How To Get Military Discounts On Flights

By | March 4, 2023

How To Get Military Discounts On Flights – Soldiers spend years putting others before themselves, serving their country and often living miles away from their families.

They get up early, perform rigorous drills in the summer, and can even be deployed to an active combat zone. Then there are those who rise through the ranks and commit to the military for life, serving for decades.

How To Get Military Discounts On Flights

How To Get Military Discounts On Flights

Suffice it to say, members of the armed forces are entitled to rewards from civilian businesses in the form of military discounts. After active duty military members retire, travel discounts can serve as a reward for them and their immediate family members for the time they spent serving the country.

How To Get Military Discount Seaworld Tickets

From discounted rates on car rentals and event tickets to discounts on hotels, theme parks, and even cruises, military travel discount offers cover many types of travel.

Armed Forces Vacation Club, part of the Wyndham Worldwide hotel company, offers veteran resort stays for $409 per week based on available space. That’s under $100 per night for a spacious condo that includes a kitchen, living room, and often a pool and other resort-style amenities.

The company can connect retired military personnel and their families with more than 200,000 accommodations in more than 100 countries. All US military veterans are eligible for free AFVC membership, which can help make travel to the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia even more affordable.

Although only veterans can make reservations through the AFVC, the company has a family policy that veterans are welcome to bring guests with them on trips. And, as a final bonus, although the Armed Forces Vacation Club is just that – a club – its membership is completely free for veterans, who only need to create an online account to activate these features. for amazing travel deals.

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The nonprofit Wounded Warrior Family Support provides a variety of assistance to service members and their families. Wounded Warrior Family Support Retreats are one way to provide such support.

The retreats have two options – families can apply through the organization to spend five absolutely free nights at Universal Studios and Legoland theme parks in Orlando, Florida.

Or, families can apply for a no-cost “staycation” where the Wounded Warrior family support organization covers the costs associated with keeping the family there and exploring a new hotel, concert, or of a restaurant.

How To Get Military Discounts On Flights

The nonprofit Wounded Warrior Family Support describes both its Florida and residency options as a way to unwind, decompress and take time to strengthen the bonds and relationships military members have with their families.

Babbel Military Discount

This year, military personnel can choose between a Disney 4-Day Military Salute Ticket for $359 plus tax or a 5-Day Military Salute Ticket for $379 plus tax, both of which include a “Park Hopper” option to travel to Disney’s Orlando, Florida. Beach . , parks.

That’s a saving of around $60 on a ticket that normally costs around $400 and allows access to the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom in one trip.

All serving and retired members of the military and their spouses are eligible for this significant discount. Military personnel can purchase up to six discounted tickets to share with family and friends.

Disney also has an exclusive military-only resort called Shades of Green, which has amazing deals based on room type. Rates are available from $154 per night for a standard room type and from $379 per night for a family suite that sleeps up to eight people and includes one king bed and up to three queen beds. The resort offers discounts of up to 40% throughout the year.

Military Discount & Appreciation Program

A stay at Shades of Green can get you up to 12% off full price duty-free tickets to Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld, Legoland, Busch Gardens and other downtown attractions. Florida.

Although many airlines and cruise lines offer military fares, many do not advertise them online. It’s best to call and ask for their discounts directly.

Many offer discounts to members of Veterans Advantage, which offers contracts, insurance, and financial services to members of all five military branches for $10/month when paid monthly or $60 for an annual membership when paid in full and in advance.

How To Get Military Discounts On Flights

If you are an active duty or retired military member and have some flexibility in your travel dates, you can participate in “Space A” flights, or space available.

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Here’s how it works: If you qualify, you can fill out a reservation request at various military terminals. When a seat becomes available on a Department of Defense flight, you will be notified. Terminals usually post flight times 72 hours in advance, so you should be prepared to leave at all times.

Space A passengers usually pay a small fee charged by the military terminal, but otherwise these flights are free and available to service members and their immediate families.

Christine Mickelson, a Navy veteran whose husband is also in the Navy, saved $8,000 on two round-trip flights with her family of four from Norfolk, Va., to Seattle.

Keep in mind that it’s like a trip on hold on a commercial airline. You may be stuck waiting for a flight to and from your desired destination. Sometimes you travel on a cargo plane, which means you travel without the comfort of commercial flights.

Pcb For Military & Defense

“Military Space-A flights have been a key part of our strategy to save money on our frequent trips since my husband retired from the military in 2015,” the military wife wrote. retired to military travel site Poppin’ Smoke. “I estimate that in our last 6 years of traveling around the world, we’ve saved over $20,000 by taking (Space-A flights).”

So you’ve booked your Space-A flights and your well-deserved free stay at the resort is delightfully close, but now you need to pack your bags!

One way to save up to 10% on travel items is to visit Shop My Exchange. Although anyone can visit the Shop My Exchange site, to purchase items you must create an account that proves your military service.

How To Get Military Discounts On Flights

Shop My Exchange is an extensive online catalog of products ranging from jewelry and watches to furniture and small appliances – and travel items like swimwear and accessories.

Aarp Military Discount For Veterans

All items are heavily discounted for veterans and active duty military. For example, you can usually get a $257 Piel leather duffel bag for $194 when you log in through Shop My Exchange.

You can also check out their swimming sections for men and women to make sure you’re fully prepared for your next trip to a Disney resort, without breaking your budget. Military Flight Discount: A small perk for the US military. Well, if you know how to find them. Because while most major airlines offer discounts on military fares, you often have to dig a little deeper to find out the “what” and the “how”.

Hmmm, if someone does all that hard work for you, huh? This is where we come in. Below, you’ll find our complete guide to flights and military discounts. Hey, you’ve done enough.

The somewhat boring answer is: it depends. Sometimes you get around 5% off airline tickets and/or free checked baggage. Other airlines may give you access to their airport lounges. You see, discounts vary widely from airline to airline – so finding the right discount for you can take a lot of research.

How To Get Military Discount On Flights: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

This is a small thank you for your service. (seriously, thank you). Since military personnel travel by plane as often as they can – while returning home to visit family and loved ones – the idea is that military air tickets are a particularly useful gesture.

Sometimes the exemption is extended to dependents of active military personnel – because military families travel extensively to visit loved ones in the services. GOOD

Yes, some airlines even offer military discounts to retired military members who are part of the Veterans Advantage program. The discount generally matches what is offered to active military personnel.

How To Get Military Discounts On Flights

A-ha, that’s the tricky part. Often you won’t find military discounts online, so you’ll have to call the airline’s number for reservations and ask a real, living person about their military discounts on flights. (Imagine that!)

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Keep in mind that military discounts may not be as good as other discounts on the same flight.

If the military discount is only, say, 5%, but the airline is offering a seat sale or promotion, you will get a better price through the seat sale or promotion.

That’s why we recommend that you do a search first, so you can compare your military discount to all the other offers available.

We always show the best prices when you search, so you’ll see the cheapest rates available.

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It’s time for the big reveal! Here is a list of major airlines known to offer military discounts on flights. All information here was correct at the time of writing, but please note that things can change – so we advise you to make sure you call the airline to check if these discounts are still offered and what you need to do to claim them.

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