Outdoor Activities In Bangalore

By | July 1, 2023

Outdoor Activities In Bangalore – Considered as one of the best trekking and adventure destinations near Bangalore, Ramanagara is a perfect weekend plan. Ramanagara hills are located around 50 km from Bangalore on the Bangalore Mysore road and provide some amazing places to relax in. Ramanagara consists of a series of mountains like Ramagiri, SRS betta, Kakasura betta, Kapotagiri which feels like heaven for climbers and is also considered as the birthplace of mountaineering.

A walk through the breathtaking hills of Ramanagara, popularly called Sholai Hills, where the legendary Bollywood movie Sholai was shot against the backdrop of the Ramagiri Hills, now known as Ramadevara betta, must be on every adventurer’s bucket list. It has been declared a wildlife sanctuary for the conservation of Asian vultures. Apart from vultures, there are rare sightings of Indian bear and leopard. The beautiful temples on top of every mountain built by the emperors of Mysore and Magadhi stand tall and preserve the essence of the historical days.

Outdoor Activities In Bangalore

Outdoor Activities In Bangalore

Experience an amazing journey through the Ramanagara Hills where the peak offers incredible sights to see and feel the adrenaline rush in activities like Rappelling and Kayaking.

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It was a very good experience and all the activities were wonderful and adventurous, our team enjoyed it a lot 🙂 . Thank you for giving us such a wonderful experience and it was a worthy weekend after all.

This was my first trekking experience and I booked solo. My experience was really good: the transport was almost on time, the guides and core team members (Manoj, Baba and Sonu) were really friendly and relaxed, the activities were really fun and the journey was a bit challenging. The food was also decent. Overall, I was quite happy with the management. Only complaint: They put me quite far from my location on the return trip and said they had to choose another group and they canceled my Saturday reservation and moved it to Sunday according to my arrangement.

More than the tour, I was so impressed with the friendly guides. We were only a small group, only four people. For such a small group, the amount of effort they put in is remarkable. We did not compromise on anything. In fact, friendly guides who encouraged us to try all these adventure sports, kayaking was the best I enjoyed. I never thought it would be so easy to navigate the huge lake and the most exciting thing for me is that I never thought rowing would be so easy and changing the direction of the boat and all that is child’s play. I even went for a bike ride around the camp after lunch. All in all, it’s a great experience! I would like escape2ekpore to conduct trekking and cycling events on a weekly basis without gaps. I am very eager to experience their cycling program. I’m sure it will be more fun.

This trip is amazing and we had a lot of fun trekking and descending. The food and the resort are excellent. I gave 4 because I felt there was a chance to improve the time and organization of the group, especially when it is more than 15. We traveled as 3 (my family) and in our group another family of 3 and another large group of 15 (ages 22-24) has joined. Going to the resort took time due to delays and waiting for groups at various stations. Due to the delay in the arrival time at the destination and the delay with the 15-member team, the trekking was dropped from the plan, but the skipping of the kayaking was later added. I think the activities planned for this trip can be organized quite well for a group of 10-12. More than that time will be spent in different places with waiting time in Rappelling, food, paintball…etc. But we appreciate the organizer for taking us on the tour, adding extra time from the scheduled route and providing evening snacks and tea for free as we come back late from the tour. Trekking is the best part. I suggest people don’t miss going to the top. Thanks to EscapetoExplore for planning such beautiful/adventurous places!!

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Everything was very well organized. The trip was great (apart from the weather playing spoilsport). I loved adventure and water activities. One area of ​​improvement could be cleanliness around clutter. Unsanitary food can make people sick.

A very nice outdoor trip and kayaking experience. The guides were very friendly. Great overall experience. It was very sunny, so it was tiring to walk in the heat. Kayaking was great.

We went on a day trip through . Starting from Bangalore around 6.30 we reached the Ramanagara base at 8.30. There were 6 of us and we were the only ones on the day trip that day. They offered breakfast, where the people from the previous evening were also present. Breakfast included Idli Sambhar, pakoras and bread omelette with tea. It was normal. After breakfast we started the descent. We had a couple of guys from their side help us with it and it was definitely worth the experience. We had a great time and had a great start to the trip. After the descent we started hiking. A guy from their side guided us along the way. Cool weather with light drizzle made the trekking experience wonderful. Clicking pictures in the meantime, it took us about an hour to reach the top. It started raining on top and added cherry to the cake. After a while we started to descend. It got a little slippery because of the rain, but it wasn’t hard to keep your feet steady and get down. After the hike we returned to base around 14 for lunch. They asked our choice and we chose vegetarian food. At that time we were hungry and the food was good. It was home cooked food which had Aloo sabzi, dry cabbage vegetables, paratha, rice, pulao and curd. They also offered fruit. After lunch we went for a while to shoot. Some of us were interested in driving go-karts and ATVs. There was a play area nearby and their guy took us there. However, it was not included in the package and we paid separately there. It was just as well to add to our entertainment. Then we moved on to the last thing – kayaking. The guy properly guided us on how to do it. The water was very dirty because of the rain. We went for it though and it was fun kayaking. We had tea in the evening and returned to Bangalore around 7:30 PM. We would have arrived earlier if we hadn’t gone karting. But it was worth our time. All in all it was a day well spent and I felt like we got so much done in one day. They did everything professionally and we had a great day.

Outdoor Activities In Bangalore

I absolutely loved everything about the trip. Very well organized, safe and fun. The hospitality was also commendable. People are very friendly to customers. They also provided a delicious breakfast. I also loved kayaking and paintball. I would recommend everyone to try it as it is totally worth it!

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The people who take care of the tour are amazing. They make sure that one or the other organizer is there for the entire walk and other activities. Other activities are also amazing.. Breakfast was delicious.. worth it!!!i¿½i¿½ Swami bhaiia is a top person..took pictures and went towards him to handle 3 Pit Bulls..

I got to experience a different version of the location after choosing this package for Ramanagara. The funnest part of the whole trip was the go-kart. I’ve experienced go-karting before, but this time it was a lot of fun. The course is excellent and full of difficult turns. For karting fans, this special package is a must. If that wasn’t enough, you can also ride an ATV, which is a super fun activity. This was my first time trying to ride an ATV and it was a real pleasure to do it with a bunch of my friends. Those who love to do things like go-karting and ATV driving, this is definitely the package to go for. is a professional organizer and they understand the complete working of these tours better than anyone else. I would really recommend this to adventure lovers.

I don’t usually go trekking but this time I chose to go to Ramanagara. Let me tell you, it was one of the most enriching experiences for me in a long time. Along with a satisfying trek, we also indulged in many outdoor activities including shooting, archery, badminton among others. What was even more fun was that we were also allowed to go kayaking. The overall excursion was such a pleasant time that I would love to do it again. I decided to order one