour includes an explanation of the cultural significance of the sport, as well as instruction on proper paddling. includes instructions and Hawaiian rules.

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A fast-growing sport on Maui, stand-up paddleboarding (or SUP) is one of the most fun ways to explore the ocean while visiting the island. Enjoy Maui’s beautiful coastline from a vantage point to view some of Maui’s most famous marine life. If you have never been in the ocean before, we recommend a private SUP lesson to learn the best stand-up and stand-up techniques.

For those with SUP experience, a tour with a certified guide is the best way to find the best places to board on Maui. SUP is a low-impact activity and fun for visitors of all levels – try it and feel good afterwards.

If you consider yourself an outdoor enthusiast, Maui has some of the best and most scenic hiking trails in the country. Learn them! Some of our most recommended hikes on Maui include the Pipivai Trail in Kipahulu, where you’ll wind your way through a bamboo forest to reach a 400-foot waterfall, as well as Haleakala Crater, Waihi Troika, and the Yaao Valley Slippery Sand Trail. Trail and others.

No matter your fitness level, there is a Maui hiking trail to meet your needs. From lush forest landscapes to rugged lava fields, panoramic mountain views, and barren and volcanic landscapes, Maui has it all. Just remember to bring proper walking shoes and plenty of water!

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One of the most popular dive sites in all of Hawaii is Molokini Crater, a volcanic atoll located 3 miles off the south coast of Maui. Although it can be reached by kayak or canoe, most travelers choose to take a morning boat tour to visit Moloki. With views that exceed 180 feet, an array of endemic marine life, and usually sheltered from strong winds and waves, snorkeling

A must for those who want to experience Maui’s underwater scenery, the most exciting…

Molokini was once an ancient Hawaiian fishing ground that was recently used by the US military for bombing practice during World War II. In 1977, it was classified as a Marine Life Conservation District, allowing for the gradual regrowth of reefs, marine life, and birds within the crater itself. Today, Molokini sees about 1,000 visitors a day, including snorkelers and divers, thanks to its convenient location and unparalleled views.

Outdoor Activities In Hawaii

Most visitors don’t think of mountain biking when they visit a tropical island, but Maui really is a great place to learn to ride a bike. Join a bike tour to explore the slopes of Haleakala Volcano, 29 miles by 23 miles, or rent a bike to explore on your own.

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Some of our favorite places to mountain bike on Maui are the Kahakapao Trails in Makawao Forest, the Mamane Trail in Poli Poli (Kula Forest Preserve), and the West Maui Loop for advanced bikers.

Ziplining is a fun, family-friendly activity on Maui and a great way to experience the beauty of Maui. Hike through Maui’s eucalyptus forests on the slopes of Haleakala Volcano or atop a natural mountain pool in the West Maui Mountains and enjoy the scenery as you go!

We recommend Piiholo’s 6-line Canopy Zipline Tour or the 8-line Kaanapali Skyline Adventure located in Upcountry and West Maui, respectively. Certified guides are available to make sure you zip safely and have lots of fun in the process.

Sunset on Maui is not just a time of day, it’s an activity. While you can enjoy a Maui sunset from anywhere on the island, a boat ride with cocktails, food and good company makes it even better.

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Trilogy Excursions offers a romantic sunset excursion that includes a 4-course meal, open bar and private table on an intimate catamaran that departs from Maalaea Harbor three times a week. The service is always very friendly and a portion of every ticket sale goes towards Blue Aina’s monthly reef cleanup program. Recommended for a romantic evening on the ocean!

While the outdoor activities in Maui seem endless, you probably didn’t come to the middle of the Pacific Ocean to see and do all the time. Whatever your paradise itinerary is, make sure you plan one of the most important outdoor activities. with 81

While you can find beaches in every area of ​​the island, some of our favorite beaches for relaxation and recreation include Kaanapali Beach, Napili Bay, Baldwin Beach, Charlie Young, Big Beach, and Hamoa Beach. Don’t forget to bring SPF, reef-proof water and litter when you go. Remember, if in doubt, don’t go out!

Outdoor Activities In Hawaii

Click here to read our list of 10 outdoor activities in Maui. We look forward to sharing the beauty of our island with each of our guests and hope to see you out on the ocean with us soon! What outdoor activities have we missed? Let us know in the comments below. For families, Hawaii is a children’s playground filled with tons of activities and experiences that reimagine the classic family vacation. Hawaii’s beauty (besides the lush vegetation and miles of beautiful beaches, of course) has something for all ages and personalities—whether it’s a water park for energetic toddlers or swimming with dolphins for adventurous kids. , or a national park for curious teenagers and young adults. The best part: these attractions are fun not just for kids, but for the whole family.

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While tourists have faced significant changes to the island as a result of the pandemic, Hawaii’s safe travel restrictions are no longer in effect and families can once again travel freely to the state without any COVID-related requirements. TL; DR: It’s time to step up for a Hawaiian family vacation. Here are some fun ideas to do in Hawaii with kids.

Do you have a Disney lover on your hands? A great breakfast at Disney’s Aulani Resort on Oahu is a must, especially considering that the experience is now open to all Disney fans (compared to during the pandemic, when it was limited to resort guests only after it reopened in May). The fun begins at check-in, where guests enter to greet and take photos with Mickey Mouse.