Travel Guide Argentina

By | May 6, 2023

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Travel Guide Argentina

Travel Guide Argentina

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The highest peak outside the Himalayas rises in Argentina, not far from the vast plains, like swamps the size of neighboring Chile. The world’s largest waterfalls rumbled from the woods and ice formed around the foothills of the Andes – nearly 50 of them in just one national park.

There are Argentine cities that are part of the world’s adventure dictionary – El Chaltén, Mendoza, Bariloche – and peaks that make even the tallest of people nervous.

Argentina Travel Guide — Laidback Trip

The Andes form a serrated fence along the western border of the country – all 5000 km of it. These peaks have been shaped by some of the most extreme weather conditions in the world, with both Roaring Forties and Furious Fifties crossing the country. It is in the Andes that you will find much of the life value of the Southern Hemisphere summer adventure that beckons: trekking, mountain climbing, whitewater rafting… even inland canoeing.

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Fancy jumping off the world’s southernmost continent? Ushuaia has many great dive sites, including numerous shipwrecks and swirling kelp forests by the Beagle Channel – needless to say, dry goods are the order of the day. At Punta Loma on the Valdés Peninsula, have a great sea lion diving (or snorkeling) experience. For something very different, head to Bariloche to snorkel in the alpine Nahuel Huapi Lake, 760m above sea level. In the crystal clear waters, you’ll see salmon and explore the underwater sculpture museum around Isla de las Gallinas.

Travel Guide Argentina

Rivers flow like blood vessels from the Andes, creating an abundant source of white water. Mendoza is one of the best rafting facilities, with trips running on four rivers, including the famous Atuel and the Class IV Mendoza and Diamante rivers. For boaters, Patagonia does what Patagonia usually does: offers a beautiful look that almost works on its own. The lush, forested Río Hua Hum (San Martín de Los Andes) and the rock-strewn Río Corcovado (Esquel) are particularly beautiful.

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The roads of Argentina are a playground for those who want to explore by bike © aabbbccc / Shutterstock

Argentina’s roads are a playground for cyclists willing to explore, but for real memories here, let

(dirt road) take you away. Drive away from the tourist hubs to the south and instead head to the less northeastern regions of Catamarca, La Rioja and Mendoza. Push for time? Dive into the depths with an all-day adventure on the old road from London to Tinogasta. Here, you’ll cycle through the dusty landscape of the Wild West: cactus blooms of the past, long-forgotten backroads, and

If you find yourself near the city of Mendoza, take Route 13 to Uspallata. It is expected to take a difficult and high altitude to make the elevation 3200m above sea level. But the rewards of this uphill trek are many: swooping conductors, snow-capped peaks, fanciful sunsets and the amazing ‘seven-colored mountain’, just outside Uspallata.

Epic Things To Do In Ushuaia Argentina

Also not to be missed is a trip from Salta City to the vineyard mecca of Cafayate, via Cachi. The 33rd paved road winds steadily up to the Piedra Del Molino pass at 3348m, before taking a tour through the many mountains of Parque Nacional Los Cardones. Then there’s the starry view of Valles Calchaquíes, and (finally) a delicious glass of vino tinto in Cafayate.

While not necessary, mountain biking in Argentina is full of fun © Beck Photography / Getty Images

Oddly enough, with the landscape, mountain biking is still underdeveloped in Argentina, with little dedication to each other, but MTB legend Hans Rey measured the ride distance from Tilcara to Calilegua, in the northwest of the country. , on its top three adventure trips in the world. Bariloche, the exciting hub of Argentina’s Lake District, is arguably the most developed, with summer cycling on the ski slopes of the Cerro Catedral; in 2016, he hosted a round of the Enduro World Series. Expect a loose, dusty ride.

Travel Guide Argentina

Wind is again the driving force at Dique Cuesta del Viento, or the ‘slope of the wind reservoir’. Set in a quaint desert region – it rains only a few days a year – the lake is considered one of the most popular kitesurfing and sports destinations in South America, if not the world. Mornings here are a lie (sleep on), but in the afternoon the wind can be as reliable as the clock hands, especially from October to May. The reservoir is located next to Rodeo, some distance from the city. San Juan 200km to the North.

Best Things To Do In Ushuaia, Argentina — Laidback Trip

When the lake has no water, your sailboat won’t go anywhere…unless it has wheels, of course. On the clay soil of Pampa El Leoncito, 25 km from Barreal city, carrovelismo or land boating is huge with ‘wind cars’ running at more than 100 km/h on a 13 km long calm lake bed. . Andean mountains up to nearly 7000m above the coast and at night

Winds can reach 80 km/h, thus providing enough support. Go on a fun side-by-side ride with a guide or find your way to driving your own single-seater.

Sure to be a stretch, trail running in Argentina’s Lake District is the ultimate test of endurance © Aurora Photo / Alamy Stock Photo

Tough mountains make for difficult conditions and Argentina is home to some very tough cross-country competitions. The Patagonia Run, held in April, has seven distances, ranging from 10 km to 145 km, sending runners from the city of San Martín de los Andes through the beautiful Andes of Argentina’s Lake District. This is the qualifying race for the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc and the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run.

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Also, watch out for the North Face Endurance Challenge. With a distance of up to 80km, it is celebrated at various locations, including Bariloche, San Martín de los Andes and Córdoba.

San Martín de los Andes is also the site of La Mision, a self-sufficient climbing event lasting four days and three nights. This is not a race but a personal journey, ‘to the finish is to win’ is its motto, taking participants over 160 km or 200 km of majestic Andean terrain and sleep where they decide. set up his tent.

Travel Guide Argentina

Climbers take a moment to take in the amazing views around El Chalten © Alex Eggermont / Getty Images

The Rough Guide To Argentina (rough Guide Travel Guides): Aeberhard, Danny, O’brien, Rosalba, Phillips, Lucy, Stocker, Ed, Manzo, Clemmy: 9781848365216: Books

El Chaltén is a veritable mountain town, but the prized peaks here – Monte Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre – are only available to the highest climbers. Fingers like Cerro Torre are considered one of the world’s highest peaks, with a history full of controversy and mystery – it wasn’t climbed until 1959, 1970 or 1974, depending on what you believe. thought.

If, almost certainly, these two peaks are out of your reach, then the Cerro Solo 2248m could be appealing. Ascending from Laguna Torre, it’s an easy hike, including a glacier hike, to the summit at eye level with Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy – the views can be stunning

There is perhaps no better way to see the Andes than walking through its stunning landscapes © HagePhoto / Getty Images

With the Andean summit a 5,000-kilometer ridge along its back, Argentina is the perfect country for hiking, and the best thing happens at the end.

The Best 10 Days In Argentina Itinerary: 7 Routes Created By A Local

Hiking along the slopes of Monte Fitz Roy is both rewarding and challenging © Witchaphon Saengaram / Getty Images

It’s not without reason that the place is full of adventure – here banshee winds, glaciers, harsh winters, frost and rain paint a strange and brutal place. The most popular hike in the region, the Torres del Paine, may cross the Chilean border, but walk from El Chaltén to Parque Nacional Los Glaciares and you’ll wonder what it could be.

Hikings here lead to Laguna de los Tres, a beautiful lake at the foot of the mighty Monte Fitz Roy, one of the most towering mountains in the world, it’s vast and has many different rock formations, longer. 2 km.

Travel Guide Argentina