Best Hotel Gyms In The World

By | April 12, 2023

Best Hotel Gyms In The World – It’s no secret that the fitness industry in the UK, with a market value of just under £5bn, has grown dramatically over the last decade. Gym culture has become the norm and 4.5 million of us are active members. The change in culture can be seen in hotels now prioritizing their wellness and fitness services over their former luxury. Today, in this health-conscious world, state-of-the-art fitness equipment has become more of a factor in retreat luxury. With as many gyms in hotels as there are plates on a squat rack, we’ve rounded up the best luxury hotel gyms in the world. Take the guesswork out of your fitness vacation and choose the gym hotel that’s right for you.

At the highest point of the resort, overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, there is a luxurious 25-meter Kamalaya outdoor pool and a newly built fitness center. Dedicated areas for cardio, stretching and free weights provide an experience suitable for everyone and are housed in an architecture that blends in with the rest of the resort and natural landscape. Even during outdoor activities, there is rarely a feeling of pulsing blood and fresh lungs as you jump into the cleansing waters of a hillside pool. Kamalaya services offer a unique experience in a unique location. Sometimes it’s not what you do that matters, but where you do it.

Best Hotel Gyms In The World

Best Hotel Gyms In The World

BodyHoliday, like many others on this list, offers exceptional facilities and a dedicated staff of consummate professionals. The standout feature of this gym is the bodybuilding program performed by personal trainers. This program is an update of your regimen and lifestyle, getting rid of bad habits. Stationary bike classes, high-tech machines, and bodyweight machines are all on this list, but the BodyHoliday gym can be life-changing. Without proper guidance and constructive advice about your lifestyle, all the fancy equipment in these gyms becomes useless. The workouts and personal support make this gym worthy of this list.

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Are there parts of your body that you think could be worked on? Do you feel a little underwhelmed by your inner thighs, hamstrings, or maybe even your posterior deltoids? Pine Cliffs Comprehensive Gym offers machines to target any muscle group you feel is holding you back from reaching your goal. Beautiful views and a calm, relaxed atmosphere are great for getting in the right mood and working out your fitness goals. Helpful tips from local experts are always on hand if you need an extra boost. Get the perfect physique with the resort’s cable car and head to the glamorous beaches of the Algarve.

Outdoor sports, weather permitting, are a lot of fun. The fresh air when you take a deep breath that oxygenates your entire body is a marked improvement over the smell of sweat in a hot and crowded gym. Revivo, as the name suggests, is trying to resurrect from Nasu Dua in South Bali. In addition to numerous facilities such as a yoga room, pilates studio, gym and 50m swimming pool, Revivo has a 500m2 landscaped park for outdoor activities. The gym close to nature turns your time here into a spiritual retreat. Revivo offers a holistic gym that doesn’t skimp on luxury.

This penthouse fitness center in Portugal is a fusion of fitness and luxury. Workouts overlooking the terrace of one of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe are the hallmark of this hotel gym. Intense cardio can be changed on the go to panoramic views and stretching under the scorching sun. Sports and sunbathing often go hand in hand, but not often in such incredible luxury. Fresh towels and bottled water give this gym a civilized feel. This is a quiet center for meditative fitness, not a room for the heavy clatter of metal plates on a chalk-covered floor. Rise above the pressure with the deluxe Conrad Algarve Gym.

Mecca of fitness, Forte Village in Sardinia offers a sports holiday with an equipped gym and a whole range of courts and equipment to boot. If you’re not comfortable with a pair of dumbbells and a yoga mat, Forte Village is for you, as you’re spoiled for choice. Two floors of equipment are flooded with natural sunlight from bay windows overlooking the Sardinian landscape. The combination of tailored fitness programs and a holistic yoga studio means slow recovery is for the work week, not the vacation. Strenuous physical activity will not leave you indifferent while you work out in the luxurious Forte Village Gym.

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Just before you arrive in Amanpuri, the jagged peaks of this luxury hotel’s façade, reminiscent of an ancient Thai temple, emerge from the hilltop. When you check in to this temple, you will notice an incredible fitness idol. The glass-walled Amanpuri Gym features top-notch equipment inside and breathtaking views outside. The adjacent Muay Thai studio is the perfect place to discover why Thai boxers are revered the world over for their fitness and fighting skills. Wooden floors and overhead rafters give the feeling of unraveling the hidden secrets of training in an old Asian dojo.

The SHA Wellness Clinic on the Costa del Sol takes a modern approach to fitness and puts its gym at the forefront of the wellness industry. The SHA Gym is the most scientifically rigorous on this list as it offers an unparalleled methodical approach to training and injury recovery. A 30 minute electrical stimulation program at the SHA Fitness Center is the equivalent of an hour and a half of isolated high-intensity exercise. The postural re-education service at this gym can help resolve the musculoskeletal problems you’ve had for years. Anxiety about injuries and feelings of insecurity about one’s health can be allayed with a brief consultation with local experts.

“Underwater treadmill” is all there is to say about this gym to give you an idea of ​​the experience. Grantley Hall has all the special equipment you could want. This gym targets every muscle and improves every aspect of your fitness, and includes many machines and free weights. The conditioning studio goes even further, offering pull-up machines for rhythmic gymnastics enthusiasts and weights for strongmen and sprinters. Half the success in getting fit is recovery, and Grantley Hall has a state-of-the-art cryotherapy chamber for instant muscle recovery.

Best Hotel Gyms In The World

When it comes to the gym, it’s not just about size, but at Six Senses, size is something you can be sure of. Six Senses Kaplankaya features an extensive 107,640-square-foot fitness, spa, and treatment center. Many state-of-the-art machines add to the professionalism of this gym. Consulting with local personal trainers will make your workout more intelligent than challenging, targeting the areas you need to focus on. Six Senses offers strength training and a nutritious breakfast before enjoying the water sports. Train your muscles in the gym and relax in the Turkish surf.

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The gyms in these dedicated buildings guarantee the latest fitness trends, state-of-the-art equipment and the ultimate in relaxation. Read on to find out about our selection…

WORKSHOP at Bvlgari London is the best health and fitness center in London. Founded by Lee Mullins, recognized as one of the world’s leading personal trainers, WORKSHOP opens up a new level of comprehensive training based on FRAMEWORK’s innovative assessment. This, combined with state-of-the-art equipment and central London location, makes the fitness on offer here truly exceptional.

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The luxurious two-story ELITE Health and Performance Center at Grantley Hall in North Yorkshire is unmatched in the pioneering health and fitness services it offers. Managed by a highly trained team of personal trainers, the facilities include a cryotherapy chamber, altitude training equipment, an underwater treadmill and 3D body scanners that take thousands of individual measurements to help assess body composition and health statistics. In addition, there are many sports opportunities in the beautiful surroundings.

Part of the members’ Cottonmill Spa, the Sopwell House Gym in historic St Albans is the perfect place to get in shape and find your zen. Equipped with Technogym’s latest line of strength cardio and Artis machines, the gym is flooded with natural light, lighting, large mirrors and zoned areas for weight training and workouts.

Villa Stephanie is an oasis of wellness dedicated to achieving optimal physical and mental health for every guest. It is located in the historic spa town of Baden-Baden. The journey to peace of mind, body and soul begins in the gym, equipped with

Best Hotel Gyms In The World