Gta 4 Missions In Order

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Gta 4 Missions In Order – After Frankie takes the truck away from you in the abandoned mansion on Sacramento Street – to complete the truck mission, you can access the assassination side missions. Now, if you’re in the mood for some murderous action, head to the pay phone across the road from the gun shop in Alderney. Here, you’ll be dealing with a man known as “The Fixer” who represents clients with certain… “unhelpful” claims. On the phone, he provides instructions on the target and its location, while providing a small amount of weapons and body armor nearby. Most of the time these items won’t be needed, but it’s always worth getting a free weapon when you have the chance.

There are nine assassination missions in total, each unlocked by completing the previous one. Like Stevie’s texting machine spree, assassination missions are optional and classified as side missions, so they’re not important to story progression (but still count towards your completion stats). Tip: It’s best to avoid close combat as much as possible for Nico’s health. That’s why we always recommend arming yourself with a sniper rifle and/or RPG – these are invaluable for taking out targets from a safe distance.

Gta 4 Missions In Order

Gta 4 Missions In Order

As the name of these missions suggests, your goal is to break out of the local police station. If you drop him before he gets in his car, great – otherwise, shoot him for driving you. Something to watch out for in this mission is the presence of the police – of course there are plenty around. As long as you can keep your vehicle moving, you should be able to successfully avoid theft, as resting behind the wheel of a stationary vehicle can make you a sitting duck for arrest.

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Unless you’re really fast (using the taxi’s “travel” feature is the only option here), you won’t be able to easily accomplish this mission, blowing up the target patriot before he gets to his final destination. That means you’ll have to get your hands dirty because there are a few men you’ll need to waste in order to succeed. Be nimble and ruthless in your attacks – automatics or submachine guns work well here, and the number of enemies shouldn’t worry you too much. A well-placed grenade is no good either…

Assassination is definitely the hardest of the missions, and you’ll definitely want to get the good stuff that Fixer has to offer. Your mission is to enter an abandoned skyscraper and eliminate a group of armed guards. While you technically only need to destroy the three marked targets, it will be difficult to do so if you ignore the guards scattered throughout the building. Don’t forget to shoot as many bandits as you can outside before heading to nearby communities. Once inside, quickly switch to your weapon and continue attacking. There aren’t many places to hide or stick around, so you have to be ruthless in your fight.

After hanging up, he was instructed to reach the target location. As he gets closer, it’s clear that he’s usually enjoying a leisurely boat ride on water rather than on land. At this point, the game suggests you chase down a nearby drone, suggesting Fixer’s MP5 as a suitable weapon. This is a completely effective method. However, our suggestion is that it may be easier to take out a target from the coast if you equip the sniper rifle and give it a decent shot. It works both ways.

Fixer informs you that the client wants to deal with three targets at Acter Industrial. Adding to the difficulty, this time you’ll not only have to take out three targets, but you’ll also have to deal with the guards of each, as revealed upon arrival at the scene. Luckily, if you follow our advice and bring an RPG with you, this won’t be too much of a problem. Align the board with the first set of targets (you know the red icons on your radar will lose their arrows). Carefully point the RPG at the center of the man and pull the trigger. If your goal is decent, you should be able to achieve a considerable number without much difficulty.

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That’s where the Fixer comes in – take out the guns and take out the survivors quickly. From here it’s just a matter of positioning yourself well to hit the last few stubborn targets. If you have to compromise on close range for a better angle, you may find a sniper rifle useful. When you finally deal with the last remaining person and don’t have a red dot on your radar, the mission is complete. Nico informs the Fixer and you prepare for your next mission.

This time the target is above the Bot Tunnel entrance in Alderney. Get in the car and follow the location marked on your radar. Once the target is in your sights, it becomes clear that he wants to fly in a helicopter. There are guards and they will attack you if you start shooting. However, unlike the industrial action missions, these guards don’t count as secondary targets – your only target is the guy running into the sky. Picking it up will end the mission regardless of the guards health. So, since time is of the essence (you must destroy the target before it escapes), the best course of action is to focus all your efforts on a good shot before the helicopter takes off. Of course, this is where RPGs come to the rescue.

You have been asked to destroy a group of bikers who are involved in drug trafficking. A well-placed swing gets the job done without a problem, but if you’re not good at judging where to fire your RPG, you might want to quickly switch to auto to finish off the rest of the motorcycle. If you’re too slow, they’ll run away, and once they’re gone, it’s hard to catch them.

Gta 4 Missions In Order

This target is built around Alderney in a white Stretch Limousine, which will again be represented by a red icon on your radar. Again, RPGs work wonders here, but Forgetting Lemons is just as fun, and probably less effective. Regardless of your choice, the mission ends when the lemons are counted.

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Like hook, line and sinker, your target is in the water. But this time it’s a simpler task because it’s closer to land, and it’s easier to find a vantage point. Sniper rifles are the best option here – one clean shot, and it’s over. GTA 4 is often compared to other installments in the series because of its story. Many fans consider his missions to be the best in the series.

Due to its intense and realistic plot, GTA 4 is often considered as the most unique GTA game. Its mission design was also significantly different from its predecessors. Players are allowed to make critical choices that affect the outcome of the plot.

The only downside is the lack of variety, as the shift to realism means a somewhat ambitious game. This article presents the best missions in GTA 4 that players like to play.

It’s a fairly simple mission involving a shooting at a famous hotel. But playing GTA 4 for the first time when it came out was a fun experience. The new RAGE engine makes gun battles more fun than previous games.

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The mission also presents the player with additional options. You can attack the hotel or take the window cleaner elevator to start climbing up.

This is a fun cross-country mission where players can shoot museums. Museum Piece is a classic trade-off marked by DLC heroes.

Cold Foods involves attacking the Pilgrim ship and hunting down Dimitri the Rascal. Players engage in a fierce firefight that takes out all of Dmitri’s men before killing Raskalov.

Gta 4 Missions In Order

This mission is also fairly simple, but most players find it a treat the first time they play it.

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This mission has three distinct operational phases. It starts with a shootout, continues with an epic chase and ends with a symbolic ending. This three-part structure makes it attractive and completely different from other missions.

Three Leaf Nests is easily one of the best missions in the game

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