Travel Guide Athens

By | August 5, 2023

Travel Guide Athens – Athens is a very energetic city in Greece known for the Acropolis and the amazing Parthenon. Walk through 3,000 years of history and marvel at the spectacular temples built for the ancient Greek gods. If you’re planning a trip to Greece, check out this Quick Guide to Traveling to Athens.

There is no doubt that the most famous of all the things to see in Athens is the Acropolis, perched high on a rock in the center of the city. Here are more things to see in Athens.

Travel Guide Athens

Travel Guide Athens

The Parthenon: This is the old building that you can see perched on the Acropolis. No visit to Athens would be complete without taking to the slopes to this UNESCO World Heritage site.

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Acropolis Museum: Featuring over 3,000 artifacts from the Acropolis, this amazing museum is located right at the base of the Acropolis.

Odeon of Herod Atticus: A large amphitheater built in 161 AD, located at the foot of the Acropolis, this will transport you back 2,000 years to the heyday of the Roman Empire.

Temple of Zeus: Not far from the Acropolis, right in the center of Athens, there is this incredible temple of 17 meters. Almost all sightseeing tours in Athens will include the Temple of Zeus.

Monastiraki Markets: In fact, the whole area around Monastiraki Square is great for a walk, but especially the flea markets that surround the square on both sides. This is the best place for souvenir shopping, one of the most fun things to do in Athens.

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Once you have seen all the main attractions in the city, there are many more amazing Athens tours and day trips.

We think the Monastiraki area is the best place to stay in Athens because of the great markets and flea markets, as well as the perfect view of the Acropolis from the many rooftop restaurants. And it’s a great starting point to explore the best things to see in Athens. Other popular places to stay, depending on what type of traveler you are:

Pella Inn Hostel is ideal backpacker accommodation in Monastiraki. You can choose from dorm style rooms or go to a private room.

Travel Guide Athens

We love A for Athens Hotel and thoroughly recommend it. A for Athens has the best view of the Acropolis in the rooftop restaurant where you can enjoy the best view in the city during breakfast. And the sunsets from here are simply stunning. Rooms are moderately priced and the lively Monastiraki square is across the street. Along with a metro station and all bus tours stop right outside the hotel.

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360 Degrees is another centrally located hotel in Monastiraki, but a bit more elegant. The position is A1, right on Monastiraki Square with all the amenities you can imagine right on your doorstep.

Not sure where to travel? We’ve created the Ultimate Bucket List to help you plan your next trip. 1170 great travel destinations in 167 countries. And we want you to have it for FREE. In this Athens travel blog, you will find all the knowledge you need to plan a perfect trip to Athens, Greece.

If you are planning to visit Athens and want to know the best places to see during your visit, you have come to the right place. In this travel blog, we give you a brief overview of the main attractions and help you plan your trip accordingly.

Here you will find exactly what you need to start planning a trip to Athens, Greece. From practical travel information to dedicated guides to all the main sites in the city centre, this is your blog post for visiting Athens.

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Before visiting Greece, you may want to know a little more about Athens and what to expect. These guides will help:

No matter how long you plan to spend in the city center, these Athens itinerary ideas have you covered:

Athens was the epicenter of the Golden Age of Ancient Greece. There are many ancient ruins you can visit in central Athens, and these blog posts cover them in detail:

Travel Guide Athens

Although many people associate Athens with its ancient landmarks, the city center has a strong modern vibe that makes it an interesting place to explore:

Greece Travel Guide /road Trip Guide Athens To Parga//how To

Based in Athens, you can take a variety of day trips to the surrounding points of interest. Here are some of the best day trips from Athens to check out:

Public transport in Greece is a great way to get around. Here are some blog posts about Athens on how to get to various points of interest.

For stays of only a few days, the center of Athens or the historical center are the best places to choose a hotel. These Athens blogs also have:

Dave’s UK travel writer who has been living in Athens since 2015. In addition to writing this Athens travel blog, he has also created hundreds of other travel blog posts and itineraries for tourist destinations around Greece. Follow Dave on social media for travel inspiration from Greece and beyond:

Athens, Greece: Travel Guide, Itinerary, Budget, Impressions And Practical Tips

On this travel site you will find detailed guides and advice for traveling to Greece, as well as bike blogs for cycling around the world. Dave’s Travel Pages are an important resource for planning trips to popular destinations like the Greek Islands, as well as preparing for adventures in unusual destinations. My first part of our Greece travel guides… Athens! Along with our itinerary and travel tips during the pandemic.

I am SO excited to share my first travel guide for our trip to GREECE! I’ll also have travel guides for Santorini, Paros and Mykonos in the next two weeks, so be sure to check them out as well for the full picture of our trip

For a little context, we planned this trip back in 2019 with the intention of taking it to celebrate my sister’s college graduation in the spring of 2020. Of course, this did not happen and we have been postponing the trip ever since. Thanks to vaccines and strict Covid travel protocols, we were able to make it happen.

Travel Guide Athens

To travel to Greece, we left from New York’s JFK airport and took a direct flight there (it took just over nine hours). We had to show our vaccine cards and a passenger detection form, also known as a PFL, which we filled out beforehand (and were given a QR code to show). We didn’t have to be tested or show any proof of negative tests, but to be on the safe side, we all had PCR tests done beforehand. And then, of course, we were covered for the entire day of the trip. If you will be traveling to Greece soon, please do not take this post as a reference to the Covid protocol as it is constantly changing. Instead, check the Greek government’s travel site for the most up-to-date information.

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But apart from that I would say that luckily the trip to Athens was a pretty peaceful experience. Again, I would check out this site if you are looking to travel there soon to make sure you are up to date with the regulations and the forms you need to fill out beforehand.

Once there, we found that Covid precautions across the country were taken very seriously – we wore our masks whenever we were inside, but there were no curfews or capacity restrictions that we noticed. All in all we were so excited to finally be there that we would have put on our masks every minute if it meant we could go! Fortunately, most of what we did was outside and not in large crowds, so it was a great place for some fresh air and a natural social distancing. I will talk more about what we had to do to get back in my Mykonos travel guide.

Well, I must mention that this was a complete dream trip for us and blew away our expectations! It was a quick route, but if you like to be walking with a bit of relaxation thrown in here, I recommend it! This trip (or any time spent in Greece really) would be perfect for a visit with your family, a girls trip or a honeymoon…this would be especially dreamy as we visited and stayed in some places l -the most romantic I’ve ever seen!

St. George Lycabettus Hotel — This is a five-star boutique hotel located about 35 minutes from the airport in the city of Athens. The room we stayed in was extremely clean and had a balcony overlooking the Acropolis! Definitely try to get a room with an Acropolis view – it is

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And so magical when lit at night. The hotel also has a stunning rooftop pool, bar and restaurant (Le Grand Balcon), all of which have transparent glass railings that you can see directly to the surrounding city and the Acropolis. It was about a 20 minute walk to the Acropolis from the hotel – through the busy shopping center of Plaka which was so much fun to see. This is the perfect location if you want to be within walking distance to the Acropolis but not inside