Outdoor Activities In Davao

By | August 18, 2023

Outdoor Activities In Davao – Davao is home to more than one million people and eleven language groups. With a total land area of ​​2,443 square kilometers, it really has a lot for every traveler. Even the locals will enjoy the many activities available in and around the area. Not only do they have many resorts that feature beaches like Dahican Beach, Davao also has many activities for everyone to enjoy.

After a long engagement, it would be nice to breathe some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. Check out the list of outdoor activities in Davao!

Outdoor Activities In Davao

Outdoor Activities In Davao

If you are an experienced hiker, then you should not climb Mt. Apo off your bucket list. This is the highest mountain in the country and is a sacred place in local mythology. Whether you hike to the top or not, the rare animals and locals you’ll meet along the way are worth the climb.

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This village is dedicated to the culture of the indigenous people of Mindanao, or Lumads. The Kadayawan Tribal Village shows the homes and history of the eleven tribes of Davao. In Ramon Magsaysay Park, you can spend the afternoon riding a bike, skiing or going to eat. Don’t forget to drop by the Magsaysay Fruit Stand for fresh durian and pomelo!

Just two hours drive from the city, a day at BEMWA Farm is just what you need. Go out in the fields and pick fresh strawberries. They also have a sunflower selection! Before you leave, take a break at their restaurant and enjoy homemade treats like strawberry taho, strawberry ice cream, and strawberry jam. You can bring fresh vegetables and herbs from home. Even better, the entrance is only Php 50!

This Davao place is a treat for all chocolate lovers! Take an interactive tour at the Chocolate Museum and be part of a chocolate making conversation. Aside from that, you can experience their chocolate, explore the Mindanao Contemporary Art Gallery and Museo de Mariposa, or walk along its beautiful garden. You can go bird watching and tree planting. This Davao destination is the best for being one with nature, and celebrating all the feelings it has.

This private church is just minutes away from the city. It is the largest ropes course in the country and has a reputation for fun. With their trained instructors, you are in safe hands. Challenge yourself and feel the sky rush you get when you try the 1,000 meter long Zipline and Reverse Bungee jump. You can apply for their High Ropes Circuit, an adventure where you will face obstacles while suspended high above the ground.

Kawasan: Full Day Private Canyoneering Adventure

Relax and watch the colorful butterflies flying around. Davao Butterfly House is a safe haven not only for butterflies, but also for many exotic plants and animals. If you are lucky you will be able to see the butterflies in all their stages and forms. Before you leave, visit the fruit shop where you can buy fruit plants for fruit, durian, atis, lanzones, and more.

Hop on a 15-minute boat ride from Davao City and transport to the beautiful Island Garden City of Samal. With beautiful sand and a view of the Davao Gulf, this is the beach of your dreams. Costa Azalea has the best facilities including the Aqua Water Park for everyone to enjoy.

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Outdoor Activities In Davao

True to its name, this mountain paradise has everything you need and more. One day is not enough to do all the activities in the 75 hectare resort. There is hiking, fishing, swimming and horseback riding. There is a zip line, sky ring, and sky swing. Whether you go alone or with mom, whether you want to be one with nature or explore your adventure, this park is the place.

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Things To Do 11 Quiet Nature Escape Destinations in Cebu Need a break from the hustle and bustle of Cebu City? Check out 11 of the best escape destinations near it! Free running is something I’ve always wanted. In our recent trip to Camiguin, we tried to spend a day in Cagayan de Oro (since the airport is there) but, unfortunately, we couldn’t find a way to squeeze it’s in our way so we let it go and prepare to come. back to CDO in the future.

When Poor People found out that white water rafting is part of our Highland Adventure in Davao, I was shocked, shocked. I didn’t know that rafting is one of the activities Davao city has to offer. But we have to wait until the second day for these activities.

The day before, everyone in the group expressed their happiness at finally doing this. We are all rafting virgins (LOL). Neither of us had ever tried white water rafting before and neither of us had any idea what to expect.

Outdoor Activities In Davao

On the second day, everyone woke up at 6 am. We had a buffet breakfast at the Microtel (part of the package) and then packed our things. At 7:30 in the morning, we were all in the van ready to leave for Davao Crocodile Park where the Davao Wild Water Adventure is run.

Fun Outdoor Activities For The Rainy Season

When we arrived, the first thing we did was sign a waiver. Although it is not really life-threatening because you will be able to complete it, it is definitely dangerous. (There’s always risk no matter what we do, lol.)

Then, the planning begins! Now is the time to find helmets and vests and try them on. It is important that they fit perfectly because your life will depend on it. One of my friends hit his head on a rock while riding fast but was not hurt because of the helmet.

Important notice: Bring a hat because the hats have a strange shape and smell. So, if you don’t want the smell to stick to your hair, wear a hat.

When the fitting is finished, the orientation begins. They showed exciting videos – rafts capsizing, tourists jumping off the boat into the water, and more. It is scary at first sight but really, you want to jump into the water and let yourself be swept by the waves. I will explain later.

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After the introduction, we boarded the jeepney that will take us to Davao River. I can’t estimate how long the journey is because I fell asleep during the journey. Haha. When we reach the drop point, there is another direction. This time, it is unique and interesting and you really want to listen. This is the point where we are told to put on life jackets and helmets and learn some rafting and drifting.

Note: A buddy system is used so you will have to find a partner who will be with you in the class.

Then we were divided into small groups by the boat. The number of tourists is usually 4-6 people but on our boat, there are only four of us. Hehehe. Each group is led by a “captain,” who will give the decision whether to paddle backwards or forwards, slower or harder.

Outdoor Activities In Davao

And then, practice. Before experiencing speed, you will be taught how to paddle, what to do when you are thrown from the boat, how to pick up the person who is thrown from the boat and more. And then it started.

Davao White Water Rafting (philippines)

You will see a man kayaking around. It is called “spotter.” Make sure you smile when you see him because he takes pictures and videos most of the time. It also helps to pick up people who fall from the boat.

A lot of wild water awaits those who dare but it is very exciting and satisfying. Surprisingly, you will find yourself wanting more. And often, your guide will encourage you to get out of the boat and into the water and flow through