Travel Guide In Delhi

By | August 9, 2023

Travel Guide In Delhi – Delhi City Guide… the perfect companion for the adventurous Diliwala, armchair traveler and visitor to the capital.

Another value added product from the Eicher group… If you are visiting the capital for the first time then Delhi Guide is it

Travel Guide In Delhi

Travel Guide In Delhi

The last thing you want from a car company is a city guide. But Eicher won not the first time, but the second time. After the huge success of the city map published two years ago, Eicher has launched its second major publication project – Eicher City Guide: Delhi.

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A romantic combination of historical and modern ideas, which is full of stories about the endless events of the city … This is the uniqueness and value of the Delhi City Guide. Value for money, reformers say, is the basis of their efforts. The book definitely passed this test.

The world’s first city guide to show a modern metropolis in its historical context… 418 pages, slick product with 750 unique photos, 25 illustrations and 42 maps.

The guide delves deep into the history and culture of Delhi and explains things that are surprising even to the die-hard Delhiites… Clear glossary and phrase book add to the book’s usefulness, making it very easy to read.

It has detailed historical and architectural details…Delhi City Guide acts as a perfect companion as it maps out the historical and other attractions available in every part of Delhi.

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This is the second largest publishing business after EicherDelhi City Map, which has sold more than 60,000 copies.

Great illustrations, photos and maps, along with clear comments, make this guide a useful read… this information will ensure that you say goodbye with a shy smile when strangers ask you about your city.

Guide, travel companion and more… The Eicher Delhi encyclopedic guide is the ‘perfect companion’ for Diliwala, the armchair traveler and visitors to the capital.

Travel Guide In Delhi

This is the first comprehensive guide to Delhi that combines culture with action, fine art with scientific precision.

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Eicher’s Delhi City Guide contains information that a foreign tourist, Indian traveler or ‘diliwali’ in Delhi may need. The success of the city map led to the birth of the guidebook.

It’s not often that directions and maps elicit much response. However, in a country that does not have such important information, the launch of ‘Eicher Delhi City Map’ was a historic event… Eicher has again made an impact in this field by launching ‘Eicher Delhi City Guide’… All in all. , is a good initiative that Eicher should extend to other tourist destinations in India.

There are many rich and unknown things about the city… It is written in a style that is different from the usual city guides.

Eicher’s efforts make us believe that Delhi is alive… Want to experience it? OpenEicher Delhi City Guide

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… The results are far from interesting and exclusive brochures that describe what is in the city.

It aims to introduce Delhiites to the beauty and architecture of the old city, which is often forgotten under the backdrop of pollution and traffic, dirt and grime… a unique style.

This book has everything from nibbles… to art galleries… from motorways to supermarkets, from local language to health hazards in the capital.

Travel Guide In Delhi

A well printed book at a good price… Maybe this will start a trend of publishing such books in other big cities of India.

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“…everything you want to know about Delhi…an interesting list of names is contained in the Eicher Guide to Delhi.

Eicher City Guide: Delhi tries to help Delhiites to rediscover the old magic of the city … Some of the highlights of the book include a list of more than 25 famous and some tourist places near Delhi … which ends in in the book is. an extensive but useful information package.

Experts help you find the truth and fantasy about Deliright. More than 700 photos and 42 detailed maps describe life in the city from 1400 BC. until 1992 when Delhi became a state.

The Eicher City Guide for Delhi is India’s first attempt to see our city our way. Everything about it is Indian… a guide to a city that is not just a collection of familiar things.

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While on the guide books, Delhi has an excellent guide book on the city, courtesy of Eicher, which is well researched and well written, making it perfect… worth every rupee.

The city guide is the first comprehensive and easy-to-use guide to Delhi, combining culture with practical applications, technical expertise with precise science… Extremely user-friendly.

Each chapter is a complete tour in itself, with the text organized in such a way that one can move from one interesting point to the next next to it. Very good advice.

Travel Guide In Delhi

…highly acclaimed by discerning locals and tourists alike, Eicher’s City Guide to Delhi …the final product is worth every minute of the 18 months it took to create.

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Eicher City Guide to Delhi is everything a good guide should be; provides a variety of information to tourists in an interesting and easy-to-read format.

Full of information… The guidebook contains valuable information… designed to meet the needs of Dilliwalas and tourists alike. The former capital of the country, Delhi is a city that lives and breathes history. While visiting it, you will see beautiful architecture, discover culture, learn about the past, see the present and taste delicious food. Here’s a local guide to Delhi, India by Madhurima Chakraborty of Orange Wayfarer. This guide is part of a series of free travel guides on this page.

Delhi is fondly called Dilli, which means ‘Dil’ is the heart of a man and swears by the city. The ancient city dates back to the Indian epic Mahabharata (war of Kurukhshetra). The northern city is now the capital of the country and represents the country as a whole, but you cannot ignore the important Punjabi and Urdu languages ​​that carry historical roots.

Before India became the superpower it is today, Delhi was the capital of many empires. Every street here offers a lot of history. The difficult days of partition of India left an impression. But Dilli survived. Reason Ar Rehman sang Yeh Dilli Hai Mere Yaar, Bas Ishq Mohabbat Pyaa (Delhi my friend, love and more).

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I have spent a year and a half in this urban disaster, sometimes I was hurling insults at men who were unhappy, sometimes I was dizzy and lost my senses on the streets of Delhi 6 , and I usually dine on Raj Kachori with an extra helping of red. chutney.

On a pleasant cold morning in Delhi, many visitors board the tourist bus and go to the historical sites. It is locally known as the ‘Delhi Darshan’ project.

The places of interest that interest me the most are the monuments built by the Khilji and Mughal rulers.

Travel Guide In Delhi

Humayun’s tomb, the red sandstone where the sultan slept, is perhaps the most beautiful piece of architecture designed.

Delhi Travel Guide

The Red Fort has housed soldiers in recent history (World War I) and has been a rehabilitation center for Muhajirs who fled from West Pakistan. I have friends whose parents were born in Red Fort.

A long walk in the green garden. The city was built on the banks of the Yamuna River, whose pollution has killed it over time.

Across the river is Gandhi Ghat, where an eternal flame burns in memory of Mahatma Gandhi, who was assassinated after India gained independence.

Like any major metro city, you will find yourself alone when you are alone on the highway. The bustling CP metro station or the shopping streets of Janpath are places you’ll love if you enjoy people-watching.

Delhi Travel Guide

Head to Haus Khas Village for a leisurely afternoon. Purana Qila, Firoz Shah Kotla Fort, Mehruli Architectural Park, Agrasen ki Bauli (my favorite place) should also be on your list!

When you are in Delhi, make sure you eat laddu! Marriage in India is often referred to as Delhi ki Laddoo! If you don’t have one, it’s not worth it, if you have one for yourself, it’s too big to carry.

Parathewala Gali is where you have to eat on bread filled with vegetables or curd.

Travel Guide In Delhi

If you can stay in one of the government houses (Bonga Bhaban, Andhra Bhaban), you got a better deal. The State Houses are in a good location and offer accommodation with good food at a reasonable price. However, you must have the signature of government officials on the application. The process is a bit complicated, but I can assure you that it is worth the trouble.

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If you are interested in accommodation, check it out with Madpackers or Hostellers. Paharganj area is one of the many fiscal areas. The Taj Mahal on Man Singh Road is one