Outdoor Activities In Edmonton

By | April 10, 2023

Outdoor Activities In Edmonton – As someone who has lived in Edmonton Alberta for over 15 years, I really had no idea what the city had to offer after I moved.

I’ve put together a list of fun things to do in Edmonton this summer, hoping to inspire you to get out and explore more.

Outdoor Activities In Edmonton

Outdoor Activities In Edmonton

After another long Alberta winter, I think we owe it to ourselves to do more this summer!

Fun Things To Do In Edmonton In Winter

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Last summer I went berry picking for the first time in years and was quickly reminded of what a fun summer activity it is.

We picked raspberries at Horse Hill Berry Farm and made our own red jam which is the most delicious red jam I have ever tasted.

The Best Playgrounds & Parks In Edmonton

Not only will you make some great jam (or delicious snacks), but picking raspberries really is such a fun summer activity.

The farm is open for berry picking in mid-July, but be sure to check their website before they claim to be open.

We loved picking berries at Mountain Berry Farm and are definitely planning to make it a fun summer activity this year.

Outdoor Activities In Edmonton

Growing up in Edmonton, one of my family’s activities was visiting Fort Edmonton Park every summer.

Best Things To Do In Edmonton (alberta, Canada)

In fact, I even spent a summer there, spending my days running around camp and camp, pretending to be a schoolgirl.

I’ve done banning, I’m happy with seniors and overall I’m very vocal (to be honest, I don’t fit yellow).

Although Fort Edmonton Park was closed for renovations last year, it is now open and has several new interactive exhibits for you to enjoy!

If you think this is the same Fort Edmonton you once visited, get ready to be proven wrong.

Edmonton Travel Guide

Even though I have lived in Edmonton for 15 years, you may be surprised to hear that I have never visited Elk Island National Park until this year. Oh wrong!

Located about an hour’s drive outside of Edmonton, a visit to Elk Island National Park is the perfect summer day trip that’s fun for the whole family!

Not only are these gardens award-winning, they are Edmonton’s (and the region’s) largest botanical gardens.

Outdoor Activities In Edmonton

They also run all kinds of events (like twilight picnics!) so keep an eye on their site to see what kind of things are coming up this summer.

Environment Canada Discourages Outdoor Activities Due To Drifting Smoke In Edmonton

How can I write a guide to the best things to do in Edmonton this summer without including the summer patio?

Summer is so short, we local Albertans love to spend every second at a restaurant or outdoor patio, sipping summer cocktails and enjoying incredible food.

In my opinion, the best indoor experience in Edmonton is the terrace at the Fairmont Macdonald Hotel.

Mello’s stunning Confederation Lounge is surrounded by gardens and has an incredible view of the valley below.

Winter Bliss Edmonton Trails Nature Edmonton River Valley

I highly recommend you visit The Terrace at Macdonald Hotel at least once this summer. It is truly an extraordinary site.

Fun fact: I was one of the attendees at the 100th anniversary party at the Fairmont McDonald’s Hotel and we took a group photo indoors. If you browse the halls, you’ll eventually see a photo of that celebration – see if you can spot me!

From mid-August you can visit the sunflower field in the Edmonton Corn Maze and have fun with the sunflowers.

Outdoor Activities In Edmonton

Take some photos for your gram, buy some sunflowers to take home, pet the animals and enjoy an afternoon at the farm.

Bucket List Things To Do In Edmonton This Winter

With summer days as hot as they are, you’re sure to want something to cool you down.

Ride the waves to experience the largest indoor wave pool and 17 unique water slides for a day of family-friendly fun.

Home to more than 700 species of plants from around the world, Matart Conservatory is a great place to visit if you want to immerse yourself in lush greenery and experience plant life in different climates.

The 4 glass pyramids that make up the Matart Conservatory have their own climates (arid, temperate and tropical – and feature biomes), so there’s plenty to explore here.

Deep Sea Adventures (edmonton)

Please note that admission is not sold individually on Muttart at this time. Tickets can be purchased online here.

While I’m not a fan of keeping animals in cages and in climates where they don’t belong, I can’t deny that animals are a great way to expose children to and learn about different animals and their habitats.

A day at the zoo is a great way to entertain your kids, but also help them learn about all the different animals so they can develop a passion and care for animals and our planet.

Outdoor Activities In Edmonton

The great thing about paddle boats is that they are easy enough for the whole family to ride.

Dog Friendly Activities In Edmonton, Ab

Unlike a canoe or kayak (good luck getting your 6-year-old to help you move!) the kids can join in the fun and enjoy an hour on the lake.

After picnicking and working up an appetite, they sat down to lunch at one of the park’s many picnic tables.

It costs money to evaluate everything, but I’m here to break that story for you!

St. Albert Botanic Park is a beautiful garden (unlike other botanic gardens) to visit!

Discover The Best Things To Do In Edmonton With Kids

Located just 30 minutes outside the city, it is definitely worth exploring these beautiful gardens.

Last summer I found St. Albert Botanic Park when I was looking for beautiful places around Edmonton to shoot.

If you love exploring beautiful parks, this is definitely an activity you don’t want to miss this summer!

Outdoor Activities In Edmonton

Fundraising at the Alberta Legislature is another great free activity to do in Edmonton that’s fun for the whole family!

Fun Things To Do In Edmonton (by A Local!)

I used to go here as a kid and I remember always splashing in the water.

For the slightly older, the areas around Legum have some great spots to spend a day in the sun.

The weather is perfect for a picnic with friends (or family) and Edmonton has many great places to take advantage.

Whether you’re looking for Hawrelock Park, the Alberta Legislature, Sir Wilfrid Laurier Park, or a small local park in your neighborhood, the possibilities are endless!

Even More Of Edmonton’s Best Playgrounds

Pack a cooler with some drinks, snacks, bring outdoor games to play, or have books to relax and read for your time.

Although Edmonton has some trails of its own, the best trails in the region are found outside the city.

If you’re looking for All Trails (a hiking app I highly recommend) to find all the best and most scenic hikes by skill level!

Outdoor Activities In Edmonton

This hike takes you through beautiful meadows, through ranges, through marshes and through forests.

Edmonton Winter Activities

I didn’t know until recently! The North Saskatchewan River flows into the Devon at Voyageur Station and ends at the Devon Lions Campground.

This fun takes about an hour and is great for kids, families or adults looking for a fun day down the river!

If you don’t have your own tubes or floaties you can experience it with River Lifestyle Co.

You will have to go through torn tubes and use a shuttle to get back to your vehicle.

Edmonton International Street Performers Festival

As you can see, whether you’re looking for free or paid activities, there are plenty of fun things to do in Edmonton this summer!

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Do they criticize their worth? Get your face on because we’re going through the best outdoor activities in Edmonton.

Outdoor Activities In Edmonton

The Queen Elizabeth Outdoor Pool is a 25-metre (82-ft) pool with six lanes and zero entry depth. The pond has a sloping entrance, and its floor continues to slope upwards until it meets the water surface and the ornamental pond.

Snow Valley Aerial Park (edmonton)

Since it has no steps or full stairs, it makes for a seamless transition just like the beach.

In addition, the program is suitable for people with limited mobility, because they can