Best Hotel In The World Award

By | April 21, 2023

Best Hotel In The World Award – Is proud to announce that we have been voted “Best Luxury Bush Lodge – Global Winner” at the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2016. This is in recognition of our constant desire to provide the best service to our guests.

In this jubilee 10th edition of the international luxury hotel award, the organizers chose the fast-growing city of Doha, Qatar, to present the trophies to the winning team. “It was again a long journey to the evening event, but also an exciting one,” says owner Rolf Steiner. Just like two years ago in Cape Town and last year in Hong Kong, Rolf did not want to lose the opportunity to win the trophy in person.

Best Hotel In The World Award

Best Hotel In The World Award

The trip was worth it. Voted “Best Bush Lodge Worldwide” for the third time in a row. This prestigious event, the equivalent of the “Oscar Festival”, this year more than 800 hotels in the world fought for various trophies and awards. This event is based on the principle of popular choice, so a total of more than 160,000 votes were registered earlier this year. There were enough votes to win the award at the highest level, at the international level.

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“It’s a wonderful recognition for our team to take such passionate care of our guests every day,” said Rolf. He was even invited to an interview at the World Luxury Hotel Awards, where he highlighted the “reptile of staff” among various problems. He thanked the entire team and found it a shame they couldn’t all be in Valley City tonight. The award goes to our amazing staff and we will deliver the trophy as soon as possible.”

Despite the short weekend, Rolf found time to take a look at Doha. “The infrastructure is modern, the landscape of the city changes every day, construction is going on everywhere, and many things are more advanced than I could have imagined,” said Rolf. “I was also very impressed by the country’s efforts to achieve education, health and long-term prosperity, a mixed society where tolerance is key and the old culture of Islam has been modernized to meet the needs of the West.” up. public”.

Next year I hope we can fight for the title again. The trip to the awards ceremony won’t be too far. In 2017, it will take place in St. Moritz, Switzerland, in the land of Rolf.

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Best Hotel In The World Award

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