How To Upgrade Hotel Room

By | March 8, 2023

How To Upgrade Hotel Room – In-and-Out Burger has a secret menu, and it attracts marketing interest and customer points for the fast food chain. This is a lesson hoteliers can learn from, especially since guest happiness is a top priority for any hotel. What’s your secret menu?

Crazy demands aside, most hoteliers try to accommodate the needs and preferences of their hotel guests. When it comes to room upgrades, it sounds like you’re giving up potential revenue if you upgrade for free. But because many hotels offer special deals, you may want to give your front desk staff some flexibility in these 8 situations.

How To Upgrade Hotel Room

How To Upgrade Hotel Room

It’s a common opportunity for couples to book hotel rooms, especially for staycations. This is a special event in your guest’s life, so if they mention an anniversary this is a great opportunity to be flexible with a room upgrade. They may only ask for one, or you may want to be proactive and make an offer. Putting on events like these is a great way to gain repeat customers, especially since events like this happen every year so visiting your hotel is becoming their new tradition.

Ten Easy Tips To Score A Free Room Hotel Upgrade

When business travelers find a hotel that fits their needs and enjoys their stay, they are more likely to book that property again and again. If you see business travelers frequenting your hotel, offer an upgrade. This will help ensure they keep tabs on you and can even recommend your hotel to their colleagues.

Birthdays are another opportunity to really shine with a room upgrade. This is pretty easy to find out because the information you collect from guests includes their date of birth. Making their special day a little brighter with a room upgrade can be more cost effective than other special gifts like food or a bottle of wine.

Speaking of wine, honeymooners will always appreciate the extras you can provide when booking a room at your hotel or honeymoon package. If available, take the opportunity to give them a nice room upgrade. Even if you’re not on the beach, it can be called a favorite honeymoon destination.

Depending on your hotel rewards program, a room upgrade may already be part of your member offer. Be sure to remind your Loyalty Rewards members that the more nights they stay at your property, the more free nights they can earn.

Hotel Staff Reveal The Secret To Scoring A Free Upgrade Including Asking For A Quieter Room

OTAs often take a share of your profits, which you might keep if rooms are booked in person. Reward your direct booking with a room upgrade if the guest requests it. This ensures that next time they will remember to order direct again.

If you have the opportunity to sell your room at a higher price, you are less likely to upgrade. Last minute booking, best room not used otherwise. This gives your bottom line more flexibility to deliver cost-effective upgrades.

Finally, reward your guests for good behavior. If a guest goes out of his way to treat your staff well, do the same for them. Remember that happy guests can be return guests and can be your biggest advocate for new and repeat business. Ever visit a hotel, watch someone check into their (luxurious!) SUITE, and suddenly regret the basic room you booked with only the view and necessary amenities? Do you somehow want to get an upgraded room?

How To Upgrade Hotel Room

Well, there is good news! Hotel rooms are sometimes (keyword: sometimes) upgraded depending on the situation. Want some secret tips and tricks for getting those upgrades wherever you stay in a hotel? You are in the right place!

Here’s How You Can Bag A Free Hotel Room Upgrade, According To A Travel Expert

Today we break down 11 great tricks to upgrade your hotel room wherever you’re staying! 1 – Listen!

Basic, but the #1 way to upgrade a hotel room is to ask! This is truly world-shattering advice, we know. 😆 But seriously, sometimes you have to call the hotel staff and see what’s available. Worst-case scenario: They can’t do anything about it. Best case scenario: Your dream upgraded room is yours!

When you check in, check if there are any upgrades available and how much they will cost. It never hurts to ask!

Better to ask in advance. If you can, call the hotel or message before your stay to let them know you’ll be staying there and would like to upgrade your room if possible. This is a great time to mention if you’re celebrating something special (more on that in a moment) or why the upgrade would benefit you (like if you plan to work from home).

Travel Tips: How To Get A Free Upgrade In A Hotel

Mentioning special needs or requests when booking a room can help you upgrade. Want a room with a great view? Or how about a room with more space? If you noted room specifications when booking your room (in the little “requirements” or note box), some hotels may look at them and “go the extra mile” to accommodate those requests.

If you want to upgrade, it’s a good idea to join the loyalty program of the hotel where you are staying. Joining these programs is often free, though it may take some time to earn points.

Those who reach certain levels in the loyalty program can sometimes receive a free room upgrade. For example, for those with Gold Elite status, Marriott notes that they will do their best to upgrade the member’s room upon arrival (where available). Again, don’t expect to get to that high level overnight!

How To Upgrade Hotel Room

However, if you stay at a certain brand of hotel and join a loyalty program (mostly), earning points and moving up can’t hurt. You spend money, so you better get a prize!

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Credit card associated with hotel brand 3 – Click here to see 6 hacks to avoid paying full price for travel

Want to earn more points towards your loyalty level? Consider signing up for a credit card associated with the hotel brands you frequent the most. Sometimes hotels and their reward systems can be associated with specific credit cards. By using the appropriate cards, you can level up quickly!

For example, if you get a Hilton Honors Aspire Card (through American Express), you’ll get Hilton Diamond status for free. This is Hilton’s highest level of loyalty. And it gives you room upgrades where space is available!

Booking with a credit card or other special card associated with the hotel can also help. For example, American Express Platinum Card Members may qualify for upgrades (where available) at hotels around the world. You should look at the credit card you have (or are looking to get) to see what deals they can offer you.

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Maybe you want to upgrade your room and the staff wants to offer it to you, but the room type you’re looking for isn’t available. Avoid getting your hopes up by looking ahead to see what rooms are available.

If you look online to make a new reservation for the same night you booked, you should know what rooms are available. This will give you an idea of ​​what’s available for upgrades and what kind of rooms you should request.

How To Upgrade Hotel Room

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Tips For Getting A Free Hotel Room Upgrade

If you want to get an upgrade, you must check into the hotel at a later date. If you check in late in the day, the staff already knows which rooms will and won’t be available that night. That might make them more inclined to promote you.

Late check-in can also help if you’ve booked a room in the standard category and the hotel has booked too many of them. If everyone in the standard room is checked in before you get there, the hotel may have to upgrade you to the superior room category.

Some people recommend arriving between 5-6 p.m., but check the rules at the hotel to make sure you don’t.

However, note that there is some disagreement on this matter. Some sources suggest arriving early, especially if you’re using your loyalty status to upgrade. If another member with the same loyalty status arrives earlier and requests an upgrade, they can take all the upgraded rooms. So consider your options here

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