How To Do Ambulance Missions In Gta 5

By | March 13, 2023

How To Do Ambulance Missions In Gta 5 – Paramedic missions in GTA Vice City put Tommy, if not on the right side of the law, then at least on the ethical side of life. Our paramedic mission guide covers how to start missions, tips for keeping passengers alive and rewards you can earn. This guide contains an update for GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition for Xbox, PC, Switch and PS5.

This set of transport missions allows you to take injured NPCs to the hospital, and unlike some others, such as the Vigilante missions, you get a pretty good reward for your trouble. The option to start a paramedic mission appears every time you enter an ambulance. Ambulances appear outside Vice City hospitals, including:

How To Do Ambulance Missions In Gta 5

How To Do Ambulance Missions In Gta 5

Ocean View Medical Foundation is technically not a hospital, and an ambulance will never show up at Westhaven Community Health Center. Unlike other vehicle missions, there are no alternate vehicles that can be used to complete these missions. You only use one type of ambulance.

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After starting the mission, you have about a minute to find the first wounded NPC. They always spawn near the hospital where you start – if you start in Shuman, for example, you won’t have an NPC waiting for you at Ocean Point – and are marked as yellow squares on the radar. Stop nearby and they’ll climb into the back of the ambulance, adding extra time to the timer.

Now it’s back to the hospital, where you get a cash reward and another round of people to spare, but no extra time. Vice City Paramedic Mission consists of 12 stages, each with multiple people to transport. However, the ambulance can only accommodate three passengers at a time, so you need to plan carefully to avoid running out of time. Since the only way to add more time is to pick up passengers, it’s usually best to find and save the closest people on each leg.

In theory, you should tread carefully. Too many collisions – collisions of any kind, in other words – will kill your passengers. Despite their damage, they seem to have a high collision tolerance, but still be careful.

Anything less than their tolerance is destroyed. When you’re rushing to complete a patient rescue round, it’s easy to drive a little too fast or park too close to a patient and then accidentally run them over as they try to enter. It is always better to park. they’re a bit far from where they are, so there’s no risk of killing them and starting over from stage one.

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Finally, get the desired level down before you start. A paramedic mission cannot be completed by the police chasing you and shooting or shooting your patients.

This is an optional task, but if you need more help on your way to 100% completion, check out our detailed walkthrough and tips sections for more help. If you’re tired of playing by the rules, you can also visit Vice City’s extensive collection of hits.

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How To Do Ambulance Missions In Gta 5

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Ambulance Missions 1.51

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The paramedic side mission involves the player locating, admitting and delivering patients to the hospital within a time limit. The hospital is closest to where the player started the side mission. Each new level adds a new patient to collect. After completing the twelfth level (the fifteenth level in Vice City stories), the player is rewarded. Ambulances can transport up to three patients at a time (except Advance with no passenger limit).

A side mission can be failed by completing a side mission, leaving or destroying an ambulance (in Vice City stories, the player is allowed to leave the car for a short time), killing (paining) a patient, which can appear after many hits. patient, which consumes the player’s time) or run over patients and kill or arrest them. Failure to complete the paramedic side mission forces the player to restart from the first level, except in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and Grand Theft Auto Advance, where the player can continue from the last checkpoint.

In Grand Theft Auto III, a level must be completed in order for the “saved patients” stat to update. Not completing a level means no stat updates, regardless of whether patients are actually saved.

Remake] Ambulance Mission Row San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories has a checkpoint at the end of levels 5 and 10. Before – after each level. If a checkpoint is passed but the mission is not completed, the mission can be continued from the checkpoint.

The paramedic side mission is not available in the HD universe (Grand Theft Auto IV, its episodes and Grand Theft Auto V).

However, this side mission returns in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Here, the ambulance, in contrast to the previous names, can only transport one patient. The missions are divided into 5 waves, each collecting two to four patients. To complete a challenge, the player must complete 5 waves without losing or failing. A new feature has also been introduced in Chinatown Wars. Now, if the player crashes into an ambulance while transporting a patient, the patient may have heart failure. To revive them, the player must hold down the stylus on the touch screen on NDS or iOS/Android, or repeatedly press the L and R buttons on PSP. To get 100% you need to complete one mission (5 waves, bronze medal), to get unlimited sprint you need to complete five missions (25 waves, gold medal).

How To Do Ambulance Missions In Gta 5

In all three Definitive Edition games, accidents (any damage to the ambulance) while transporting patients cause the player to lose time.

Firetruck (firetruck Access)

Cash is awarded to the player at the end of each level based on the following quadratic formula:

The cash reward formula is similar to its predecessor using the quadratic formula, except the base value is halved to $50:

A quadratic cash reward formula is used, like in Vice City. While the Infinite Run is no longer unlocked by completing paramedic missions (it has been reused as an unlockable reward for completing heist missions), the player is still rewarded for completing level 12.

Returning to the linear formula from LCS Advance. The Infinite Sprint reward returns to the Paramedic mission in the LCS,

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