Outdoor Activities In Bela Bela

By | April 23, 2023

Outdoor Activities In Bela Bela – Located in the diverse and beautiful Limpopo province, Bella Bella (formerly known as Warm Buttes) is an interesting town to explore.

About two hours from Johannesburg and about an hour from Pretoria, Bella Bella offers plenty to see and do.

Outdoor Activities In Bela Bela

Outdoor Activities In Bela Bela

Famous for its natural hot springs, it is an ideal place for spa holidays, sports and nature and of course, quality relaxation in the countryside.

The Hydro (bela Bela)

Tip: If you want to book accommodation, Warmbaths / Bela Bela has a great selection of accommodation.

Opened in 2010, Adventures with Elephants offers visitors a wonderful opportunity to meet, learn about, and learn from these magnificent giants.

Visitors have the opportunity to meet the goats and learn about them “from trunk to tail”; enjoy a self-drive to the AWE game farm (where you’re almost guaranteed to encounter elephants); Cycle freely through the bike and observe the wildlife from your bike; And even bathe with Eli!

There are also options to take a walk or have a picnic… and if you can’t visit them in person yet, you can even have a virtual zoom session with the elephants!

Amakhala Woodbury Tented Camp

Note: For more information on activities, prices and hours of operation, please contact Adventures with Elephants directly or visit their website.

Bombella is doing important work to save, rehabilitate and release three of South Africa’s five primate families: the small goat, the chakra baboon and the vervet monkey.

Here, guests can enjoy everything from unforgettable day tours to cozy self-catering chalets and even volunteering, with limited places each year.

Outdoor Activities In Bela Bela

During the tour, you will learn all about these unique creatures and see for yourself the precious nature of caring for these wild animals and primates.

Summerset Place Country House

Note: Tours are by appointment only. For pricing and more information, please contact Bambelela directly or visit their website.

If you happen to be thirsty or thirsty in Bella Bella, one of the popular local places to visit is L’abri Farm Shop and Brewery.

Here you can find everything from fresh produce and food (like mouth-watering pizza) to great beer and even a Labre lodge or bush camp.

Stock up on essentials, grab a bite to eat or sample some great beer at this rustic hidden gem.

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No visit or stay in Bela Bela is complete without experiencing wildlife or nature – and luckily, Mabalingwe Game Reserve is perfect for both! Here you can enjoy an incredible African experience that is suitable for the whole family.

The 9,500-hectare landscape allows visitors to truly immerse themselves in the magnificent South African bushveld, home to birds, native trees and of course a variety of wildlife.

Apart from self-catering chalets and bush camping, guests can enjoy (day and night) game drives, eco-fun, spa treatments at Mbale Day Spa and even get married here!

Outdoor Activities In Bela Bela

The reserve has incredible facilities, from restaurants to recreational activities such as mini golf, tennis, as well as an entertainment area, children’s room and beautiful swimming pool.

Fun Things To Do In Bela Bela April 2023

At Loebies Gasteplaas (guest farm) and Predator Park, guests can enjoy an exciting experience of this relaxing country retreat.

The guesthouse is also very child-friendly, meaning the whole family can have a wonderful and quality time together.

Enjoy a trip to the Raptor Park, settle in for a relaxing weekend escape, or pop in for a home-cooked meal at the Tea Garden.

Geluksfontein Goat Cheese Farm is a breath of fresh air, allowing guests to enjoy guided tours, cheese demonstrations – and of course, say hello to the adorable resident goats!

Bela Bela Accommodation Specials

You can also grab a bite to eat at Gutina Pub and Grill, where you can get delicious breakfasts and lunches. (There is also a selection of wine and other drinks.)

The farm also offers basic accommodation for those looking to stay longer, but the tours, goat and cheese demonstrations are undoubtedly the biggest draw here!

For those looking for an even more exotic experience, look no further than Ingilosi Park. Here tourists can meet many African animals, many of which are rare and unusual.

Outdoor Activities In Bela Bela

Choose between a two-hour guided drive or enjoy game viewing from a hide and see many different animals, including white and tommy grebes, exotic antelopes, white blissbucks and many more.

The 5 Best Outdoor Activities In Bela Bela

Or try a hearty shish kebab… this holiday is sure to appeal to both young and old! There is also a special children’s menu that caters to all ages.

At Zebula Golf Estate and Spa, visitors can enjoy a variety of activities including Zebula treasure hunt, snake and reptile park visits, nature safaris, tennis and squash courts, swimming, game watching while playing golf and much more. .

There is also an excellent spa, the Spa at Zebula, perfect for pampering yourself. Plus accommodation and some excellent restaurant food too.

Visit this incredible golf estate for an array of exciting experiences in the premier African bush, golf and spa.

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At Thaba Kwena Crocodile Farm, guests can enjoy an unforgettable experience from the guided day tour, gift shop and kiosk/cafe offered at this crocodile farm.

Thaba Kwena, a long-standing local attraction, is now one of South Africa’s crocodile farms, a must-see if you’re near Bela-Bela or Madimol. Welcome to our beautiful city of Bela-Balaya! With almost 22,000 beds in our resorts, cottages, hotels, caravan parks, golf estates, guesthouses, bed and breakfasts and bush camps, and lots of exciting activities to explore, we know you’ll have a great holiday!

Bela-Bela gets its name from the geothermal hot springs that are popular in other parts of the world. The hot spring is located in Warmbaths, Forever Resort and it continuously produces 22,000 liters per hour at 52°C. Visit the resort to see the spring and the magnificent bronze statue next to it. Feeling the warmth coming from the eyes of the spring is a great experience and a good learning opportunity for children.

Outdoor Activities In Bela Bela

It is also interesting that the depth of the spring has not been accurately measured, and the temperature and volume of the water have not changed since the resort was built.

Ithabiseng Guest Farm In Bela Bela, Limpopo

Today, Bela-Bela is a popular tourist destination. Constant sunlight and plenty of places to relax and enjoy make it the perfect place to hide away for a while.

Take the time to explore all that our city has to offer – there are so many great guesthouses, recreation and nature reserves, hiking trails, game drives and adventure activities to choose from! Explore Bela-Bela Recently visited the big cats at Mabling Way Nature Reserve, which we can recommend, as well as the Cheetah Experience, Mysterious Monkeys, Lowe’s Predator Park, Warmbad Zoo, Bambilila Wildlife Care and Worat Monkeys. Rehabilitation, which offers activities. And facilities to enjoy the wildlife!

Many of our resorts and guesthouses offer spa treatments, book in advance to enjoy a treatment at The Hydro at Warmbaths, a Forever Resort, Iketla Spa at Sondela Nature Reserve or Baobab Spa at Buyskop Lodge. In this edition of Explore Bella-Bella, we also focus on retirement in the bushveld. Check out our local Warmbad Resort retirement home, known for its dynamic yet clear management style, as well as the wonderful retirement lifestyle at Sondela Reserve – where your kids will want to visit you! Another popular family destination is ATKV Klein Kariba and the new kid is Meloding Guest House!

More popular are the two shopping centers with a wide selection of shops, liquor stores, butchers, takeaways and restaurants.

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Nature conservation is very close to us, and we recommend you to visit many zoos, animal parks, nature reserves and reserves. Nothing gives off the city cob vibes like a refreshing game drive in an open car or on horseback!

We are proud of our excellent sports facilities. Our golf resorts are of the best quality and the local boat club is a great place to go jet skiing or boating.

Please like our Facebook page and share your stories and photos with us. Enjoy your visit, stay safe and please come back soon!

Outdoor Activities In Bela Bela

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