Borgo Egnazia Best Hotel In The World

By | April 6, 2023

Borgo Egnazia Best Hotel In The World – There isn’t much green on the sunny Puglia coast, but the San Domenico Golf Course is a notable exception. Along the track, surrounded by gardens and olive groves, is a full-spectrum resort that is unusual in this part of the country – Borgo Ignazia.

Designed like a traditional Pugliese village, a collection of low stone buildings and villas connected by narrow lanes, it gets full marks for its local flair. In these places, however, the look is noticeably less rustic – white stone still dominates the color palette, but there seems to be an element of contemporary luxury.

Borgo Egnazia Best Hotel In The World

Borgo Egnazia Best Hotel In The World

The sixty-three guest rooms in the main Borgo building are more than comfortable and not at all cramped. But some families need more, and Borgo Ignazia is listening – the Village Suites come in one- and two-bedroom versions, and eighteen villas have three bedrooms each.

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A more comprehensive bathroom makes the most of its traditional stonework, adding plenty of atmosphere to its tactile appeal. Thanks to a few restaurants, the village is quite self-contained, and the list of activities is long: in addition to the golf course, three swimming pools, two beach clubs, a tennis academy and a cooking school ensure that I never am. At a loss for something.

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Borgo Egnazia — Itke

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It started with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, who decided to get married in Puglia in 2012. Over the years it seemed that everyone he spoke to had or was planning a trip to Italy’s boot corner. Michael Buble and Richard Branson took their families there, as did Victoria and David-Beckham, who visited en masse in 2019 and again in 2020 as the Covid-19 travel corridor allowed them. In August 2021, Madonna posted a video on Instagram of her private jet flying in Puglia ahead of her 63rd birthday celebration – choosing the same location to celebrate her 59th birthday four years later.

Borgo Egnazia Best Hotel In The World

If you’re wondering what happened in Puglia a decade or so ago, and why the region suddenly started attracting celebrities like Flamengo, Aldo Milpignano, and hotel openings, look no further.

Borgo Egnazia, Puglia, Italy

A bit of background. In the 1970s, Milpignano’s parents bought a dilapidated Pogla farmhouse a few hundred meters from the Adriatic coast. The family vacationed in the dilapidated villa two decades ago.In the late 1990s, Milpignano’s mother decided to turn the property into a luxury resort, similar to castle-turned-hotels in Scotland. The property became Masseria San Domenico, Puglia’s first “world leading hotel” and the flagship of the SD Hotels Group. However it would be another place to really put Puglia on the map.

Milpignano, meanwhile, was busy earning a bachelor’s degree in finance from London’s Cass Business School, followed by an MBA at Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School. He worked briefly at Credit Suisse before joining Ian Schrager Morgan Hotels (the group behind Sanderson in London). When Milpignano returned to Italy, the family opened two more hotels.

When the business acquired the plot for the third episode, the Milpins persuaded their father to let him create something else. While other hotels in the SD portfolio have turned centuries-old properties into contemporary boltholes, mainly for couples, the Milpignanos wanted to create a complete medieval village from scratch. He contacted local architect and set designer Pino Brescia and explained his vision.

Melpignano and Brescia spent ten years and around £130 million building Borgo Ignazia, the 40-acre faux Puglia estate where Timberlake and Biel were married; Madonna celebrated her 59th and 63rd birthdays. And Beckham signed one after the other. If you’re looking for something to put Puglia on the 21st century tourist map, head to Borgo Ignazia.

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The drive from Bari Airport to the resort takes less than 90 minutes, passing through some beautiful unspoilt countryside and many ruggedly beautiful towns. The resort comes from scratch. Winding roads snake through sun-scorched olive groves until they suddenly stop in the middle of a movie set.

For what Melpignano and Brescia are earning, £130m seems cheap. What they have done is elevate the entire village to a romantic vision of what traditional life in Puglia might have looked like a few hundred years ago. For this, extensive historical records, ancient architectural plans and early photographs of neighboring towns were taken into account to reproduce the ancient village of narrow streets and white stone villages. There is a central square, an Arab-style arch, wells, fountains, chimneys and a church with its own bell tower. “Borgo” is Italian for “village”. “Ignazia” is the name of the nearby Greco-Roman Archaeological Park.

This is not a faded Epcot-esque reproduction. Using traditional building techniques and using local limestone and tufa – the soft, green, gray stone favored by the ancient Greeks and Romans – Milpignano and Brescia have created something that feels authentic if highly idealized. to be You will never believe that the entire village is only a decade old.

Borgo Egnazia Best Hotel In The World

At check-in, you will receive a map to guide you through the streets and squares of Borgo Ignazia. You will need it. The resort has three main areas: a central courtyard and main building with 63 bedrooms; Old Village, where a collection of terraced houses offers 92 bedrooms; and a unique setting of 28 private villas on the edge of the estate. The village square hosts regular events. The room announcement will tell you what it is.

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In addition to the aforementioned ancient Roman settlement, local attractions include the UNESCO-protected Alberobello fortress, the baroque architecture of Lacey, and the Instagrammed seaside town of Polignano a Mare. But to be fair, and perhaps this explains its celebrity appeal, you don’t really need to venture outside of Borgo Ignazia.

Four swimming pools, five restaurants – from a Michelin star to a beachside fish shack – three bars, a gorgeous spa and a yoga studio. You can rent bicycles, sign up for cooking classes, take the shuttle bus to the hotel’s two beach clubs, or play several rounds of golf at the San Domenico Golf Course.

Double rooms from €329 per night in high season and from €899 per night in high season, two adults sharing, B&B basis,

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Borgo Egnazia Hotel Review

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Relax in the restored Puglia village and enjoy a unique playground experience. At once paradoxical and exotic, it has the quality of a cinematic set that lends an irresistible allure. With four pools, three bars and two exclusive beaches, you’re spoiled for choice. Try it yourself:

Borgo Egnazia Best Hotel In The World